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Art Deco—
sybaritic trend


Wisdom, Rockerfeller Center, New York. Image: wallg, flickr

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architectural and design trends
the sybaritic trend
end notes
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architectural and design trends

The Art Deco movement can be regarded as having two main currents that showed particularly in architecture: the sybaritic trend with its all-enveloping, opulent decoration, and the much more austere, revolutionary trend - but both with a common theme of total design.

  • Robert Mallet-Stevens (1886-1945) helped promote Art Deco architecture in Europe, while Raymond Hood designed many Art Deco buildings in the USA.
  • Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, known for the dictum “Less is More”, designed simply styled buildings in the austere, revolutionary Art Deco style.
  • More sybaritic buildings include the Chrysler Building and the Rockefeller Center in New York City.

the sybaritic trend

in New York City:

  • The Rockerfeller Center, built on 22 acres from 1930 to 1939, with head architect being Raymond Hood.

Rockefeller Center. Image: stuckincustoms.com

The Rockefeller Center comprises fourteen Art Deco buildings, as well as five modern ones. One of the original Art Deco buildings still standing is the Radio City Music Hall:

Radio City Music Hall, New York City. Image: wallyg, flickr
  • Chrysler Building, architect: William Van Alen, 1,046 feet tall and for four years the tallest building in the world

The Chrysler Building, 1929
The Chrysler Building, 1929

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The other main architectural trend of Art Deco is examined further in Art deco - revolutionary trend. Art deco in France looks at the effect of this coherent style in France, particularly in the South West.

end notes

  1. A Sybarite was a native of Sybaris, in ancient Greece, whose inhabitants were notorious for their love of luxury and luxurious living.

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