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labour and liberals and eugenics - the clown and bliar and miliband are fabians

“Given the association of so many of its founding fathers with the dismal pseudo- science of eugenics, perhaps we should not be surprised that our welfare system has ended up preferring safety nets to trampolines, or that it prefers simply to warehouse the poor rather than give people who have fallen on hard times a chance to take responsibility for their own lives. Eugenics infected its adherents with a deeply pessimistic view of the poor, branding them as irredeemably genetically second-rate, and this view has cast a long shadow over social policy assumptions. Labour figures who mock the idea of ‘compassionate Conservatism’ or make light of David Cameron’s focus on our ‘broken society’ need to take a hard look at some of their own history and intellectual heritage. When it comes to who really can claim to care about the problems of the poor, the dividing lines are not so straight as Gordon Brown thinks they are.

The idea that Brown the Clown ‘thinks’ is eccentric!


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spanish national accounts

The calculations in the linked document suggest that the Spanish socialist government is falsifying national statistics. It suggests that instead of a fall in GDP of 3.7% in 2009, the real drop was nearer a drop of 25%!

“A reason for falsifying national accounts is, possibly, that if last year the real dimension of Spain’s recession was to be known, then maybe the first country in need of an economic rescue would be Spain and not Greece because. And, who would lend to a sinking (at these rates) economy? Coincidently, these figures would be politically indefensible.”


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what chance the alternative vote?

“The depth of division within Labour over voting reform was exposed tonight when it was announced that Margaret Beckett, the former foreign secretary, is to lead a group of the party's big beasts in a campaign to reject the reform in a referendum on 5 May.

“Beckett will chair the campaign against the alternative vote system, with the help of figures including two former Labour home secretaries, David Blunkett and Lord Reid, former lord chancellor Lord Falconer, and the former deputy prime minister Lord Prescott.”

Some of the Conservative Party are also opposing the Alternative Vote.

The Alternative Vote will give more power to voters. Whether you think that is a good, or a bad, idea will depend on how much you trust the average voter.

The Alternative Vote is likely to increase the frequency of coalition governments. First-past-the-post [FPTP] has given advanced countries stable government, so this decision is a complex judgment.

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beck says sniffer dogs are more effective than scanners and pat-downs - muslim has pony guide-‘dog’

Why don’t airports use the best technology?

Why are ‘white’ grandmas and children being touched up?

Who is going to be excused checking?

Who is trying to bomb aircraft?

Socialist Napolitano won’t answer the question?

Who owns shares in scanners?


Please don’t listen to Glenn Beck. He’s an ‘extremist’, and probably a ‘racist’.

Marker at

To avoid profiling, that is checking out by far the most likely bombers, that is Middle Eastern muslims, the idiots have decided to check people at random, for example one in ten people. As Dennis Miller says,

“But we are not at war with one in ten people”

As a pilot says,

“They want to check me for box-cutters, in case I should storm the cockpit and take over the ’plane.”

Will this game die of its own absurdity in the land of political correctness and rampant prudery?


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monomaniac paul vs intellectual bernanke - will it run?

Ben Bernanke is the chairman of the Federal Reserve. Ron Paul, who would like to abolish the Fed and the nation's current monetary system, is about to become one of Bernanke’s overseers as chairman of the House Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy.

This is potentially an important appointment.

Paul is a one-trick dogmatist who appeals to the shallow end of the Right. He is an economic fundy with the intellectual shallowness fit to compete with his socialist opposite numbers.

However, unlike most politicians, Paul does understand the nuts and bolts of money, even though he comes to an extremist position.

Paul is now in a position to cause waves and confusion, but if he can open the Fed up a bit, that will be no seriously bad thing.

“Paul also rejects the idea that he's Bernanke's greatest concern.

“He probably just thinks I'm a nuisance rather than a nightmare," he said.” [Quoted from]

That should be about right, but a polical populist terrier snapping at Bernanke’s ankles will be no help at all.

Bernanke’s big issue at the moment is China, not the gold standard!

