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abelard has been receiving greater and greater quantities of spam emails. In the last week, this has been even approaching one thousand junk messages a day. Teaching abelard’s current spam deletion system to recognise each new batch of spam is taking valuable resources from developing and improving the abelard.org website, but the spam invasion has to stop.

As a result, abelard.org no longer accepts emails sent to the long-standing email address: abelard@abelard.org, or to any other email addresses at abelard.org other than those specified by abelard.org staff.
Instead, each correspondent is sent an automatic reply and the incoming email is deleted.

abelard’s new email address is

email_abelard [at] abelard.org

(with @ instead of [at] and without the spaces around the @). The way that this email address is displayed should make it harder for spammer bots to harvest the address (not all of the things we have done are easily visible ☺) .

We apologise for the added steps necessary for now writing to abelard, but the spam email invasion has become beyond a joke.

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email email_abelard [at] abelard.org

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all rights reserved

The web address of this document is undisclosed for anti-spam security.