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is britain the worst of any g7 nation?

“The prime minister will say there’s only so much he could do during a global pandemic but that doesn’t explain why our economy is tanking so badly compared to other countries,” she [Labour’s Shadow Chancellor, Anneliese Dodds] said.

The first set-back since Fascist 'New' Labour was ejected in May 2010,
and everyone else has problems with the Chinese bug (Covid-19)

Meanwhile, the standard of living in the UK is hardly touched, whatever the silly measures used by government.
In fact, many people are having a right old holiday and even saving more than usual.

What is needed is sane policies like:-

  • Separating NHS hospitals from the Chinese plague.

  • Developing a citizen's wage.

  • Taking  much 'education' away from the blob unions.

  • Fund people people through education if they sign a contract to work for the organisation for 5 years.

  • Lowering the hours 'worked' to spread work around.

  • Building sufficient basic housing for the mentally challenged.

  • Expanding technical education to improve medicine and 'care' homes, and so on.

What do you want? Agent COB Corbyn, or the posturing ninny Starmer, now telling students that the world is unfair, while failing to tell them higher education is competitive, and if they do manage to game their way to a better uni place, someone else will lose that place?

And that Father Chrissy will visit them at New Year?

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