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civil liberties

with 12,000 observers, freedom installs in ukraine

Viktor Yushchenko at a victory rally. Image credit:
Viktor Yushchenko at a victory rally. Image credit:

“Ukraine’s liberal candidate Viktor Yushchenko declared victory Monday morning, with 95 percent of the ballots counted in a fiercely contested repeat election.

“ “There is news: It’s over. Now, today, the Ukrainian people have won. I congratulate you,” he told the festive crowd in Kiev’s central Independence Square, Associated Press reported.

“ “We have been independent for 14 years but we were not free,” Yushchenko said. “Now we can say this is a thing of the past. Now we are facing an independent and free Ukraine.” ”

I’ll be happier when I see him fully installed.

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another lot fight for freedom - ukraine

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uk freedom of information: bliar orders emails be destroyed

“The Cabinet Office, effectively the Prime Minister’s department, says messages more than three months old must be wiped by Monday, The Times revealed.

“The deadline comes just 11 days before the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act comes into force. Conservative leader Michael Howard has written to Mr Blair demanding an explanation.

“ “There are reports that your Government is engaged on a massive email destruction binge in order to get round the law which you yourself passed,” he wrote.”

Meanwhile, for how long are ISPs to keep e-mails?

“The public are entitled to a clear and simple explanation as to what is going on.”

Sorry, that’s classified.

“The Cabinet Office’s 2,000 staff have been told to print and file emails that should be disclosed but there will be no supervision.

“A spokeswoman last night insisted the move was not about the new laws or “the destruction of important records”.

So that’s OK then.

“She told PA: “Paying to store outdated records which are no longer any use wastes taxpayers’ money.” ”

That is: the government only has small hard drives and there is no room for a few hundred e-mails. Strange, I’ve never filled up a hard drive yet, and then I also have duplicates and triplicates on sort of shiny disc thingies.

“But Assistant Information Commissioner Phil Boyd, who is responsible for enforcing FoI requests, fears important files could be lost.

“Alan Beith, Liberal Democrat leader of the Constitutional Affairs Committee, said: “This has the appearance of trying to get round the new Freedom of Information legislation.”

You know honest Tone would never do that. It’s just to protect the careers of honourable ministers from the prying eyes of you scumbags.

Meanwhile, this is what can happen to you if you don’t tidy up behind you.

“Adolf Hitler spent years dodging taxes, accumulating enormous debts as he led his Nazi party to power, a German tax expert has revealed. He owed the authorities 405,500 Reichsmarks (6m euros; £4m in today's money) by 1934, when as German chancellor his debts were forgiven.

“A retired Bavarian notary, Klaus-Dieter Dubon, found Hitler's tax secrets in papers from the Bavarian State Archive.”

marker at

“It certainly appears they are not observing the spirit of the Act.”

This is about freedom of information, it means information should be free to be destroyed.

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government white elephants

It has been decided to build a 1000-metre tower on the top of Ben Nevis. It will contain 50,000 living units and a vast shopping mall. It will cost £10 billion, twice or three times the current estimated cost of the UK ID scam. After all, all government ‘projects’ cost at least two or three times what the government say they will.

I want the Ben Nevis tower ‘developed’ using taxes. I believe this enterprise will bring work to the area, be a landmark an expression of British achievement. Perhaps you’d like to put a deposit on one of the flats. I can assure you it is a brilliant idea and I’m going to bid for the contract. I’m also going to offer the Labour party £10 million and £1 million each to the election campaigns of 50 Labour and 50 Tory MPs.

Like to buy a dome? Or a bridge perhaps?

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An ID card equates to being “under state surveillance” because there is no other rational purpose for it.

Defeated in Australia, defeated in Canada, rescinded by Winston Churchill in 1952, the UK government ploughs ahead – ID cards in the UK are a solution to a problem that does not exist.

The general police view is that identifying people does not register high on their problem lists. The only people who want these ID cards are those who supply (dubiously effective) equipment, politicans (I’ll let you guess why), and government jobsworths (again, I’ll let you guess why). This proposal is about job creation and time wasting. It has no serious purpose.

And it is not merely the compulsory requirement for all UK citizens to sign up for identity cards, there are also the data collection issues regarding the information to be stored on the associated National Registry.

related material
As, at long last, the British public are becoming aware of the frightening inroads on civil liberties by recent governments, a variety of different campaigning groups are starting to form - ten years later, but better late than never. Some are listed below:
Various civil rights documents from around the world and through the centuries, and summaries of some previous attacks on civil liberties in the UK

James Hammerton’s blog
A contributor to the site above, and a long-term worker in this area.
He tends to dig in detail into the various sneak attacks on civil liberties in the UK. His blog will keep you up to date on the latest attacks and provides links to several other sources.
A comprehensive analysis of the UK ID card, its intended purposes and costs, made by James Hammerton.

Another comprehensive guide and analysis of the UK ID proposal

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the british and their freedoms

“Because it is usually called Boxing Day, people forget that December 26 is the feast of St Stephen, the first martyr. Somewhere in the Muslim world on that day, there will be more Christians martyred, as there are every day of the year. Muslims are not martyred in Britain. For once, the mote is in our own eye, and the beam in somebody else's - or will it soon be illegal to say that?”

“The barbarians are at the gates.”
“Then open the gates.”

Flunkit (a.k.a. David Blunkett, the UK Home Secretary or Interior Minister) is acting like considerable fool. It is as simple as that. Everyone who is aware knows that.

This fool is pressing to continue to undermine civil liberties in the UK. His latest neuroses revolve around introducing ID cards and an attempt to stop criticism of ‘religious’ aficionados. This is hiding under an act supposedly designed to stop incitement to religious hatred. Naturally, Britain already has perfectly adequate laws against incitement to violence. The real purpose of this act is clearly to stop discussion of growing problems involving Islam in the UK.

