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on the ever dissappearing fossil media

Newspaper Nov. 2010 circulation figures %age change on 2009 Jan. 2000 circulation figures
Daily Mirror 1,177,629 -6.54 2,270,543
Daily Star 756,686 -8.10 502,647
The Sun 2,898,113 -2.04 3,557,336
Daily Express 639,690 -6.64 979,042
Daily Mail 2,100,885 -2.22 2,353,915
Daily Telegraph 652,762 -12.28 1,022,263
Financial Times 400,699 -.09 435,478
The Guardian 270,582 -11.35 401,560
The Independent 177,636 -4.78 222,106
The Times 466,311 -17.21 726,349

May the lying fossil media long continue in its just decline.

And to think, just a few years back, idiots were telling me the net/web was a flash in the pan.


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quality time

“Swedish bloggers uncovered the full story in a few hours. The complaint was lodged by a radical feminist Anna Ardin, 30, a one-time intern in the Swedish Foreign Service. She's spokeswoman for Broderskapsrörelsen, the liberation theology-like Christian organization affiliated with Sweden's Social Democratic Party. She had invited Julian Assange to a crayfish party, and they had enjoyed some quality time together. When Ardin discovered that Julian shared a similar experience with a 20-year-old woman a day or two later, she obtained the younger woman's cooperation in declaring before the police that changing partners in so rapid a manner constituted a sort of deceit. And deceit is a sort of rape. The prosecutor immediately issued an arrest warrant, and the press was duly notified. Once the facts were examined in the cold light of day, the charge of rape seemed ludicrous and was immediately dropped. In the meantime the younger woman, perhaps realizing how she had been used, withdrew her report, leaving the vengeful Anna Ardin standing alone. Ardin has written and published on her blog a "revenge instruction", describing how to commit a complete character assassination to legally destroy a person who "should be punished for what he did". If the offence was of a sexual nature, the revenge also must also be sex-related, she wrote.

“I think that the timing of the allegations (which first surfaced after the previous wikileaks disclosures) and the INTERPOL warrant is suggestive of a politically-motivated disinformation campaign rather than an actual serious criminal investigation. I also note with interest the way the charges were originally brought, then withdrawn, then brought again. Rape is an extremely serious charge, and generally treated as such in Sweden. So what's up with this?”

I rather like the notion that deceit is a synonym for of rape, though I’ve no doubt it is just as difficult to prove as ‘real’ rape.

Charlie Stross’s comments on government and conspiracy also are reasonable. Again that is unusual. Many politicians are certainly bought and sold in the market place without any need for generalised conspiracy.

Glenn Beck is presently confused because he’s understood well the behaviour and mindset of socialists, who want always to ‘bring down the system’ and substitute a dictatorship of the proletariat (one bearing the name of Brown or Stalin or Hitler or whatever). But Beck, like so many Americans, cannot quite get the liberal mindset of the liberal (but then he did come out of the confused patriarchy that is Mormonism).

How can both liberals and socialists be acting in similar manners, despite their radically different objectives and mindsets? But of course, the true liberal does not want to replace the establishment, but merely make it accountable.

And of course, much of the bought and paid for establishment no more wishes to be accountable that does a Pol Pot, a Mugabe, an Obama or a Bliar.

I like that turn of phrase “quality time”. Maybe ‘antipope’ is worth a bit of a read, so now to investigate.

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field’s report on child education - on the total failure of socialist welfare and education

[109-page pdf]

“...Growing up in an ethnically Chinese family in England is enough to overcome all of the disadvantages of being poor...”

Marker at abelard.org

“Since 1969 I have witnessed a growing indifference from some parents to meeting the most basic needs of children, and particularly younger children, those who are least able to fend for themselves. I have also observed how the home life of a minority but, worryingly, a growing minority of children, fails to express an unconditional commitment to the successful nurturing of children.

“Why do these observations matter? The most disturbing pieces of research that I have read for this Review is a handful of studies showing that the successes individuals achieve during their adult life can be predicted by the level of cognitive and noncognitive skills they already possess on their first day at school. These differences in skill levels have been noted after as little as 22 months of life, and are shown to widen within the toddler population by the age of five. These skill levels are related to the class, or as it is now more commonly spoken of, the income of their parents. The findings also worryingly show that the brightest five year olds from poorer homes are overtaken by the progress of their less gifted but richer peers by the time they are ten.

“So how do I square these findings – that directly relate the level of income of parents to the success of their children – with my belief that money does not produce the transforming effect we need to counter child poverty at this time?

“The answer, paradoxically, comes from the very studies that show how early on life’s race is now determined for most children. These studies have not used class or income as a road block to further analysis. They try to hold class and income constant and examine the other forces at work that govern a child’s life chances.

“Once this approach is adopted we find that income is not the only factor that matters, and that it is not even the main one. Even if the money were available to lift all children out of income poverty in the short term, it is far from clear that this move would in itself close the achievement gap.

“These studies show that there is much more beyond just improving short-term family incomes in determining the life chances of poor children. A healthy pregnancy, positive but authoritative parenting, high quality childcare, a positive approach to learning at home and an improvement in parents’ qualifications together, can transform children’s life chances, and trump class background and parental income. A child growing up in a family with these attributes, even if the family is poor, has every chance of succeeding in life. Other research has shown that the simple fact of a mother or father being interested in their children’s education alone increases a child’s chances of moving out of poverty as an adult by 25 percentage points.”

