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solving scotland's whining

Offering asylum in England to those Scots who want to remain within a Brexited Britain could overwhelm the UK's asylum-giving capacity for several years, and thus justify withdrawal from obligations to offer asylum to other foreigners.

Here's how to solve both problems - let Scotland keep their subsidies as long as they manage all the asylum needs and settlements in Scotland.

A similar deal could be made with Spain on dealing with our pensioner numbers.

That would free housing in the UK so that young workers can come to Britain to generate the necessary wealth to pay for it all.

The trouble is that people just don't think things through!

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on theresa may's conference speech: from a fool or a liar?

That speech on Thursday was full of bunkum. Whether that is because she is clueless, or whether it's all political mush in order to push fascist (new politics) Labour even further into the outer darkness, is impossible to say until one sees her actions.

David Cameron has left Theresa May with a golden scenario, I just hope she is not allowed to mess it all up.

  • Mrs. May wants to intrude in all manner of ways on companies, extracting their money for her (State) charitable ends. Companies paying into her 'charity funds' will not be able to expand and provided jobs or expansion. She looks like an economic illiterate to me, if I believe she means what she says. I am not even sure she even understands what she says.
  • Her stuff and nonsense about 'grammar schools' looks like snobbery because poor little Theresa wasn't able to go to Eton or whatever, and feels she deserved 'better' than Cameron et al.
  • She wants equality of opportunity so that "everyone can be the best they can be". Does she want that "everyone should have prizes"? Whichever way society is arranged, 'everyone' will never be 'equal'!

The whole speech was full of drivel. Is she so arrogant that she tried to write it all by herself? She is behaving like she is still a schoolgirl in the sixth form. The party will not serve under her if she actually believes all her own tosh, but it could be that she is just going after the votes of the idiocracy.
I'll believe nothing until I see the actions.

The reality is that David Cameron and George Osborne have done a marvellous job in correcting the economy, so there's money coming out of the govenment's ears now as long as she/they do not go mad.

John Major left Tony Bliar and chums with a marvellous economy, but nothing like as good as what David Cameron has left. A Labour government will do only one thing when they find money available - waste it. So leaving them an over-flowing pot will just end in Labour making 'promises' on just how they will destroy the economy next time.

I can see some sense in the Conservatives spending down some of the credit card for real investment like nuclear, housing, and a better infrastructure such as HS2.This removes the Labour Party room to manoeuvre.

Meanwhile, back at the office, the medics' union has been backed down, and the housing expansion will not please the over-coddled middle classes. But so far that is just David Cameron's work. I would expect and hope the Party will stop Mrs. May if she actually means half of what she is babbling about.


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a socialist parable

This fellow's wife reminds me of fascist (new politics) Labour.

He was a rather sweet trusting sort of fellow.

He had a stamp collection from his single days.

His wife just kept on running up the overdraft. You see, he'd set up a joint account on marriage.

Eventually, the overdraft got way out of hand. To restablise the family finances, the fellow sold his pride and joy collection so he could pay off the overdraft.

Within two weeks, yes just two weeks, she had maxed the credit card out again and re-established the overdraft again!

Exactly the way every socialist party operates.

Other, more responsible people clear up the last mess caused by the likes of Labour.

As an election approaches, the likes of Corbyn start their 'promises' of free money, increased minimum wages, huge expenditure on a 'free' NHS, and on and on and on.

David Cameron has stabilised government expenditure, and debts are starting to come down.

Already fascist Labour are 'planning' for 2020. They just love the look of all that credit George Osborne and David Cameron have built back up.

Vote for Jeremy Corbyn!

Introduction - socialism & sociology

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on theresa may's complete education makeover

Context: New Prime Minister Theresa May has declared a root and branch reform of secondary education, requiring selection in some cases, plus the relaxation of David Cameron's ban on new grammar schools.

Theresa May seems desperate to get a personality. Marks and Sparks won't sell her one.

I also wonder whether she has a chip on her shoulder after her boss being better educated than herself.

Her arguments have no depth.

She complains about private schools having tax advantages. This is an absolute and shallow argument, better in the mouth of some dopey socialist.
Private schools save huge amounts of money for the government/ taxpayers as the parents in fact pay twice for their children's education.

The best of them also have outreach schemes, and take both poor children and those of lower ability who can provide money.
One of my friends used to ask wealthy parents of seriously difficult or low IQ children to fund one or two places for able children from poor families.

I do hope Mrs May can develop more sense and judgement. It is obvious that she either does not know what the blazes she is on about, or worse.

Go on like this and the silly girl will start making fascist 'New' Labour electable again, and that after all David Ccameron's brilliant work.

She needs a good talking to!

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who is theresa may, part 2 - is she just an opportunist?

David Cameron and George Osborne have rescued the British economy from chaos, while destroying 'New' Labour, the Lib-Dems and UKIP.

Is new P.M. Theresa May just hoping to take credit for that?

I see that she is trying/talking to move Conservative tanks onto the Labour lawn. Why?
Is it merely to keep out destructive socialism?

Or is she hoping to use the increased room to borrow as a means to move back to buying votes à la Brown the Clown?
Is it to be back to the sleazy and failed years of the Cambridge mafia?

Is Mrs May trying to move the gained leeway away from infrastructure improvement to handouts?

I do hope there is more to her than that, but my suspicions are on increasing alert.

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