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marital bliss?

Wives are always wanting something.

Deprived of it, they pass whole nights in endless complaining. Why did you stare at that pretty neighbour? What were you saying to the little servant girl?

To feed a poor wife is a burden, but what agony to support a rich one! If she is beautiful, men run after her; if she is ugly, she runs after men. One has either the task of keeping what everyone wants or the annoyance of keeping what no one wants.

Better not to take a wife but to get a good servant.

[Theophrastus, 372-287 B.C.]

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325 million hits

4:12 mins

It’s got something, but I’m not sure quite what!

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like school qualifications, sporting achievement is getting easier

With 68 medals already, including 28 golds, it is obvious that sporting standards are increasingly being lowered to allow everyone to get gold.

You cannot give knighthoods to everyone or sirring will become devalued just like the GCSE.

It wasn’t like this in my young days, when we had grammar schools and only the right people could get to university.

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olympics - the world still turns

To the plaint that there is only the flipping Olympics, wall-to-wall.

Nothing other except

  • two ‘C’ list celebs have died at monumental ages;

  • there’s a civil war raging in socialist Syria;

  • India’s three light bulbs have gone out;

  • Chick-fil-a poses some very interesting moral dilemmas;

  • the chocolate euro continues to destabilise world markets;

  • Obama is getting desperate with less than 100 days to go;.

  • Holland is going to save the world with still more tax.

By the way, Wiggins can cycle fast, as can Hoy.

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great fun - and so designed to send socialists barmy

5:42 mins

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duck’s disease and power

Prompted by the question - who is the shorter, the previous French president Nicholas Sarkosy, or current French president François Holland?

François Hollande France 5 ft 7 ins David Cameron UK 6 ft 0 ins
Nicholas Sarkozy France 5 ft 9 ins Nick Clegg   6 ft 1 ins
Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Iran 5 ft 2 ins Ed Milliband   5 ft 11 ins
Abdelaziz Bouteflika Algeria 5 ft 2 ins
Vladimir Putin Russia 5 ft 7 ins Barack Obama USA 6 ft 1 ins
      Mitt Romney   6 ft 2 ins
Adolf Hitler Germany 5 ft 8 ins Winston Churchill UK 5ft 6 ins
Josef Stalin USSR 5 ft 5 ins Franklin Roosevelt USA 6 ft 1 ins
Vladimir Lenin Russia 5 ft 5 ins Charles de Gaulle France 6 ft 5 ins
Napoleon France 5ft 6 ins

“... Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, president of Iran. At 5-foot-2, Ahmadinejad is among the shortest of world leaders. That might explain why he wants nuclear weapons.

“Ahmadinejad would be the most diminutive world leader but for Abdelaziz Bouteflika, president of Algeria, who also stands 5-foot-2. The two had a short meeting [...] in 2010...”

I’m not sure who sneaked up behind these people with a tape measure, though I do get the impression that their political enemies tend to shave off an inch or two, while their supporters use a shrunken tape measure. Why am I not hearing endless stories about the incredible shortness of Hollande?

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