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the american suv drug addict—the real american irresponsibility
straight and to the point, recommended reading.

“The United States accounts for about a quarter of all oil consumed daily. Of this amount, about two-thirds goes to transportation.

“Meanwhile, average fuel economy in this country has been steadily slipping from a high of 22.1 miles per gallon in the late 1980s. Last year, the average vehicle on U.S. roads was getting 20.7 miles per gallon.

“The reason is that, like junkies perpetually seeking a better high, U.S. consumers keep buying bigger and fatter rides, as evidenced by the unceasing popularity of sport utility vehicles.

“The average car or light-duty truck sold in the United States last year weighed a staggering 4,021 pounds, according to the Environmental Protection Agency. This is the first time in almost three decades that average vehicle weights have surpassed 2 tons.”

“ So here we are, married to our SUVs, beholden to OPEC, hungry for our next fix.

“It's a bad situation. And it will only get worse.”


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