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sociology - the structure of analysing belief systems

irrational actions - analysis of behaviour

New translation, the Magna Carta

herds and the individual - sociology, the ephemeral nature of groups
counting beliefs - irrational associations
logicians, 'logic' and madness
intelligence and madness
language for manipulation, exaggeration and hypocrisy
irrational actions - analysis of behaviour
co-operation and being nice
the problem of moderation
explosions -
expanding and dying chains

the individual or the common good
productivity and production
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Irrational actions - analysis of behaviour continues from Logicians, 'logic' and madness.
Here,abelard describes why intelligence can be a penalty in society at large.
on sociology on socialism 'social' economics supporting resources
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sociology - the structure of analysing belief systems
Labour Party pamphlets:
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Introdution - socialism & sociology

When in trouble, when in doubt,
run in circles, scream and shout.

compare and contrast: pope francis and pierre abelard
understanding the religion of socialism - political correctness in the early 12th century
tricks or intelligence
compare and contrast: two current presidents of the usa (2016/7)
barack obama
now we come to trump
inherent conflict between the individual and society

related reading about sociology and socialism
    compare and contrast: pope francis and pierre abelard
  1. "Pope Francis has no real knowledge of communism," the cardinal laments. He blames Francis' experience in Argentina, where military dictators and rich elites did evil while actual or accused communists suffered trying to help the downtrodden. "So the Holy Father knew the persecuted communists, not the communist persecutors. He knew the communists killed by the government, not the communist governments who killed thousands and hundreds of thousands of people." (In China it was tens of millions.)"
    [Quoted from wsj.com]

    This is sometimes known in logic as the availability error.

    The problems highlighted in this WSJ article have very long-standing as states battle and have battled with the Church for influence.

  2. I get (only) an impression that pope Francis is rather unworldly, maybe he is a saint-pope rather than the politicians of much of the past century or two.
    Certainly, Francis also looks as if he is a child of his background.
    The modern world effects all men. Popes are also men.

  3. The advance of psychological studies is effecting all cultures, not just some so-called secularists.
    This is subtly changing the Church's stance from hell-fire to forgiveness. The Church does change despite its striving for stability

  4. Collectivists such as socialists believe in punishing groups like 'the Jews' or 'the Kulaks'.
    They do not believe in personal responsibility. Socialism believes in identity politics.
    It is a religion of the ants' nest.

    They dishonestly claim that national socialism was/is 'right wing'.

    For a socialist, the end justifies the means.

    understanding the religion of socialism - political correctness in the early 12th century
  5. Abelard was being pursued for heresy by the chief bigot of the times 'saint' Bernard of Clairvaux.
    (All quotes from Clanchy, ch. 13, pp.288-325.)
    Abelard was on trial for heresy, a situation that could end in some form of gruesome death.

  6. So, "how was heresy to be proved? By cross examination of the accused. But what if he were, like Abelard, a better debater than his judges?"

    "God's people had shown a righteous zeal against them." [Guilbert de Nogent]

    "Bernard faced the difficulty that the external evidence did not support him. "Should not the mouth that speaks such things be shattered with cudgels, rather than rebutted with reasons?" [Abelard] "

    "The defence of God and righteousness justified strong language."
    "Exchange of insults was an admired part of clerical Latin rhetoric."
    "[Pierre Abelard] was accused of much the same heresy of applying secular logic to the Trinity."

  7. "No Christian ought to dispute about something which the Catholic Church believes with its heart and confesses with its mouth."
    [Saint Anselm]
    "Abelard's book should be burned without even examining it because it reopened a matter of Christian belief that was already closed."

    "It is not ignorance that makes a heretic, but pride". [Abelard]
    Abelard could not be proud because he really was superior to everyone else.

  8. Trial procedure focussed on reducing the accused to an abject state of humiliation which could pass for repentance. The last thing the prosecutors wanted was any discussion of the theology, as that might put its outcome in doubt and reduce its value as a warning to others.

  9. "Fine advice that is, to bid us contend with the ready tongue of a man whose arguments could triumph over the whole world."
    [Said by his accusers at Abelard's first trial]

  10. The metaphor of heresy as a disease justified the prelates in dealing with Abelard as a public health emergency. Similar uses of 'psychiatry' and 're-education' can be seen in modern socialst regimes.

  11. "In fact, you depart as much from my words as from their sense. You are laboriously arguing with your own inventions, rather than statements of mine." [Abelard, at his second trial.]

