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the mechanics of inflation:The great government swindle and how it works
A detailed analysis of the mechanics of the great modern government swindle known as inflation.
the sum of a geometric sequence: or the arithmetic of fractional banking
Explains fractional banking for the ordinary reader. Sum of a geometric sequence formula, how to derive/use it explained with real world examples and simple language. [Compund interest.]
GDP1: Gross domestic product
What this much-bandied about term means in fact, and what politicians claim it means.
GDP 2: GDP and other quality of life measurements
Short paper highlighting various measures of standards of living and standards of well-being, with discussion and links.

supply-side economics - laffer curves and 'trickle down'
Why "The best way to help the poor is not to make the rich poorer, but to make the poor richer."

socialists are lying about taxing the rich
Lower tax benefits society.
first and second round effects of external prices rises on inflation
Major interaction and questioning on US, and so world finances, and whether higher fuel fuel and other prices feed inflation.
bank systemic contagion
It still seems many don’t follow why ‘the system’ is fearful of ‘systemic’ break down - and how the Fed acts. Explanations.
fanny mae and freddie mac - a history
The USA’s mortgage instruments - what led up to the current situation - credit crunch and a financial support rescue plan.
fanny mae and freddie mac - the best politicians money can buy?
The crisis with US mortgage loans - the part played in by America’s politicians, both in Congress and Senate.
fanny mae and freddie mac - clearing up the mess
Sorting a way to guide companies and banks to fiscal intelligence and care, while not allowing more greed.
fannie mae / freddie mac - a summary
abelard looks at why this credit crisis occured, and who was and is responsible.
ben bernanke on systemic assaults
a useful lesson in the byways of economics - the devil’s excrement
Governmental oil revenue and public spending, their effect on oil prices.
the terrible plight of america’s poor-2007/8
This is, of course, nonsense, there is no “plight”.
emu is bad for you
This document discusses two hidden dangers of emu (european monetary union):
  1. the social damage inflicted by inflation, which I regard as an unmitigated evil perpetrated by corrupt government, and
  2. the potential for contention between nations if this nonsense is forced through against the wishes of the citizens of the various nation states. Very few are covering that issue adequately, but the early part of John Redwood's book, David Owen's article and, particularly succinct, Friedman’s article are germane. William Hague has drawn some attention to this matter in a speech.

Both issues have considerable civil liberty implications.

There are also some basic references to private money.

Includes some key references.

corporate corruption, politics and the ‘law’
How government and big business help each other to make fortunes and to ruin society and the environment.

citizen’s wage, with commentary on the misconstruing of property, ownership and subsidy
On citizen’s wage or the common wealth dividend, with discussion on false ideas of ownership and on heritage or patrimony.
speech by Richard Nixon on guaranteed income - a citizen's wage
In 1969, American president Richard Nixon proposed a guaranteed income system. Fiercely opposed then by the 'Liberals' in opposition, such systems are now being built in the UK and Germany. A subsidiary document to Citizen’s wage.
how to get a ‘rising standard of living’ - clown style
A primer on how a socialist government increases the debt of its electorate.
energy economics
Extraction efficiency and costs, depletion of fossil fuels.

on stimulus spending and multipliers
A lot of what pretends to be economics is not economics at all, it is the politics of power. It is a rhetoric designed to obfuscate, and often involves the psychology of incentives.
why reducing taxes works - laffer curves updated and extended
On why taxing heavily is counter-productive. Updated and extended with detailed explanation.
socialist ‘new’ labour’s hidden extra £350 billion tax just this year
As the UK Labour government sinks ever further into the mire, here is part of the reason why.
there remains basic misunderstanding of banks in a fiat money system
Governments, especially socialist governments, live, breathe and dream tax. Here is some of their other, less recognised, taxes.
frédéric bastiat—free markets
Frédéric Bastiat was a 19th century political economist concerned with the right of an individual to life, liberty, and property, which could not be achieved by socialism.

Value (money) transfer methods on the net - Xavier (with advice from abelard)
A series of documents concerning value (money) transfers on the net. These documents are being assembled by, as we move to enable web money-transfers to the site.

The documents include an analysis of some available payment systems, a document analysing a gold-backed currency available on the Internet, and further subsidiary documents.

While our purpose in doing the research was directed towards payments to, we make available for public access the results of our analysis so far to enable further web education.
transferring value (money) using the internet
Trading efficiently on the net (including gifts and donations) requires secure and reliable methods. The options, e-currencies and electronic payment methods, are here examined.
e-gold: a developing example of an independent monetary system
exploration of e-gold as a method for transferring value (money) on the Internet. Graphs for gold prices and the r.p.i. Links to independent exchange market-makers (gold traders). click to see more short abstracts of documents at
PayPal and Billpoint - more detailed information
information on a much used Internet payment system, highlighting its limitations and problems. (Plus update on Billpoint.) Major revision October 2004.
moneybookers, a non-goldbased value transfer system
exploration of moneybookers as a method for transferring value (money) on the Internet. Illustrated, clear instructions on how to use moneybookers.
Credit card payment frequently asked questions - retired document

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