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stealing children to order by socialist ‘new’ labour - the result of allowing the state unaccountable power

This is a situation I have been reporting for many years, but still remains hidden by the outrageous secrecy ‘laws’ in the UK.

The ‘social’ ‘workers’ lie to their heart’s content, hidden behind a wall of secrecy.

“The most impressive document was a report by an independent social worker, based on many interviews with those involved, including the child herself and the chief social worker in charge of her. In measured terms, this made mincemeat of the council's case. Nothing about it is more suspicious than the contrast between descriptions of the "clean and tidy" home reported by those who knew the family well and the mess allegedly found by the policemen who burst into it mob-handed on the day in question. ”

Just another result of a mad socialist target-driven agenda, allied to the motivation of bureaucracies to increase their power and ‘work’. As Parkinson said of these organisations, “work expands to fill the time available”.

Despite the constant witch hunts, intrusions by the state and the hysteria generated by the fossil media, I remain unconvinced that the whole structure of poorly trained ‘social workers’ doesn’t generate more harm than good.

“What has also come to light is a remarkable judgment by Lord Justice Thorpe and Lord Justice Wall in the Appeal Court last year, in another case which also involved the apparently ruthless determination of East Sussex social workers to send a child for adoption. The judges were fiercely critical. The social workers' conduct, said Lord Justice Thorpe, could only reinforce the suspicions of those who believe "councils have a secret agenda to establish a high score of children they have placed for adoption". ”

The linked article is recommended reading if you wish to understand the breakdown of law under socialist Johnny Major and socialist ‘New’ L abour.


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how socialism (doesn’t) work

Take money from those who are capable and work for it - for example, health expenditure (remember this covers several areas of life).

Having taken the money, set up an inefficient operation that uses the money at least three ways.

  1. To capture plenty for the politicians and clients ‘running’ the system.

  2. To provide a sub-standard replacement for the health services you would have purchased for yourself, if you still had the money you had earned.

  3. Provide a similar sub-standard system for those who are less capable, or who choose not to work.

If you still desire the services you would probably have managed easily prior to the interference of a socialist government, you will still have to pay the real rate for that service.

But, of course, those providing the service will also now be paying the socialist government in a manner similar to yourself, amounts they will now have to recoup from you.


  1. You will have to pay the provider more than you would without the government.

  2. You will be paying also for the services you will not want.

  3. You will be paying for the services that those not capable or willing, will use.

Now all these costs are down to the medical services you originally wanted. The likelihood is, that not only will you not be able to pay for the level of service you originally desired, you will be forced to put up with the very sub-standard provisions of the government (naturally the government politicians will make special provisions for themselves, out of more money taken from you).

Of course, socialist governments do not stop with medical systems.

The money these governments extract steadily undermines any independent concern, including - as already noted - medical services.

Eventually the government is interfering everywhere and everything in the society is becoming inefficient.

Meanwhile, increasingly it pays to freeload. So the numbers of freeloaders steadily increases. Thus do societies steadily gurgle down the plughole of inefficiency and bankruptcy.

All you need do to fail is to work with the worst elements of human laziness and foolishness, thus encouraging those self-destructive and socially destructive behaviours.

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the uk national health service - usa comparison


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the ten commandments of business failure - and the nhs

Extracted from a press release.

“Ten Commandments of Business Failure, first drawn up by Donald R. Keough, the past president and former CEO of the Coca-Cola Company.

  1. Stop taking risks. A 2006 study of change capability by the Office of Government Commerce gave the NHS a score of just two out of five points for seven of the nine categories assessed.

  2. Be inflexible. Businesses are hamstrung by state control over factors of production: staff pay is set centrally; capital expenditure is constrained by the DH; the National Programme for IT is a top-down programme; and NICE increasingly decides what treatment can be offered. Local initiative is crowded out.

  3. Isolate yourself. Health care is conducted in silos, with patients too often left in limbo - particularly between primary and secondary care. Emergency hospital admissions for chronic and acute conditions usually managed in primary care have rocketed in recent years, from 371.57 admissions per 100,000 patients in 2002/03 for acute conditions to 423.40 in 2006/07

  4. Assume infallibility. Politicians constantly refer to the NHS as 'the envy of the world', but the outcomes it engineers are worse than other universal health systems in Europe. On the latest figures, the UK ranked 16th out of 19 industrialised nations in terms of amenable mortality; and 13th out of 30 European countries in terms of patient satisfaction.

  5. Play the game close to the foul line. Targets have ruled the roost, pushing organisations to the edge, often to the neglect of patient care. The four-hour A&E target has led to patients being moved to clinical decision units; waiting in ambulances; unnecessary admissions; premature discharge and the miscoding of data.

  6. Don't take time to think. The past ten years has seen a plethora of incoherent initiatives and policy reviews, decreasing the ability of senior managers to display leadership, think and positively affect the delivery of services; and left governance confused and void of focus.

  7. Put faith in (external) consultants. NHS organisations now spend £350m on external consultants per year, but their effectiveness is unproven. Of the nine NHS trusts in receipt of management consultant-led turnaround teams in 2005/06, three remained blacklisted as 'financially challenged' in 2007/08.

