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happy christmas from brown the clown - “i’ve just added £8000 to your credit card bill”

“No more boom and bust” - the Clown.

“When Northern Rock collapsed last year, did you think, "We're going to have to nationalise the rest of them too". No, me neither.

“I also bet you didn't work out that the part-nationalisation of our banking sector would cost you at least £8,000 in taxes. And this is just the beginning.”


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leading founders hated democracy??! by the auroran sunset

abelard recently reviewed Liberal Fascism. I haven’t read the book yet, but I heard of this quotation from Mussolini found within:

“…fathers of the American Republic, notably Hamilton, Madison, and John Adams, were as voluminous and vehement [in opposing democracy] as any Fascist could desire” [p. 103]

Mussolini’s is an impressively bizarre claim:

  • All three were heavily involved in writing the Constitution.
  • Alexander Hamilton and James Madison together wrote the bulk of the Federalist Papers [1] - a series of newspaper articles explaining the democratic principles in order to pursuade the adoption of a revolutionary system of law.
  • John Adams played a leading role in pursuading Congress to adopt the Declaration of Independence; and as the second President, helped to stabilise and strengthen the baby nation, still under naked military threat from both England and France.
  • Madison was by far the clearest thinker and most grounded of the founders; the logical and empirical brilliance of the Constitution can largely be ‘blamed’ on him.
  • Madison is largely responsible for the existence of the Bill of Rights. [2]

Now, perhaps Mussolini was thinking of this act, signed by President Adams, under advice from his political ally (and later rival) Treasury Secretary Hamilton (the same):

1798: Alien and Sedition Acts - Sedition Act

Sect. 2. And be it further enacted, That if any person shall write, print, utter, or publish, or shall cause or procure to be written, printed, uttered, or published, or shall knowingly and willingly assist or aid in writing, printing, uttering, or publishing any false, scandalous and malicious writing or writings against the government of the United States, or either House of the Congress of the United States, or the President of the United States, with intent to defame the said government, or either House of the said Congress, or the said President, or to bring them, or either of them, into contempt or disrepute; or to excite against them, or either or any of them, the hatred of the good people of the United States, or to stir up sedition within the United States; or to excite any unlawful combinations therein, for opposing or resisting any law of the United States, or any act of the President of the United States, done in pursuance of any such law, or of the powers in him vested by the Constitution of the United States; or to resist, oppose, or defeat any such law or act; or to aid, encourage or abet any hostile designs of any foreign nation against the United States, their people or government, then such person, being thereof convicted before any court of the United States having jurisdiction thereof, shall be punished by a fine not exceeding two thousand dollars, and by imprisonment not exceeding two years.

Clearly not Adams’ or Hamilton's finest hour - an act to warm the cockles of many a would-be dictator.

Unfortunately for Mussolini's theory, Madison spend huge amounts of energy and ink[3] on stopping these 'laws', which were mostly repealed two years later by his political ally Jefferson. [4]

end notes

  1. The Federalist Papers by Hamilton, Madison and JayThe Federalist Papers by Hamilton, Madison and Jay.
    The Federalist Papers were published anonymously after the Constitutional Convention in a successful attempt to persuade America to accept the Constitution. The papers treat that amazing document in detail. It is dense going - Hamilton in particular does not write well, while Madison writes beautifully. However, the writings of both are logical, informative and persuasive. This is an essential book for anyone wanting to understand constitutional law - highly recommended. Four and a half GoldenYak(tm) award
    SOS Free Stock, 2003, pbk
    ISBN-10: 0451528816/ ISBN-13: 978-0451528810
    £7.15 [amazon.co.uk] {advert}
    Signet Classics, 2003, pbk
    ISBN-10: 0451528816/ISBN-13: 978-0451528810
    $7.95 [amazon.com] {advert}

  2. Madison continued to have strong logical objections to the concept of a bill of rights - particularly that by enumerating rights, it can be implied that others not included are not included deliberately, which is clearly not the intention. However, it is very clear from Madison’s writings and actions that he was always first an empiricist. He saw that the Bill of Rights was necessary to stop the anti-federalists’ dishonest attempts to break up the union, and so give the Constitution time to gain strength and momentum. Without Madison’s actions to force through the Bill of Rights, the Civil War - a possibility that was clearly in the Madison’s mind, and is even implied in the Constitution - would have come much sooner and the moribund [5] slave-owning aristocracy-based Southern states would have won.

  3. Writings 1772-1836 by James Madison One of his many articles vitiating the Aliens and Sedition Acts, and the arguments supporting the acts, runs to over 50 pages! You can read that diatribe and many more fascinating and clear political essays by James Madison in Writings 1772-1836. Five GoldenYak (tm) award
    Library of America, 1999, hbk
    ISBN-10: 1883011663/ISBN-13: 978-1883011666
    $26.40 [amazon.com] {advert}
    £27.00 [amazon.co.uk] {advert}

  4. As far as I can tell, Madison was the brains behind Jefferson. Jefferson was a more able performer and liar, so got himself famous.

