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that labour note "was a joke" says ed balls!

"Dear Chief Secretary, I'm afraid there is no money. With kind regards - and good luck! Liam."

And today Ed Balls said

"Liam Byrne's note was a jokey note… of the course the money hadn't run out."

It was a sniggering, sneering, schoolboy joke which, in the context and from the source, was outrageous.

It wasn't 'a joke', though to Socialist schoolboys, I expect they 'thought' it was a 'joke'.

If you believe it was a joke, ask how funny the Greeks think that 'joke' is.

That was the sort of state in which Balls et al. left Britain.

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Vote Miliband, the ideal representative for Britain
Ed Milliband public speaking
Ed Milliband eats a baccon sandwich.
Ed Milliband foraging for food

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the loyal oppositions's record when last in government

  • Lowest house building numbers since 1923
  • The country opened to uncontrolled immigration

They call it 'joined-up government'.

Vote for the Red Eds - we need more tax.

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free speech according to socialists

"O'Neill and others associated with the Revolutionary Communist Party [RCP], Living Marxism and Spiked--including Frank Furedi, Mick Hume and Claire Fox--are often seen by commenters such as Nick Cohen as having shifted from a far left position to an extreme stance on the libertarian right." [Quoted from]

What is the 'libertarian right'?
Would it include the anarchists in Spain who went around murdering priests and plutocrats to steal their land?

"Although O'Neill still insists that he is part of the left, critics such as George Monbiot have suggested that this is typical as a ploy adopted by those associated with the RCP to split and discredit consensus upon the left and to cause impediments for such movements as environmentalism and the reduction of carbon emissions."

For the Left, there is no real world, there is only their world of theory. So for them, 'left' is one kind of socialist and 'right' is another form of socialist.

These two groups can be distinguished only by socialists. It is part of newspeak.

If you cannot discuss the real world, then obviously (to a socialist) the real world ceases to exist. At that point, the socialist utopia become manifest.

Up the revolution!

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socialist loony toons 1

A stained glass window commissioned by George Bernard Shaw.

The Fabian window
The Fabian Window

"The window explicitly reflects the goal of the Fabian Society to portray an outward role contrary to its real character, i.e. to use deception in pursuing its ultimate aim. Specifically, a Wolf in Sheep's Clothing is the image which appears in the shield above the world being wrought in the Fabian mold."
[Quoted from]

Top row
"operating the bellows to give the fire more air and make it hotter is Edward R Pease, a Fabian founding member and he was their secretary. In the center is Sidney Webb, who is working with George Bernard Shaw on the right to pound on the globe in an effort to re-mould the world. Both of whom were early members."
[Quoted from]
Bottom row
"He [Wells] is followed by the actor-manager Charles Charrington, Aylmer Maude (translator of Tolstoy's War and Peace), G Stirling Taylor (reading a book, New Worlds for Old), and the dentist F Lawson Dodd. The women, from left to right, are Maud Pember Reeves (mother of Amber Reeves, who bore Wells a daughter in 1909), Miss Hankin, the suffragist Miss Mabel Atkinson, Mrs Boyd Dawson, and, at the end, the artist who made the window, Caroline Townshend herself."

H.G. Wells is on the lower left thumbing his nose at the other Fabians as he tried to reform them, but Shaw played sneaky to stop change and to stop the gang at the top being voted out. Wells is also seen rising to leave the Fabians. The event is now rewritten as Wells thumbing his nose at the masses! Several other of the Fabians from the end of the 19th century appear in the window.

The window was stolen, then eventually bought back and is now in the London School of Economics.

Virtually all leading 'New' Labour Party members are Fabians.

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