    "He looks like monk on the outside, but inside he is a heretic."

    Again and again, 'Saint' Bernard stressed Abelard's pride and his refusal to acknowledge authority, whether human or divine.
    "I know not what there is in the heavens above or in the earth beneath which he deigns to know nothing of. Tell us what it is that has been revealed to you and to no one else."
    Then after scoffing thus, the 'Saint' accuses Abelard of being a scoffer!

    [Ed] Thus is Bernard trying to incite the lynch mob (others at the time were lynched). This is so similar to the behaviour of Socialists and Islamists when their assertions are refuted and questioned.

  12. Abelard approved of the prosecution of heretics as much as the pope or Bernard. The difference was that Abelard thought his own opinions were the height of orthodoxy and that his opponents were deluded or malicious.

  13. Pragmatism is acting in a manner that achieves the objective. That does not mean that the objective is sane.

  14. Humans habitually make associations. Most such associations are made from contiguities in time rather than meaningful causal connections. Most of these associations are between meaningless and ridiculous.

    tricks or intelligence
  15. Humans learn tricks to get what they want and to minimise effort (energy outputs).

    Some of these tricks are measured by IQ tests or other exams.

  16. Some of these tricks enable people to rise up within hierarchies. Some tricks are systematically studied and increasingly being used in political campaigns.

    compare and contrast: two current presidents of the usa (2016/7)
    barack obama
  17. Barack Obama is not very bright relative to the IQ levels discussed in intelligence and madness. My guess is that he is at 120 to 125 IQ - not thick, but not much imagination or depth of education. The tricks Obama has learnt are those of the tent preacher, cult leaders, the stage hypnotist, or rap artist:
    • long pauses,
    • constant repetitions,
    • the empty phrase that would be read in any astrology column.
    These methods are essentially aimed at those who lack self-awareness and analytic ability.

    Obama was brought up in a household of Marxist simplisms: the shallow nostrums of cod-sociology, and hippy "tune in, drop out, get stoned".

  18. These are the clichés with which the Left and other cults respond to the complexities and difficulties of life. These make politicians like Obama and Tony Bliar who actually believe this sort of pabulum, ideal candidates.

    Of course, the mass votes of the right are also loaded with the hordes who do not think very much. However, their slogans and clichés do have a closer relationship with reality and the psychological health of societies.

    now we come to trump!
  19. Donald Trump has been raised in the real world, taken regularly onto building sites by a capable and experienced father, being taught the trade from the ground up, including handling staff. Trump was sent to a disciplined educational environment where he excelled, and to business school where he learnt theory along with practice. He has turned himself into an unusually capable, practical psychologist and media expert. He also has a considerable sense of humour, and is very flexible in shifting from mode to mode. Trump listens to others, and thus he learns. He is capable of speaking extemporaneously to large audiences without use of a teleprompter, yet he can also switch to more disciplined, prepared speech mode.

  20. From such data, Trump's IQ must be 150+. Obviously, Donald Trump has more tricks, and more advanced tricks, than a person without his advantages and his very apparent drive. 'Higher IQ' is heavily rational education-dependant.

    Another interesting contrast is to watch Obama putting on airs, whereas Trump, being far more confident, does not mind if people underestimate him. This is reflected by those around these two actors. As Donald Rumsfeld so accurately put it, "Remember: A’s hire A’s and B’s hire C’s."

    Trump thrives in open debate, confident that he can clear up mis-interpretations later; whereas Obama and Hilary Clinton expend considerable efforts avoiding forensic questioning and spontaneous encounters. They seek only pre-arranged and controlled speechifying, usually written by professionals, or soft interviews by party sycophants.

  21. And yet, I am constantly being told by advocates in the fossil media that Obama is brilliant and Trump is a fool - and then, foolishly, how could Trump possibly win?? The triumph of those who believe that vacuous theory trumps ability and experience!

    inherent conflict between the individual and society

  22. All wisdom is in balance.

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co-operation and being nice



Abelard, a Medieval Life by M. T. Clanchy

This publication lacks the rather pompous tone of much historic writing and the author is not afraid to guess a little. It therefore gives a good feel for the times.

Abelard, a medieval life by M.T.Clanchy

Blackwell Publishing/Wiley-Blackwell, pbk, 1999

ISBN-10: 0631214445
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Abelard, a Medieval Life by M. T. Clanchy

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