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fascist ‘new’ labour’s broken society

“....This is just to do with trying to steal stuff. The reason they are looting is because they can. Who's going to stop 20 people from smashing into a shop when you've only got five police officers there? They know they can get away with it, because people are calling this rioting not stealing," he said, watching rolling news channels broadcast pictures of burning shops. "They should be rioting against the police. What's stealing shoes from JD got to do with protesting against the police?”

“ "I worry about him being stopped and searched by the police."

“ "....There is a big problem with stop and search. These searches leave a scar, a mark on that child"....”

Marker at abelard.org

A fascist ‘New’ Labour MP claims not to understand.

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on the continuing strategy of fabian socialism

From a correspondent:
All that is needed now is for a political group to start to organise the malcontents and you have the basis of a political threat to HMG [Her Majesty’s government].

That’s called the Labour Party, it has resulted in grave damage to the state.

Yes Labour is so revolutionary!

Indeed it is. It seeks to destroy the establishment and the common order. It is the standard strategy of Fabian socialism to do that by stealth.

The Labour Party seeks to work to bring about instability. That way the politically naive can be persuaded that societal breakdown is accidental, or somebody else’s fault.

If people only read the less publicised polemic of the Fabian Society, they would discover that the Fabians are quite open about this strategy within their own groups.

Here is the great liberal, Keynes. He mixed with Fabians and understood them well.

“Lenin was right. There is no subtler, no surer means of overturning the existing basis of society than to debauch the currency. The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.
[The Economic Consequences of the Peace, ch. 6]

The politically naive are frequently foolish enough to believe that socialists undermine economies by accident. They do it deliberately.

Gordon Brown the Clown was increasing inflation by about 20% p.a. towards the end of his tenure as Prime Minister.
He sold off the gold reserves.
He borrowed beyond any pretence of stability.
He deliberately undermined the pensions of the middle classes.
He falsified the government accounts through PFIs [private finance initiatives] and off-book ploys.
He systematically turned millions away from independence.
He bribed ignorant girls to breed and to reject males.
He undermined realistic bank regulation.

Do you really believe it was all accidental?

And not one of his cronies made the slightest complaint, nor gave the politically naive the slightest warning.

Milipede [Ed Miliband] is from a communist background, as are many of the Labour Party.

A citizen has to be culpably ignorant to ignore reality with such determination.

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another bunch of socialist murderers gurgling down the plughole of history

Socialists live in an alternative reality:

“The only reason we are losing is that NATO is stopping us killing the opposition just because they have bigger guns than us.

“It isna fair.”

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lefties can always be trusted - to be idiots

This one is so daft I will add ‘allegedly’.

“...a 51 year old police officer, working on the phone-hacking inquiry named Operation Weeting, was arrested and suspended for leaking to the Guardian....”

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i am most interested to see the various social behaviours - the natural result of 15 years of socialism

Quotes on the street:
“We’re getting our taxes back.”

“They’d better understand that we can do just as we like.”

[Shown in a BBC video.]

And the police stand by and watch.

Another, asked why they doing over shops in their own area
“The shop keepers are the rich.”

This is a direct and natural behaviour in a society where the young are brain-washed into believing they have ‘rights’; where they are taught that their opinion is worthy of notice, instead of teaching them how to live in society and to do silly things like learn to read or add.

“For anyone heading to places where riots are:
1) Mask up. Properly, not just a hood.
2) Bindmans solicitors if you get nicked: 02078334433”
[Quoted from order-order.com]

Marker at abelard.org

"The looney left-wing Jody McIntyre became less funny when he started inciting riots on the platform offered to him by the Indy."
[Quoted from order-order.com]

The fossil media boob toob has people falling over themselves to make excuses (pretending they are analysing) for the dumbed down chavs.

Regards from the Campaign for Franchise by Examination.

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you cannot be a little bit pregnant, you cannot be a little bit dead, you cannot be a little bit socialist

“We have arrived at the endgame of what was an untenable doctrine: to pay for the kind of entitlements that populations have been led to expect by their politicians, the wealth-creating sector has to be taxed to a degree that makes it almost impossible for it to create the wealth that is needed to pay for the entitlements that populations have been led to expect, etc, etc.”

“And, again contrary to prevailing wisdom, their view is not naive and parochial: it is corroborated by the European experience. By rights, it should be Europe that is immersed in this debate, but its leaders are so steeped in the sacred texts of social democracy that they cannot admit the force of the contradictions which they are now hopelessly trying to evade.”

“Also collapsing before our eyes is the lodestone of the Christian Socialist doctrine that has underpinned the EU’s political philosophy: the idea that a capitalist economy can support an ever-expanding socialist welfare state.”

All educated and civilised persons should read Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom.

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The Road to Serfdom by F.A. Hayek
courtsey of amazon

Univ of Chicago Press, 1994, pbk
$9.48 [amazon.com] {advert}

Routledge/Taylor & Francis Books, pbk, 0415253896
£9.99 [amazon.co.uk] {advert}


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on the north london riots

Is everybody out to lunch? Forever young men have been a right pain in the backside.

The cult Leftists want a religious story.

A couple of hundred years ago, there’d be a few local hangings.

In the medieval primitive middle east, it would be off with their heads, or at least their hands.

Napoleon would have prescribed a dose of grape shot.

During the middle ages in Europe, they’d have become mercenaries, and done a bit of raping and pillaging.

This is not some esoteric mystery. This is human behaviour as usual.


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