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Cathedrals 3:
photographs 2, Poitiers

Window of the crucifixion in St Peter's Cathedral, Poitiers. image, 2004

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breaking! the fire at the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris so far
Romanesque churches and cathedrals in south-west France

Stone tracery in church and cathedral construction illustrated
stone in church and cathedral construction

stained glass and cathedrals in Normandy illustrated graph

fortified churches, mostly in Les Landes

cathedral labyrinths and mazes in France
using metal in gothic cathedral construction

Germans in France
cathedral destruction during the French revolution, subsidiary page to Germans in France

Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France.

on first arriving in France - driving
France is not England
paying at the péage (toll station)

Click for motorways and motorway aires in France.

Transbordeur bridges in France and the world 2: focus on Portugalete, Chicago, Rochefort-Martrou
Gustave Eiffel’s first work: the Eiffel passerelle, Bordeaux
a fifth bridge coming to Bordeaux: pont Chaban-Delmas, a new vertical lift bridge

France’s western isles: Ile de Ré
France’s western iles: Ile d’Oleron

Ile de France, Paris: in the context of Abelard and of French cathedrals
short biography of Pierre (Peter) Abelard

Marianne - a French national symbol, with French definitive stamps

la Belle Epoque
Grand Palais, Paris

Click to go to pages about Art Deco at

Click to go to 'the highest, longest: the viaduct de Millau'

Pic du Midi - observing stars clearly, A64
Carcassonne, A61: world heritage fortified city

Space City, Toulouse

the French umbrella & Aurillac

50 years old: Citroën DS
the Citroën 2CV: a French motoring icon

the forest as seen by Francois Mauriac, and today
Les Landes, places and playtime
roundabout art of Les Landes

Hermès scarves

Hèrmes logo

bastide towns
mardi gras! carnival in Basque country
country life in France: the poultry fair

what a hair cut! m & french pop/rock

Tour de France 2018
Le Tour de France: cycling tactics illustrated


Cathedrals 3: Poitiers, neglected masterpiece


New translation, the Magna Carta

Cathedral of St Peter, Poitiers (end of twelfth century)
grisaille window
tiered stone bench
exterior view of Poitiers cathedral
two other Romanesque churches in Poitiers
sketch map of Poitiers city centre

  • analysis of a stained glass story window at Rouen
  • Dax and church iconography
  • grisaille window

    One of four grisaille windows at Poitiers Cathedral.

    grisaaille window at Poitiers cathedral


    stone bench

    Red arrow points to top step of stone bench. There are two further step-seats below the indicated seat. This is an unusual arrangement; it is only on the north side of the nave. It is a very nice place from which to paint, or watch and absorb.

    bank of stone seats at Poitiers cathedral

    Similar stone benches can also be seen in another great Angevin structure, the magnificent cathedral at Le Mans. It is said that the benches provided seating for the old, the infirm and for weary pilgrims, while in the main body of the church there was no seating. People leant on sticks and staves during the services.


    exterior view

    View chosen to show the barn nature of Poitiers cathedral.

    exterior of Poitiers cathedral


    two other Romanesque churches in Poitiers

    Notre Dame laande, Poitiers

    St Radegonde Church, Poitiers

    Above: inside Eglise St Radegonde

    Left: inside Eglise Notre Dame la Grande


    sketch map of Poitiers city centre
    [not all streets marked]

    sketch map of Poitiers city centre l'église Radegonde First of three further photographs of the Cathedral de Saint Pierre l'église Notre-dame-la-grande
    This sketch map does not indicate the hills, which can be quite tiring in the summer heat.


    Related photographs - on Poitiers cathedral, photos page 1

    The main east window, Cathedral of St Peter, Poitiers (end of twelfth century)
    The ‘ascension’ of Jesus, with two angels
    Crucifixion of Jesus
    Crucifixion of Peter

    Story window:
    Lot and Abraham


    ‘ascension’ of Jesus
    on crucifixion of Jesus
    on crucifixion of Peter

    on story window: Lot and Abraham



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