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how the socialists spent your tax: academia

“Academics are responsible for valuable research projects, as well as teaching the next generation of students. ”

Marker at

From DVH: Some "valuable" research projects recently spotted:
- Zarina Othman: The use of okay, right and yeah in academic lectures by native speaker lecturers: Their 'anticipated' and 'real' meanings. Discourse Studies October 2010 12: 665-681

- Susie Scott: How to Look Good (Nearly) Naked: The Performative Regulation of the Swimmer's Body. Body & Society June 2010 16: 143-168

- Damien W. Riggs: On accountability: Towards a white middle-class queer 'post identity politics identity politics' Ethnicities September 2010 10: 344-357

- Keith Blois: The legitimacy of power in business-to-business relationships. Marketing Theory June 2010 10: 161-172

I saw a very short interview with Michele Obama. She used “you know” well over twenty times. Do any of your academics have anything to contribute to an understanding of this phrase?

Peer-reviewed scientific journal article and a writer with a string of irrelevant qualifications would be impressive.

From DVH:
"You know" is a discourse marker, so I recommend "Subjectivity, intersubjectivity and the historical construction of interlocutor stance: from stance markers to discourse markers" by Susan Fitzmaurice, in Discourse Studies, November 2004; vol. 6, 4: pp. 427-448.

As far as I know, she's currently conducting research on change in Zimbabwean English after 1980, together with a project on the history of the English language in colonial and post-colonial Zimbabwe. The first publication in the project, 'White Zimbabwean English', appears in The Lesser-Known Varieties of English, (eds.) Daniel Schreier, Peter Trudgill, Edgar W. Schneider, & Jeffrey P. Williams. Cambridge University Press (2010).

And I've heard that Susan Fitzmaurice's work in historical pragmatics focusses on the language of letters as evidence for the historical reconstruction of meaning. Fitzmaurice's research on English in the eighteenth century utilizes the frameworks of social networks analysis, corpus linguistics, and discourse analysis.

I’m not equipped to follow the specialised semantics above.

Susan sounds immensely impressive as I can’t follow her work. Is she a professor or something else important? Is she part of the free ‘New’ Labour extension of education?

Is there a relevant dictionary or synonym dictionary? Starting at the start, what is a ‘discourse marker’?

Is there a relevant dictionary or synonym dictionary? Starting at the start, what is a ‘discourse marker’?

Useful discourse marker: "However"

Useless discourse marker: "um..."

Thanx to DVH for the erudite assistance.


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cameron - accountability and transparency: the reversal of top down socialism
Business Plans
Who does what in Whitehall, and what they’re paid
Who ministers are meeting
Finding all other government data
How your money is spent (coming later this month)
Government contracts in full (coming in the New Year)

Marker at

“Mr Cameron said he wanted his to be the first government to leave office holding less power in Whitehall than when it started.”

“Business plans for every government department were launched on Monday in what David Cameron, prime minister, claimed heralded a fundamental “power shift” from central government to communities and the public.

“The plans – which Nick Clegg, deputy prime minister, admitted were “dull” and which Mr Cameron said were “innocuous looking” – nonetheless represent a “transformation in the effectiveness of government,” Mr Clegg claimed.

“They will set out a timetable for every action the government has promised; the results the coalition wants in terms, for example, of improved health and education or reduced re-offending and details of the mass of performance data the government will publish.

“Mr Clegg said the plans would be updated and published monthly and represented “a quite fundamental change in the way government is held to account by the people”, with the public able to see success and failure.

“As the coalition leaders launched the plans, flanked by the Cabinet and in front of an audience of senior civil servants in the Durbar Court at the Foreign Office, Mr Clegg said: “We will mess some things up”.

“Deadlines would be missed and policies would need amendment, the deputy prime minister conceded. “But for the first time the process will be held in public. People will not have to wait years to see if we are succeeding. They will know month-by-month”.” [Quoted from]

See also, for instance, Teachers' pay and sickness records to be published.


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the end justifies the means - another marxist is mugged by socialist reality

“I knew once I’d resigned an important part of the ‘handling strategy’ of the donation story would be to rough me up a bit. I wasn’t naive and to be honest I accepted it as part of the rough nature of politics. The more I was damaged in the short term the less the party was going to be damaged in the long-term. That had to be the right thing for the ‘greater good’.

