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the last push as seen by canada

Obama whining that Romney told the truth - and that isn’t a fair shot

“The ads accuse Obama of taking General Motors and Chrysler into bankruptcy, selling Chrysler to an Italian company and building Jeeps in China. Chrysler and GM have protested the ads and disputed the suggestion that Jeep construction was being moved overseas. But the Romney campaign is standing by the ad.” [Quoted from]

Maybe it’s a bit of a stretch, but this article presents a interesting view.

“Any shift to foreign policy risks a dangerous discussion about the Islamist rise to power that was aided and abetted by Obama, in the same way that FDR had aided and abetted the rise of Communism. The Democrats did not survive the debate when it broke out during the Truman Administration. Should an honest discussion begin about the defeat in Afghanistan and the Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the Middle East under the guise of the Arab Spring, the result may be as great a blow to Obama’s prospects.

“Obama’s last stand is also the Democratic Party’s last stand. A hundred years of foreign policy and economic failures at the hands of a corrupt mafia is about to come home to roost. The Democratic Party has marginalized itself, abandoning mainstream Americans while openly embracing a trillion dollar welfare state.

“Iconography elevated Obama as it did FDR and JFK, but it cannot see him through a constellation of crises. And if he falls, then his party falls with him.” [Quoted from]

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faked up gdp numbers for the usa for impending election

“Government spending contributed to economic growth for the first time in more than two years, led by federal outlays on national defense. Overall federal government spending jumped 9.6%, compared with a 0.2% fall in the second quarter.” [quoted from]

Marker at

UK leftist propaganda unit:

“US economic growth up sharply in third quarter
Barack Obama and Mitt Romney at the Hofstra debate 16 October 2012
Mr Obama and Mr Romney have clashed on the health of the US economy.

“The US economy grew more than expected in the three months to September, official figures showed.

“The world's largest economy expanded at an annualised rate of 2% in the third quarter, the Commerce Department said.

“The jump was partly due to a large increase in government spending.” [Quoted from]

How ‘partly’, you shysters?
How ‘large’, you Pinocchios?

Then it's back to reality.
Real production falls, inflation increases nearly 2% on frigged government inflation ‘figures’.

Borrowing is up, government expenditure is up yet again to approximately 7%. Military (government) expenditure is up. The actual numbers are not in leftist fossil media ‘reports, ’ of course.

But don’t worry, the faked-up GDP is rises 2%, another inspiring achievement for socialism.
Trust me, I’m your friendly GDP scam - read more here.

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american ‘justice’ - conrad black

“In 2005, Black was accused of a total of 17 charges of criminal corporate misconduct in the United States, and prosecutors sought life imprisonment and fines and restitution totalling $140 million.

“After six years, all the charges were either abandoned, rejected by jurors, or in the case of four convictions, vacated unanimously by the United States Supreme Court. On the original convictions, he was sentenced to imprisonment for 78 months and restitution of $6.1 million.

“After 29 months in federal prison, he was released on bail, but the appellate panel whose findings had been vacated by the high court restored two counts when the case was remanded back to it.

“On June 24, 2011, Black was resentenced to a further seven and a half months in prison, which he is serving at time of publication, and 90 per cent of his fine was restored to him. Conrad Black has never ceased to assert his innocence.”

A Matter of Principle by Conrad Black

Still the best hope by Dennis Prager

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romney as comedian at al smith dinner - edgy and amusing

10:34 mins

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after lying his head of for 90 minutes obarmy shows 6 points down in big poll

Is Obama in meltdown? One can but hope for change.

Poll Date Sample MoE Romney (R) Obama (D) Spread
Gallup Tracking 10/11 - 10/17 2700 LV 2.0 52 45 Romney +7
Gallup Tracking 10/10 - 10/16 2700 LV 2.0 51 45 Romney +6

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vp debate: watching intrade with fascination during and after biden made a right arse of hisself

During the first presidential 'debate', Obama rose up to 3%. Then, as the awful truth started to dawn, 2% was wiped back off.

My expectation was that the Biden farce will be a slow burning fuse. The last 1% gain has recently been eroded, and another 2%has now gone.

That is a drop of 12% (from approximately 71.5) since an apparently drunken Biden grimaced and shouted and smirked his way to 'victory'.

At least Obama appreciates him.

Have you noticed that mediocre leaders always try to appoint the dumbest person they can find as their right-hand man? That way they are less vulnerable to challenge from more intelligent rivals.

Note that Mitt Romney appointed the strongest candidate he could find, the sign of a confident and able leader.

You can follow Intrade here. If you want to understand why this is interesting, look up The Wisdom of Crowds.

P.S. Of course, Tony Bliar did the same in the UK when he appointed John Prescott as deputy and Gordon Brown as Chancellor. But the Left are always seriously short of any serious talent.

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