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information resources

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abstracts of major documents at
short descriptions of documents on abelard's public education site, together with links to the documents themselves.

abstracts of subsidary briefing documents
short briefing documents providing succinct information on topics that are often misunderstood. A useful additional research tool for teachers and students alike.

world information data resources

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index of information tables

relaxation corner–recommended interesting sites
abelard visits many other sites while researching data to include in documents being written for the site. The lighter fruits of this research are gathered on this page.

The sites shown on this page are presented only when they are fun and/or interesting, and of good quality.

architectural wonders and joys at
beta release
Architecture is part of every landscape inhabited by humans. This page indexes the many references at to interesting, spectacular, innovative, radical, past and modern architectural structures.

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news resources

news archives by subject

news archives by month’s headlines

news resources
these are just some of the more useful news resource sites that I scan regularly.

interesting sites
good quality, useful, amusing; collected for easy reference.

a series of documents that analyse manipulative writing techniques used by reporters, and others, in order to promote their own political agendas.

  1. Fisking Chomsky, a deconstruction - abelard
  2. manipulative writing at the BBC - abelard
  3. an everyday story of politically correct folk: an ‘appreciation’ - Robert Henderson
  4. voodoo economics by the ‘independent’ - abelard
  5. steyn very confused - t.a.s.
  6. how the fossil media wages war against the civilised world - t.a.s.
  7. the abuse of islam in political rhetoric : a deconstruction
    on misusing words to avoid criticism, while critising the critics
  8. deconstructing the moonbat line over Iraq

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useful links
abelard's recommended links to other interesting and useful sites. The links include a section on mathematical modelling, including memes, games theory and emergent behaviour, with various sites giving practical and visual applications. Another section is on logic, with links to mediaeval, Aristotelian and non-aristotelian logic sites. Other links are suggested to sites on education, British politics, and the European Union.

recommended reading
Recommended books on: human and other animal behaviour, the future of society, social chaos and what to do about it, communication and psychology, including social skills/relationship training, economics.

index of book reviews by abelard, and others

quotations at

abelard often finds useful phrases quoted from other thinkers and writers.

General selected quotations. Where relevant, the location where the quote is used at is included.

Selected quotes by Ronald Reagan, H.L. Mencken, Henry Ford, Adolph Hitler, Rex Stout/Nero Wolfe, George Orwell, Winston Churchill,
Donald Rumsfeld, John Maynard Keynes.

Written by abelard, at, collected by Xavier,
together with links to abelard’s originating document. Some notes provided.


Other links can be found within specialist documents and other items.




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