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the gard child and ethics - who owns the child? attitude contrasts in uk and usa

"They contend that the doctor wanted to enroll their son in a clinical trial he was conducting on the disease.

"When the Jensens refused to comply with the doctor’s orders, he filed a complaint with the Division of Child and Family Services, which then got a court order to take custody of Parker and start treatment. Before that could happen, the Jensens moved to Idaho with their children, leading to charges of kidnapping and interference with a custody order.

"The charges were later dismissed, but the couple spent more than $2 million on legal representation and Daren Jensen was jailed for four days. Although the family is still struggling to recover financially, Jensen says today that he wouldn’t do anything different. His son, now 25 and married, is healthy. “He isn’t sick. He was never sick,” Jensen said.

"Jensen said he hadn't followed the Charlie Gard case, but over the past decade, he has talked with about 400 people who have sought his advice about disagreements with doctors, most often in cases involving cancer treatments.

" “Taking the doctor’s word for it is the worst thing you can do,” he said. “I’m not saying to discount it, but you have to verify, and you have to get a valid second opinion. Doctors are human, too.”

"Although Americans usually rank medicine as the most prestigious of professions, one 2016 report said medical mistakes are the third-leading cause of death in the U.S."

And plenty more.

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comments on uk general election so far

It's hard to know just what is going on yet, but I am saddened at how much this seems to be all about money.

The wealthy middle classes don't want to lose their unearned capital gains,
and they want free uni for their sproggs.

It seems to me that Theresa May told too much of the truth
Jerry will offer other people's money for votes, more money than exists on the planet.

Such is the social corruption of Marxist materialism.

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Introduction - socialism & sociology

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divide and rule

Socialists are running out of road on 'racism' and 'class'

Now they are attempting to divide the young from society.

Class :
Voting behaviour by socio-economic class [, 2-20 April, 2017]
Voting behaviour by socio-economic class [, 2-20 April, 2017]

Age :
Voting behaviour by age [, 2-20 April, 2017]
Voting behaviour by age [, 2-20 April, 2017]

This is part of why Socialists (the Labour Pzrty) are now pressing for ever more immature people to vote.

[Lead from Guido Fawkes]

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Introduction - socialism & sociology

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generating state intrusion

First compile a list of vague 'symptoms' which will cover everything.

Work expands to fill the number of 'professionals' available.
Every manager 'needs' more indians.

This is how bureaucracy and government interference expands.

"Parents of children who throw temper tantrums in class should be considered potential abusers or guilty of neglect, according to new official guidance.

"Teachers will be told to "err on the side of curiosity" and follow up "intense" outbursts or excessive clinginess as possible signs of abuse.

"The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) today urges education professionals, as well as NHS staff, to be on the look-out for "soft signs", also including low self-esteem and attention seeking."

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on "brexit - the movie"

2:52 mins

This film is well done, twenty-six 5-10 min episodes. This segament is particularly interesting, as is segment 20.
The full film is 1 hour 10 minutes (link above on headline).

The film is mainly about economics, but there is always one lesson at the route [root].

Socialism ruins, destroys, impoverishes and eventually kills.

This exerpt 'suggests' that 'democratic' controls on a market reduce 'inequality'.

Clement Attlee, so often vaunted by left-wing pundits, was a disaster for the UK.
Britain is still suffering from that attempt at cult takeover.

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Introduction - socialism & sociology

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