Marker at abelard.org

“...If the evidence shows that this money would have a larger impact on child poverty if it were invested in Foundation Years services rather than income transfers, then Government should consider this as an option.
3.46 This increased funding should be targeted at those factors that we know matter in the early years – high quality and consistent support during pregnancy and in the early years, support for parents regarding parenting and the home learning environment and early education....”

“3.48 The Review believes that, in the long run, all disadvantaged children must have access to affordable full time, graduate led early education from age two. This is essential to support parents returning to work as well as child development. If high quality early education is only available part time, parents may have to supplement it with lower quality, cheaper childcare or choose not to return to work.” [p.52]

This bit is incorrect. The support should start as young as possible, including parenting, if your objective is highest impact.

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benefits help change the population selectively

Howard Flight truth tells, and the lying socialist hysteria brigade go into ecstasy.

“In contrast, for people in government housing, and otherwise on benefits, the sacrifices resulting from having extra children may be less pronounced. They might not lose the income from a non-existent job, or, if they’re lucky, the council will move them into a bigger house. In the part of London where I live no “middle-class” (rather than rich) couple can afford to live in many of the council houses, or any house for that matter. Indeed, under Gordon Brown’s generous welfare increases, the fertility rate of the bottom 20 per cent did go up considerably, while that of the second and third-fifth continues its decline into oblivion.” [Quoted from telegraph.co.uk]

Marker at abelard.org

“Earlier research suggests it might. In 1999, the independent financial think-tank, the Institute for Fiscal Studies, looked at the impact of the introduction of child-related welfare which went up the more kids you have – benefits like Gordon Brown’s cherished tax credits.

“It found that between 1999 and 2003 government spending per-child on these benefits rose by 50 per cent in real terms, and that there was an increase in births (by around 15 per cent) among low-income families.”

“Higher rate taxpayers (the richest 15 per cent of families), will also have their tax credits taken away.

“The poorest families, by contrast will keep their £21-a-week child benefit and will also see their tax credits increase from £44 to £47 per week.

“The coalition’s decision to put up rail fares will also hit better-off commuters." [Quoted from blogs.channel4.com]

In other words, these are added incentives working to motivate the ‘poor’ to breed relative to (while demotivating) the ‘middle classes’.


In 1999 the UK government made major reforms to the system of child-contingent benefits, including the introduction of Working Families’ Tax Credit and an increase in means-tested Income Support for families with children. Between 1999-2003 government spending per-child on these benefits rose by 50 per cent in real terms, a change that was unprecedented over a thirty year period. This paper examines whether there was a response in childbearing. To identify the effect of the reforms, we exploit the fact that the spending increases were targeted at low-income households and we use the (exogenously determined) education of the woman and her partner to define treatment and control groups. We argue that the reforms are most likely to have a positive fertility effect for women in couples and show that this is the case. We find that there was an increase in births (by around 15 per cent) among the group affected by the reforms.” [Quoted from eprints.ucl.ac.uk]

Meanwhile, David Cameron has to consider the votes of the masses who have been systematically misled by fascist ‘New’ Labour.

As various commentators have noted, it is fascists/socialists who have constantly sought coercive eugenics driven by Fabian socialists.

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end note

  1. Howard Flight’s original comment was
    “We're going to have a system where the middle classes are discouraged from breeding because it's jolly expensive. But for those on benefits, there is every incentive. Well, that's not very sensible.” [Quoted from telegraph.co.uk]

    Note that socialist sensibilities were much disturbed, not only by the directness of this comment, but also because of the use of the politically incorrect word, “breeding”.


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on the efficacy of ‘therapy’

One of my two prime criteria for ‘a suitable case for treatment’ is that the person says they have problems, I’m not for trying to generate customers, as some do.

(The other criterion is a person believes nonsense. For instance, they believe they are holding a chicken when their hands/arms are empty, or they believe they can fly off tall buildings by flapping their ears.)

Most psych problems take about five to ten years to cure under therapy, whereas without therapy such problems take about five to ten years to go away by themselves.

Therapy has been referred to as a paid friend, that is it is a bit like a prostitute. In general, therapy ‘works’ if the therapist is ‘empathic’ (I prefer the terms ‘friendly’), and it hardly matters whether the therapist is trained/qualified or otherwise, as long as they have what I might call basic common sense. Therapy works in maybe 50% of cases, and you cannot predict in advance which cases are which!

How many therapists does it take to change a lightbulb?
Answer: one, but the light bulb really has to want to change


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birbalsingh on the socialist religion’s corruption of children

Recommended reading.

“ “Hey! Hey!” He smiles. “I saw you! I saw you! You made that speech.” His grin turns into a frown. “But… but… wasn’t it at the… Conservative Party?”

“ “So all I’m saying is that we need some Right-wing thinking. What these kids need is a sense of responsibility. They need to know that they are responsible for their own lives and decisions. You know, pull yourself up by your own bootstraps kind of thing.”

He is nodding as I speak. “Yeah, yeah, I get it, I get it. Yeah, you’re right, you’re right.” ”

“I can feel the weight of the world on my head. But then I remember his friend. “Yeah, yeah. I get it…” was what he said. He understood what I was saying. I need to hold on to that. Because for every one I lose, someone else I’ve gained.

“And maybe, just maybe, it was worth speaking out as I did.”

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