“What I was not prepared for was the massive toll this took on me, my family and friends. I expected that the party would support me personally, behind the scenes. That they would caveat their attacks. Issue some statements of personal support that recognised my contribution to the party over many years. With a few notable exceptions what I got was a character assassination. It went beyond being ‘roughed-up’ to being a full blown assault. The personal impact was devastating.

“In the space of seven hours on November 26 2007 I went from being a part of a safe and familiar tribe to being a pariah. I was offered no support from the party from the moment I walked out of Victoria Street." ”

What shocks is that the idiot so easily accepts the natural dishonesty at the heart of socialism.

“That had to be the right thing for the ‘greater good’.”

“In the last few days we have seen a complete lack of humanity in our approach to Phil Woolas, the treatment of whom has been nothing short of disgraceful.”

Yeah, he only lied and tried to spread false witness.
But that’s OK, it was for the good of cult socialism.

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marxist obama castrated - stock market rises 2% in a day

[There is more to this news item than meets the eye.]

The ‘Democrats’ have been booted out of the House and large numbers of governor’s mansions.

Hope returns to America, the markets and the world.>

From a correspondent:
Obviously the ticker tapes are a bit slow as the markets waited 24 hours and then went up. By an amazing coincidence just after it was annouced 100s of billions would be given to banks to gamble on the stock market.

Perhaps the previous huge injections of free money should be correlated with the fact that the stock markets are still lower than they were prior to the crash two years ago.

Perhaps the correlation should be made with this bringing the level of the stock market back to the level just prior to the removal of G. W. Bush for the marxist Obama.

Perhaps nay-sayers would like to argue why the banks are now, apparently, suddenly ‘gambling’ on the stock market rather than on government bonds.

Good luck to those attempting these correlations and arguments.

Among advanced countries, only Spain and Australia still have socialist governments, and their socialists are now hanging on by their finger nails.

Socialism always destroys wealth. Socialism always fails.

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on pensions

My concern is more that I do not think pensions are a very reliable or profitable way of ‘saving’. The government erodes and attacks the pile of gold on which pensions are based, as do the pension companies.

On the other hand, training as a cobbler or as a cabbager is far harder to devalue, as is buying bits/shares of insurance companies

One hopes the West, or even the world, will continue to be at least as stable as those paying regularly into pension funds presume. The governments cannot pay what they do not have, and there is always Gordon the Clown or some other politician looking for (your) free money.

Meanwhile, the pressure on food supplies and fossil fuels continues to rise. The middle-aged may well see it out, but will their children?

I have no doubt whatsoever that the careful have supplied their children with a far more reliable and robust pension than that supplied by the government or a pension company. This could be done by leaving them a house, helping them through a good science degree, or training them as a roofer/cobbler/cabbage grower.

And now more to a/the nub. I am not convinced that persuading the young that the alleged pensions are well guaranteed is doing them great favours.

Learning to grow cabbages, or any other production of real-world objects that can be desired by others, is a form of pension. Part of what I am retailing is that an ability to grow cabbages is a more secure pension than ‘money’.

A relatively peasant life-style may be vulnerable to floods, fires, disease [both human and cabbage], invasions, but it is not so vulnerable to pension company and government greed.

And there is always the sock full of cash and a passport. Cabbages will grow elsewhere, and they amount to barter items, even with invading armies. Meanwhile, as the civilisation advances trees can be converted into warmth and shelter and even traded for PV arrays.

My concern is with the trust in governments and pension companies. My concern is with the discounted cash flow with all that present money eroding steadily away. I think there are more profitable plays than assurance schemes.

As a monk, I also have the view that it takes less output to live quietly and not feed the monster, than it does to go on irritating cruises. A monk’s habit and sandals cost so much less than Bond Street labels, and the forest is so much prettier and calmer than the Great Wen.

You don’t have to work for what you don’t need, nor for that which doesn’t appeal or attract. And if you can repair cabinets or plumbing, there is always plentiful pocket money to be corralled.

What I am, at centre questioning, is the neurotic concern with pensions, along with the over-trust in pensions, along with the pressure on the young to spend their lives over-worrying about problems that may never come.

Even those who fuss so about their ‘poverty’ do get by and live reasonable lives. It is not as if they are starving in Haiti or Pakistan, or worrying greatly about cholera. They don’t even have to wear a burkha.


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