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can immigration be controlled without a police state?

Why does anyone believe that it is possible to control immigration without an enlargement of a police state?

It is technology that changes society, not philosophy. It is now possible for any person from any place to travel across the planet. It used to be that Bedouin tribespeople had never even heard of England, and travel by camel was not going to work well.

If the British economy is doing well, then people will seek to get to Britain. If you want to stop that, better vote in 'New Politics' Labour. They will destroy the economy … again, whence the attraction will attenuate.

If European economies start to recover, as now appears to be underway, the relative pull factor of Britain will moderate.
If the EUSSR does even better than the UK, then the outflows will grow.
The eastern European states are also rising, as freer trade and the end of Russian socialism takes effect.

Putting up trade barriers has an overall negative effect on any country that tries it. This has been proven by socialism over and over again - look at Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, North Korea, and on and on.

Soviet Russia built a wall, as any such state must in order to stop freedom and free trade. A lot of good that did them!

The EUSSR is a tariff wall. The EUSSR must reform, and that process is (too) slowly underway.

But exiting the EU will not solve unwanted people movements, unless an increasing police state is wanted. The sane route is to fight the socialist tendencies in the EUSSR. This will not be achievd by Brexit.

"The Size of the Illegal Immigrant Population in the UK
By its nature, illegal immigration is very difficult to measure. The Census does not record the immigration status of respondents and the removal of the remaining exit checks in 1998 has meant that, since then, it has been impossible to determine who is still in the country.

"The Government has long shied away from attempting to estimate the illegal immigrant population of the UK. In 2005 however, the Home Office commissioned a report which estimated that in 2001 the population of illegal immigrants in the UK was approximately 430,000, excluding the UK born children of illegal immigrants.

"In 2009, the London School of Economics produced an estimate of the illegal immigrant population in 2007; they suggested a central figure of 670,000 using a similar methodology to the 2005 estimate. They suggested that three factors would have affected the size of the illegal immigrant population between 2005 and 2007:

  • Some of the continued inflow of asylum seekers would have been refused asylum and therefore become illegal immigrants
  • More immigrants would have overstayed their visas.These two factors would have increased the size of the illegal population.
  • Meanwhile the regularisation of some previously illegal immigrants would have reduced the total.

"In 2010 Migration Watch UK estimated the illegal immigrant population at 1.1million (see here). It is very likely that, in the five years since that estimate was produced, the number has continued to increase." [Quoted from]

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on the recent elections in the uk

I haven't followed the London mayoral election. My vague impression is Zack Goldsmith was wet.
And a Muslim in a big job gives us time and opportunity to watch how he behaves.

That can be nothing but good - a big job but a job that cannot cause national harm. I also hear Sadiq Khan worked to distance himself from LabourJeremy Corbyn.

The Labour Party is dead in Scotland, which means there is no possible chance of the Socialist cult gaining enough power to destroy the economy and nation. Labour is also slipping in Wales, while UKIP is eating their votes just about everywhere.

It's Fascist New Labour that endangers the nation. The rest are more or less sane, if often shallow, politicians.

The idiocracy in the media keep whining on about the EUSSR vot - the EU referendum. That will be over in two months, with 4 more years to go before the next General Election.

David Cameron is a real statesman. He will either leave the Conservative Party in a brilliant situation, or the Party will beg him to stay on. Even the gerrymandered constituencies will be gone by 2020. The Labour Party could well sink into oblivion, to the great gain of the nation.

For me, this is a wonderful day for everyone sane, and a wonderful result.

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on foolish articles about david cameron - 'there is nothing so well said that it cannot be twisted'

"Liber Sententiarum is thought to be derived from Abelard's teachings but Abelard disclaimed authorship. I tend to wonder if the Liber Sententiarum was forged to assist the purpose of convicting Abelard. To quote Abelard, "the devil even if he does interpret scripture badly at least gives the actual words of scripture which he misinterprets. But you are so far from both my words and my meaning and you labour over arguments taken from your inventions rather than from my sayings".(p.109)

"Abelard [1097-1142] also wrote, 'There is a well-known proverb: nothing is so well said that it cannot be twisted'. He claimed that the charges made at the council of Sens were 'framed in malice and ignorance'." [source: the logic of ethics]

Marker at

"Whatever the explanation for this week's shambles [arising from the publication of the so-called Panama Papers - ed.], it left a vacuum for the Tory party's opponents and into that vacuum in recent days has flowed misunderstanding, envy and idiocy on an epic scale. Some Labour MPs – particularly on the Corbynite flat earth left, but a few others who should know better too – have in their attacks displayed an extraordinary and terrifying ignorance of law and economics. The Cameron family trust (which doesn't seem to have performed very well anyway) is entirely legal.

"It is hard then to avoid the conclusion that the only reason the Camerons (who have handled the media response poorly) are under attack is because they are very wealthy and by most people's definitions rich. Add in the hilarious spectacle of moralising by certain newspaper groups that have used off-shore vehicles themselves in their dealings, and you are left with a week in the UK that might have been scripted by Victorian genius Anthony Trollope. It has been sanctimonious, envious Britain at its worst." [Quoted from]

The thesis is that David Cameron should pay some dishonest spinner like Campbell, instead of answering straight the questions that are asked by audiences and by the reptiles.

My view is that he should continue to do exactly what he does and continue to be open and genuine. The great mass of the British people respond with their guts and will trust him, despite all the slime being thrown by the slugs of the Left.

The normal British people vote by their instincts, which are far more trustworthy than most people's intellectualisms, and will increasingly see through the spin industry.

I do not like elections, but it is in my many elections that I have learnt to know and honour the people of this island. They are good through and through.
[Winston Churchill, Thoughts and Adventures, published 1932]

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a suitably cynical article on boris and the eu outers

Recommended reading (and it's short!).

The article veers between almost well-written and amusing.

"In early February, Johnson wrote a piece in the Telegraph, which was everything his supporters could have wanted. He was measured as he weighed the pros and cons of leaving the EU and torn as he confessed that he could not make up his mind.

"Yet on 22 February, when our Home Counties' Hamlet finally resolved his doubts, his announcement that he was backing leave was accompanied by Trumpian lies that would have embarrassed a tabloid. It is not true, as Johnson said, that the EU stops children under eight blowing up balloons or prevents the rest of us recycling teabags. Nor is it the case, as he has said on other occasions, that EU regulations cost us £600 million a day or that even in death the EU will dictate the size of our coffins.

"The fact that he descended to the level of a mobbish demagogue tells you all you need to know about his character and tactics. This is not an honest man with honest doubts. This is a chancer, who has seen his main chance, and will delight his core vote with fantasies, if mendacity will bring him power."

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