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headlines for january 2004

New translation, the Magna Carta

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news-lite don’t tread on the red flowers – they will mark landmines
news-lite what can be heard in the womb
news-lite ‘disgust’ linked to infection avoidance
news-lite nuclear fusion politics continues—
news-lite supersolid? possibly a new state of matter
news lite bam—before the earthquake Four GoldenYak (tm) award item included
politics home of democracy welcomes another dictator, after feting mugabe and vetoing removal of madsam
politics bush foreign policy going just great
politics virtual property law now exists in china
politics the filthy hydrogen economy—is george bush a black environmentalist?
politics putting chomsky in perspective
marker for articles at news book review Four GoldenYak (tm) award
marker for articles at news linguistic critique Three and a half GoldenYak (tm) award
marker for articles at news a deconstruction
politics target: one per year—wind-up artist stein just goes right on mocking the left
politics on the weird coalition: effete westerners and tribal primitives

more mars

science “trichromatic vision evolved twice, and linked to reduced sense of smell”
science opals and beetles
science atacama like mars
science hogs and humans confused ....
science where we are—in the universe
science human exploration of the universe grows ever more serious
marker for articles at news saturn
marker for articles at news comet updated
marker for articles at news mars rovers
marker for articles at news potential for life in the home galaxy
science how to skip a stone on water—38 skips to top



the politics of irresponsibility—



the politics of irresponsibility—

behaviour public education—teaching people to be dumb
behaviour on free speech and sanity
behaviour female attractivity
behaviour why religion
behaviour britney spears on peace and love and parental responsibility

marker for articles at news why politically correct flummery is fashionable
marker for articles at news & how the sane cope with that flummery

health them nasty smoking dummies
ecology state of north atlantic fisheries: a book review
ecology more consumerism, more environmental pressure
ecology a lightweight assessment of whaling
fun what a haircut!
fun how long is a snake? can you trust the press?
fun pretty picture of parrots – well, macaws actually
alt. energies hydrogen and transportable fuel formation
alt. energies dual use nuclear power—electricity + hydrogen by heat
energy a small step to making hydrogen a viable fuel

listen to what i think, not to what i say

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