  8. Love bureaucracy. The NHS Confederation estimates that 69 bodies currently regulate, inspect and demand information from NHS organisations, many asking similar questions. In secondary care organisations, only 58 per cent of this is considered useful for any internal purpose.

  9. Send mixed messages. Only 69 per cent of the 290,000 NHS staff surveyed by the Healthcare Commission in 2008 said they had clear objectives and just 39 per cent felt that they worked in well structured teams.

  10. Be afraid of the future. Fear that the NHS budget will not stretch to meet demand has led to initiative after initiative that has left clinicians feeling mistrusted and powerless.”

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why the fossil media is dying, and it’s not just because of the economic downturn

Starting with -

murdoch panics! fossil media continues to meltdown

Usual warning - this is a fossil media ‘report’.

“The billionaire media mogul Rupert Murdoch suffered the indignity of seeing his global empire make a huge financial loss yesterday and promptly pledged to shake up the newspaper industry by introducing charges for access to all his news websites, including the Times, the Sun and the News of the World, by next summer.

“Stung by a collapse in advertising revenue as the recession shredded Fleet Street's traditional business model, Murdoch declared that the era of a free-for-all in online news was over.

“ "Quality journalism is not cheap," said Murdoch. "The digital revolution has opened many new and inexpensive distribution channels but it has not made content free. We intend to charge for all our news websites."

“The Australian-born press and television baron was speaking as his News Corporation holding company slumped to a $3.4bn (£2bn) net loss for the financial year to June, hit by huge writedowns in the value of its assets, restructuring charges and a dive in commercial revenue.”

"Quality journalism is not cheap"

At least Rupert Murdoch still has a sense of humour!

I wonder what he means by “quality journalism”? Could it be all that free content he garners from trying to turn his rags into blogs?

Or could it be the repetitions from the news wire services?

Or the repeats of university and company handouts without publishing links to his sources?

Or could it be the handouts to the lobbies by politicians? I’ll just bet that’d turn on the socialist ‘New’ Labour Party! Perhaps we really will see government subsidising the fossil media still further - out of our taxes, of course.

Or could it be his hack aggregators of Iranian Tweeters?

Or maybe we won’t be able to advertise his fossil press, as this item does.

We’ll sure miss you, Murdoch

Marker at

Murdoch’s profited mightily by technological change in printing and satellite broadcasting. Now it seems his house of cards is under similar basic technological threat.

How anyone believes that a one-to-many model can compete with many-to-many technology suggests an awesome detachment from reality.

The drive to control overwhelms realism!

Marker at

For example, almost all the leftist fossil media prints the same government handout without cogent criticism.

For instance, from Murdoch and several other rags:

“A total of 157,149 motors were snapped up - more than a fifth under the Government's Scrappage Scheme.

“Experts hailed the rise as a further sign the UK economy may be emerging from recession.”

And here is the reality from a specialist publication in the motor industry

“Korean car maker Hyundai, with a 2.4 per cent market share, a fraction of Ford's market share, saw scrappage orders of 9,823 in the three months the scheme has been in action. Its i10 sold 3,084 units in July alone, making it into the top 10 best sellers for the first time.

“Another Korean carmaker Kia, too, with a UK market share of just 2.1 per cent in the year to date saw 5,978 vehicles sold on scrappage in the three months as buyers flocked primarily to buy Picanto.

“Suzuki, with a year-to-date market share of just 1.5 per cent has sold 4,282 cars on scrappage since the start of the scheme.

“And Fiat/Alfa Romeo/Abarth with a combined market share of 3 per cent in the year to July saw 5,419 registrations since scheme-launch.”

Much of the scrappage taxes are going abroad paying for foreign cars, while UK car sales remain over 20% down on a year.

As usual, the fossil media makes no analysis of the situation, it just repeats handouts without intelligence.

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how socialist government improves the economy

A comment from a correspondent:
“Lincoln City Council have just increased my non-domestic rates by 12%. I pity the poor bastards on the High St. When the public sector are running short, they just squeeze their providers harder. Parasites.”

As more and more businesses are going bankrupt because of excessive socialist taxes, it is obvious that those people going bankrupt need more support and advice to enable them to run their businesses more effectively - or to advise them how to build a business, or find a job.

Clearly, that requires more government employees to give this support and other help.

Unfortunately, that will require more taxes. If those taxes cannot be taken form business, then from whence can they be taken?

Over and above this rather obvious need for government help, with so many becoming unemployed, it is a good thing that government jobs are replacing the lost jobs of some of those made unemployed as companies lose more in taxes to these necessary and useful government services. So, these government services provide jobs for those losing jobs in the private sector.

Why should a few businesses make profits while other are losing their jobs? If we are to have a recession, it is only right that everyone shares in the difficulties. We need more jobs and government is supplying jobs.

Why on earth are people like the correspondent above complaining? It is the government’s job to get us out of the problems caused by greedy capitalists and bankers.

Gordon Brown is an experienced leader. He is the man for the job, not some toffee-nosed Etonian like David Cameron.

The PM and Mandelson have spent all their lives training for public service, not wasting time in industry like Cameron and his rich mates!

Brown has even spent ten years getting a PhD in socialist pamphlets from the 1920s and 1930s. How can Cameron ever match such erudition?


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