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socialism and warm feelings

the question is: do you want warm feelings, or do you want competence?

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Socialism and warm feelings is one of a number of documents analysing dysfunctional social, or group, behaviour in modern society.
abelard critises Socialists for putting emotion before reason. Emotionalism = short-sightedness.
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Introdution - socialism & sociology
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IndexIntrodution - socialism & sociology

government school inspector talks sense - he should be sacked right now
competent or useless - conservative or socialist
a distinguishing mark of socialism - shortsightedness
false economics of socialism
feeling good about heroes
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government school inspector talks sense - he should be sacked right now

"School chiefs have sparked outrage by telling a Cumbrian teacher to lose her northern accent - and sound "more southern". It has been claimed that a comment by an Ofsted inspector was taken to heart by the young woman's secondary school and that "sounding less Cumbrian" is now one of her official targets. The amazing order by school bosses has been confirmed by the county woman's union, which described it as the "most extreme and bizarre objective" it has ever heard of." [Quoted from]

A correspondent: "Aren't all teachers supposed to talk like the BBC?"

Not anymore. The more incomprehensible the better, it's part of 'diversity'.

AC: "But it might be a good idea for a teacher with a strong accent to teach in the area she comes from."

Best if no-one can understand what other people are talking about.

It's just another socialist engineering initiative, a step forward towards "all speech should be banned".


competent or useless - conservative or socialist

Look at the evidence in the behaviour of socialist and Conservative politicians, for instance Ed Miliband lies for practice and is incompetent.

It is far better to look for evidence of competence, rather than emoting and trying to mind-read over what someone else believes a politician ‘feels’.

It’s like wanting the surgeon who removes your appendix to love you. Whether he’s proficient or useless has become irrelevant.

Socialists are useless, Conservatives are generally effective.

Socialists dishonestly try to sell themselves as caring about you, and the gullible fall for it.
Then they take out your liver and heart instead of your appendix, because they’re inept.
And then they aggravate the error by selling the body parts, because they want money in order to bribe more gullible voters.
Like any corrupt salesman, they don’t have a product, so they sell fake caring to the vulnerable and incapable.

Some Conservatives may be greedy, but they are not incompetent, and most of them don’t belong to a mad cult.

Meanwhile, the tooth fairy isn’t on the voting slip.


a distinguishing mark of socialism - shortsightedness

It is in no way ‘unfair’ to single out Socialists in particular for being shortsighted. Socialism is short sighted by its core ‘values’.

That there are also other short-sighted politicians is irrelevant.

Socialism invariably ‘promises’ fools jam today without work or responsibility. Because such a large percentage of any population is foolish and uneducated in a society with universal franchise, that puts heavy pressure on all other politicians to lie to the mob.

But only socialists have no sense and no sense of responsibility.

This is a core problem for democracies.

Socialism actively teaches irresponsibility and unrealism. Socialism corrupts everything it touches and dumbs down populations by its central dogmas.

From the campaign for franchise by examination

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false economics of socialism

A Walmart in northeast Ohio is holding a holiday canned food drive — for its own underpaid employees. “Please Donate Food Items Here, so Associates in Need Can Enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner,” a sign reads in the employee lounge of a Canton-area Walmart.

Kory Lundberg, a Walmart spokesman, says the drive is a positive thing. “This is part of the company’s culture to rally around associates and take care of them when they face extreme hardships,” he said. Indeed, Lundberg is correct that it’s commendable to make an effort to help out those who are in need, especially during the holidays. [Quoted from]

All of which allows Walmart to keep low prices for those under pressure, and allows solidarity among its workers.

Walmart's policy allows employees to get on the employment ladder where they can improve their market skills and value.

The problem is so many socialists don't want the poorer members of society to get cheaper food. No do they want individuals to cooperate for the common good. Socialists would much rather government kept them as dependent supplicants to politicians.

What is more, Socialists don't want the hoi polloi to start challenging feather-bedded union members and bosses who contribute to socialist governments.

[In Britain, Walmart trades using the name Asda.]

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feeling good about heroes

From a correspondent:
A reason that Americans and Europeans remember why Mandela has some significance is they have a longer life expectancy than black South Africans, and so were alive during the South African anti-apartheid campaign.

It is typical of the Left to promote feelings above thought. Hence, the attractions of revolutions, even though everyone usually ends up worse than they would have been without the turmoil. Heroes and heroines give the mob a point of worship, satisfying their need for adulation or leadership.

The ANC was seeking peaceful change, [see also Mandela, the long walk to a myth - is there any such thing as a socialist who tells the truth?] whereas the Kremlin, as in so many cases, set out to foment civil war, revolution and bloodshed. Mandela and several others were co-opted, trained and funded by Moscow. Thus, the Soviet Communist Party took over the ANC structure.

Meanwhile, anti-apartheid campaigning gave many Lefties a cause, as usual, a cause of which they hadn't very much understanding. It was just the sort of cause that delights the Left, with plenty of opportunity to vent their emotions and for 'feeling' good, while having very little need to do anything real, or to do any serious thinking.


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