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food market prices back under pressure

“Mounting anger has greeted food price inflation of 21% in Egypt in the last year, along with 17% rises in India and similar amounts in many other countries. Prices in the UK have risen 22% in three years.

“The governments of Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Indonesia, Brazil and the Philippines have all warned of possible food shortages next year, citing floods and droughts in 2010, expected extreme weather next year, and speculation by traders who are buying up food stocks for release when prices rise.

“Food prices worldwide are not yet at the same level as 2008, but the UN's food price index rose 5% last month and now stands at its highest level in two years.

“World wheat and maize prices have risen 57%, rice 45% and sugar 55% over the last six months and soybeans are at their highest price for 16 months.”

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hanson on world politics

Victor Hanson with more common sense than you’ll get in a month of Sundays in the fossil media:

EUSSR [8:27 min. video]

China [5:53 min. video]

Mexico [8:28 min. video]

Russia [5:48 min. video]

Iran [9:16 min. video]

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Carnage and culture: Landmark battles in the rise of Western power by V. D. Hanson five GoldenYak (tm) award


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institute of fiscal studies touting political leftism, not economics

“Thirdly, the IFS bar charts appear to take no account of dynamic effects.”

“ The Institute has walked straight into a trap – partly, though not wholly of its own making – of equating a progressive change to tax and benefits with “fairness”. The rationale appears to be that if any particular policy makes, say, the rich 5% worse off and the poor just 4% worse off, this is “fair”. Whereas a policy which makes the poor 5% worse off but the rich merely 4% worse off is “unfair”. ”

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guido gets another ‘scoop’ - bbc is biased

“Dear All,

“We have had some occasions recently of BBC News staff using social networking sites to share with the world their somewhat controversial opinions on matters of public policy and the future of the BBC. Unsurprisingly, these have been picked up by the wider web and used to discredit the BBC and its impartiality. We have Editorial Guidelines which cover the personal use of the internet …which everyone should observe. We also have brains and judgement which I suggest people fully engage before rushing to communicate. Hx” [Director of BBC News!]

“What she appears to be saying to Beeboids is “keep your opinions to yourself” lest the truth gets out.” [Guido]


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sacked for telling the truth - admitting passengers dressed as muslims on a ’plane make him nervous

Juan Williams has now been given a $2 million contract by Fox News.

Even those lefties that are not too insane to make sentences are backing him.

“What was Mr. Williams's sin? He admitted, with apparent chagrin, that he has engaged in a kind of racial profiling in the years since the Sept. 11 attacks: "When I get on the plane, I got to tell you, if I see people who are in Muslim garb and I think, you know, they are identifying themselves first and foremost as Muslims, I get worried. I get nervous.”


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state ‘education’ - uk style

“When, at the age of 14, he was selected as the youngest member of Team GB at the Beijing Olympics, Tom was subjected to a campaign of constant bullying. Far from celebrating his achievements, his classmates dubbed him "Speedo boy" and taunted him endlessly. One of his fellow pupils even promised to break his legs in the hope of cutting short his athletic career.

“Tom spoke with surprising maturity about it last year, just before his 15th birthday. "Since I got back from the Olympics, people have been taking the mickey," he said, "and it has escalated to levels I just can't stand any more. Fair enough, I expect mickey-taking and I'm not precious about what I do. But it has got worse and worse: people chucking stuff at me on a daily basis, emptying my pencil case on the floor for the hell of it.

“ "If I have to stand up in class for any reason, I get called names and made to look stupid. It has got to the stage where I can't go to school and be normal. I don't think my diving has been affected but then again if I go to training in a bad mood, perhaps it has."

“In the end, the harassment and intimidation became so relentless that Tom's parents were forced to take him out of Eggbuckland and send him to a fee-paying school instead. I'm happy to say that Tom has now settled at Plymouth College, a centre of sporting excellence with a number of national athletes among its ranks.”

And more at the linked article.


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rip-off britain - new world-record tunnel

The longest tunnel (57 km) on the planet breaks through after 14 years of toil.
This tunnel displaces the current world record holder, the 58-km Seikan Tunnel in Japan.

Price: 7 billion euro.

The Channel Tunnel is 50.45 km long, 38 km being under the sea.
Cost: 9 to 10 billion, but it is difficult to be precise with all the finagling, re-financing and inflation since that time.

Cost of the London Olympics: £12 billion and counting.
A glorified tent - the Millenium Dome/O2 Arena: £1½ billion.

Some day, someone will investigate where the money really goes!

[1 euro is .88 of £1 this day (£1 is 1.137 euro).]

“The 9.8 billion Swiss franc (7.0 billion euro) tunnel is part of a larger project to shift the haulage of goods from roads to rails, spurred mainly by a concern that heavy trucks were destroying Switzerland's pristine Alpine landscape.

“ "The heat and exhaust fumes from the trucks traveling over the Gotthard pass each year damage plants, which are more sensitive at higher altitudes," Thomas Bolli from Swiss the environmental group Alpen Initiative told Deutsche Welle.

“Another problem is the noise pollution. Sound waves can travel much further in an upward direction.

“ "On the top of a mountain, you can hear the motorway 3000 meters below you, which obviously has a negative impact on people living in the mountains," Bolli added.

“1.2 million trucks cross the Swiss Alps each year and about a million of them pass through the Gotthard tunnel. It's hoped that the number of freight vehicles will be halved once the Gotthard rail tunnel opens in 2017.

“Around 300 trains should be able to speed through the Gotthard's twin tubes every day, at up to 250 kilometers per hour for passenger trains, according to planners.” [Quoted from]


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deputy head - a marxist mugged by reality

“Making a speech at a Tory gathering would have seemed utterly unthinkable only a few years ago. When I began my teaching training in London, having graduated from Oxford, I was firmly on the political Left. Indeed I even flirted with the ultra-radical Socialist Workers Party.

“ Moreover, as someone of Caribbean heritage, I swallowed the fashionable Left-wing view that low levels of achievement by too many black pupils were entirely the result of racism and deprivation.

“ But working in south London schools over the past ten years has opened my eyes to reality. It hasn't diminished my passion for teaching but I now see that my past ideology was hopelessly wrong-headed and naive.” [Quoted from]

Also, PC is under attack.

“A sea change is sweeping British politics. After years of political correctness, in which the truth about so many areas of our life was censored, it is at last becoming permissible to speak with candour about some of our most deep-seated problems.

“Consider. Six months ago, not one front-bencher of any party would have dared raise the question of parents’ responsibility to stop having children they have no intention of supporting.” [Quoted from]

Marker at

The head that tried to suspend Birbalsingh is a Bliar supporter. The head had described Bliar as ‘the most wonderful Prime Minister in the world, after joining him on stage as he announced his bid for re-election. Later she denied having said that and admitted she feared the school had been ‘used by Labour’. [Paraphrased from]

Note: Katherine Birbalsingh has now been re-instated.

Video of what the suspended teacher actually said at the Conservative conference.

7:51 mins


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