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and additions 2012 undergoes continual minor changes and additions.
This list refers only to substantive changes.

New translation, the Magna Carta

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12.12.2012 bastide: beaumont-du-perigord photo
The first royal bastide town, Beaumont features an unusual and fascinating fortified church.
new document in the
france zone
27.11.2012 the myth of islamic tolerance in al-andalus
Spain under Islamic conquest was not the cosy partnership between Muslims and Christians as now commonly believed.
new short briefing document
14.11.2012 Giro d'Italia 2013
the 2013 giro d’italia - the fight for pink!
photo video
Created to be fair to riders, and balanced in types of stages, while visiting touristic and historic sites, the 2013 Giro should attract both climbers and sprinters.
new document in the
cycling zone
31.10.2012 Click to go to the official Tour de France website
the tour de france, 2013 - the centenary year!
route and other useful and interesting details
new document in the
france zone
20.10.2012 new! auch cathedral choir and stalls photo
Auch cathedral has a hidden treasure room - its choir of carved oaken stalls, miserichords and decorations. 1,500 mediæval wood carvings on 113 stalls (seats) to marvel.
new document in the
france zone
17.10.2012 captain scapegoat mangouras and the prestige oil spill photovideo
With an enormous trial starting in Northern Spain, reviews the ecological catastrophe that prompted the court case.
new document
09.10.2012 There she blows! striking oil
Descriptions and photos of when drilling for oil goes wrong. Book source reviewed.
new short briefing document
02.10.2012 cathedrals and cloisters of France
by Elise Whitlock Rose
On this series of six books written at the turn of the 20th century that provide a detailed and expert survey of France's religious monuments, aided by photographs by Vida Hunt Francis.
new document in the
france zone
09.09.2012 cathedrals 9: saint-bertrand-de-comminges - the cathedral of the pyrenees photo
Unusually, a fortified cathedral, and for good reason through the ages, built high in the Pyrenees.
new document in the
france zone
24.08.2012 George Orwell - another leftist pseudo-intellectual snob? 
Study of how the muddled mind of a socialist follower struggles to think of an idea and its opposite - essential to socialist dogma.
new document
02.08.2012 gdp 1: gross domestic product
What this much-bandied about term means in fact, and what politicians claim it means.
new document at economics and money zone at - government swindles and how to transfer money on the net
29.05.2012 site maintenance report
19.04.2012 new documents in the spain zone
03.04.2012 cathedrals in Lorraine - the three bishoprics and Reims cathedral, subsidiary page to Germans in France have had additions and clarifications made. updated documents in the
france zone
01.04.2012 infant mortality and longevity statistics
Why infant mortality and longevity statistics are not useful indicators of health systems.
new mini-document
20.03.12 Glass at Beauvais section expanded at Cathedral giants - Amiens and Beauvais updated document in the
france zone
18.03.12 Bibliographic information updated on Statistical inquiries into the efficacy of prayer: Francis Galton page updated document
10.03.2012 More information and pictures to help users of French motorway péages (tollbooths). updated document in the
france zone
16.02.2012 Information on safety equipment required when driving in France expanded and clarified. updated document in the
france zone
15.02.2012 A new section, on teaching and learning maths, in the introductory page of how to teach a person number, arithmetic, mathematics. updated document in
12.02.2012 Clarified and updated:
high-tide fishing - the écluses, seawater fishing locks in the Île de Ré and Île d’Oleron.
updated document in the
france zone
28.12.2011 dating old postcards
French postcard stamp tariffs section expanded
updated document in the
france zone

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