This amounts to new blasphemy laws, a few decades after such anomalies have now gone into abeyance. This also amounts to a continuing growth of special ‘laws’ applicable primarily and usually only to ‘special’ people. Step by step, any idea of all equal before the law is being replaced by arbitrary law shaped to favour (or disfavour) particular groups, preferably if it is also perceived to carry political advantage.

When is Bliar going to dump Flunkit, or is Bliar also a fool?

Shuffle for Madsam.
Shuffle for fuel prices.

But let in the barbarians without a peep.

Britain is in deep trouble.
The British no longer care about freedom.

This is part of a growing malaise in many western countries, stemming from the notion that equality is synomous with no criticismn and unquestioning acceptance of any ‘unusual’ behaviour.

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interesting campaigning at the auroran sunset site

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interesting campaigning at the auroran sunset site

Freedom in the United Kingdom is under very severe attack.

This looks very good and positive thinking to me:

“as a small start: get your million plus shufflers camped out in london until they get action on the following:

  1. a freedom of information act
  2. a bill of rights
  3. repeal of the enabling act
  4. right to bear arms
  5. an active right to self-defense and defence of property, including with such arms.

For further background, go to the James Hammerton blog,
and also

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britain's new enabling act

“It is a common pattern of this Bill that any safeguard that is proposed in one section can be subverted or undone in another, [...]

“[...] the Bill enables the government to rule by decree and cut Parliament out of the process, with no practical limits on its power.”

The link above lists the government’s new powers and explains why the European Convention for Human Rights is no safeguard in Britain.

related material website

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the right to protest

An example:

Protest Warriors join in a protest outside the Haliburton H.Q. Image credit: Protest Warriors
image credit: Dallas chapter of Protestwarriors

Assorted protesters outside Haliburton’s H.Q. in Texas

“So what to do? Now that the "neo cons" have showed up, your people have embarrassed themselves by attacking one of them, their signs are bigger and nicer than yours, and your entire group is agitated and demoralized? Call the cops and have the bastards with differing opinions removed, of course!”

“The cops gave them a lesson in democracy and left without saying a single word to a single Protestwarrior.”

Another example with this facinating fight for freedom of speech in an American public school.

First of many pages of example Protestwarrior posters.

The Protestwarriors rationale:

“We thought it [a ‘peace’ rally in San Francisco] would be a great opportunity to see the left in its unalloyed perversity. The left is very skillful when it comes to hiding their true beliefs. They know they can't compete in the marketplace of ideas, so instead they like to work in secret. The mainstream media does a great job of covering for them, witness the plethora of stories about the NRA [National Rifle Association], about pro-lifers, about the tobacco lobby, while never a word about [...] the eco-terrorists, and the ideological McCarthyism at our universities to give a few examples. So we thought this protest would be a rare opportunity to see leftists out in the open, unabashedly hawking their true core beliefs.
[quoted from Protestwarriors’ FAQ page.]

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business interests lobby for influence on children's education

" [British Music Rights] has signed up to the Government's Music Manifesto by pledging to help deliver an awareness of copyright and a value for creativity. Given the importance of the creative industries to the UK economy, society and culture we believe that it is essential to nurture both potential creators and innovators, as well as inform consumers and audiences of the links between creativity and copyright. We believe that building awareness of copyright and creativity should happen at the very earliest stage in the education system, in primary schools, and that throughout school this should be at the core of appropriate curriculum subjects, e.g. the arts, design and technology, citizenship and enterprise, rather than just as an optional extra."

“[...] BMR has been involved in the development of lesson plans which have been piloted in a dozen schools in the UK, and a full-scale "awareness initiative" is to be launched in Brussels with the help of the European Music Copyright Alliance in September and rolled out across European schools in October.”

This type of ‘lesson’ is now in place in some US schools, where the Movie Producers Association of America is providing heavily biased text and rote learning for ‘role-play' ‘classes' on copyright for films and music.

This is not education, this is a means for business to train (brain-wash) its next generation of customers. Education is about learning to make, and being able to make, impartial and informed choices. It is not about cramming the minds of impressionable youngsters.

If copyright is to be discussed in schools, it should be discussed in the context of large corporations attempting to influence and control intellectual property law via government lobbying for their own profit. The clear objective of such corporations is to extend copyright control in perpetuity.

Already, of recent years, copyright has been extended to seventy years beyond the author's death. If this game is allowed to continue, there will come a time when major authors of the past can no longer be accessed without the permission of multi-national corporations. Vast swathes of such material is already being concentrated in the hands of a very few corporations.

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uk government committee recommends open access to science research

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bliar's belch-free britain

“Once the order has been made, the suspect can be jailed for up to five years for any breach, however tiny. Thus, and I'm not making this up, a man who had an anti-social behaviour order prohibiting from being noisy had to appeal to Harringey magistrates to get him out of prison for the 'crime' of belching on a communal fire escape.”

“Beyond the politics of positioning, the giddiness of the triangulation mania may finally be taking a practical toll after all these years. Between the 1997 and 2001 general elections 31 law-and-order bills were presented to Parliament. Between 1997 and March 2003 New Labour created 661 new criminal offences. Between the June 2001 election and June this year the government launched 154 anti-crime initiatives - about one a week.”

Forget not that Michael H***** (current leader of the Tory Opposition) started this process and that prisoner levels like this were the forecast outcome of his blitz of freedom restrictions; and arbitrary rule disguised as ‘law and order’.

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“no one should fear correct identification”—flunkit!

Go look for glorious technicolour t-shirt.

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