  5. De la Democratie en Amerique by Alexi de Tocqueville Alexi de Tocqueville’s De La Democratie En Amerique (On Democracy in America) has a fascinating description of a journey he took from a northern state down through border states to the south. Although he was writing approximately 30 years before Civil War and roughly 30 years after the Constitution, he paints a clear picture of the contrast between the affluent, industrial North and the amazing poverty and backwardness of the agricultural South. As always, the freer Northern societies thoroughly out-competed the less free Southern societies, overtaking these once much richer states in only a few decades.

    Review of the original French edition: a beautifully written, clear and insightful look at the origins of American democracy. Highly recommended. Tocqueville seemed incapable of overcoming his suspicions of democracy conditioned from living in a country with no history of freedom, despite that he obviously intellectually understood why and how the America model was/is so much more successful. Four and a half GoldenYak(tm) award
    Editions Flammarion, 1991, hbk
    ISBN-10: 2070323544/ ISBN-13: 978-2070323548
    £6.40 [amazon.co.uk] {advert}
    Schoenhofs Foreign Books (January 1991)
    ISBN-10: 2070323544
    ISBN-13: 978-2070323548
    Democracy in America by Alexi Tocqueville
    Democracy in America
    by Alexi de Tocqueville
    Library of America, 2004, hbk
    ISBN-10: 1931082545/ISBN-13: 978-1931082549



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obama - the only man in history to be able to pick up manure from the clean end

The Chicago, Illinois political environment.
During the past 30 years, the various elected officials listed below have been convicted of corruption.

“… Among the perps: 27 aldermen, 19 judges, 15 state legislators, three governors, two congressmen, one mayor, two turtledoves, and a partridge in a stolen pear tree. Especially in this holiday season, it’s so very important to keep traditions alive for the kids. In a sense, Blago did it for the children.”


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is china in worse straights than the clown’s britain?

Is our great leader falling behind?

“According to a leading government think tank, at least 40 million Chinese are going to lose their jobs because of the global recession. Tang Min, the deputy head of the China Development Research Foundation, says that figure is just among migrant workers - the peasants who moved from the countryside to the sweatshops of the east coast.”

China tries to close the ‘surveillance gap’ with socialist Labour.

“Meanwhile, taxis in Beijing are recording conversations, a giant electronic surveillance system called Skynet is keeping watch over Tibet, and the practice of sectioning protesters in mental asylums has returned to the headlines.”


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printing money and inflation - the government cover-up

The new Banking Bill includes an amendment that information on the printing of money will no longer be published.

“Banking Bill
Part 7 — Miscellaneous

”Weekly return
Section 6 of the Bank Charter Act 1844 (Bank to produce weekly account) shall cease to have effect.”

Section 6 of the Bank Charter 1844 reads:

“And be it enacted, That an Account of the Amount of Bank of England Notes issued by the Issue Department of the Bank of England, and of Gold Coin and of Gold and Silver Bullion respectively, and of Securities in the said Issue Department, and also an Account of the Capital Stock, and the Deposits, and of the Money and Securities belonging to the said Governor and Company in the Banking Department of the Bank of England, on some Day in every Week to be fixed by the Commissioners of Stamps and Taxes, shall be transmitted by the said Governor and Company weekly to the said Commissioners in the Form prescribed in the Schedule hereto annexed marked (A.), and shall be published.... ”

Thus, the UK socialist government will be free to conceal the degree to which it is creating inflation in the economy.

This is an outrage, but it is to be expected.

Britain is now ruled by a gang of the corrupt. This is the normal endgame for socialists.

The USA ‘obscured’ similar figures a year or two ago, but there are sources who are reassembling them. But the USA does have a considerable degree of freedom.

My first expectation is that similar bricks will remain available in the UK, at least for a while - just more deeply buried.

In corrupt regimes, the money supply is just one of the things claimed as ‘state secrets’.

Marker at abelard.org

The heavy inflation being driven by Brown the Clown makes it a bit crazy for people to save. Anyone alert in inflationary times can only protect themselves by borrowing and not holding money.

For the last three years, you would have needed going on 15 percent interest just to protect your savings, let alone make a useful profit.

The Clown is far more implicated in the current UK crash than most people understand.

And his answer is clearly still more inflation.

The Clown is wholly dependent on corruption and secrecy. That requires a supine and uneducated population.

Hence, New Labour’s client state and no serious economic education in schools.

Heads up from James Hammerton and Guido Fawkes.


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a cool look at the clown’s undermining and the fragility of the uk economy

Recommended scan. By Irwin Stelzer.

“None of this is to deny that developments in an economy as large as America's have an impact on its trading partners and other countries. Or that America's bankers mismanaged risk. But it remains an incontestable fact that the Prime Minister is pointing a finger at America to conceal his mishandling of the British economy and, lately, the futility of some portions of the stimulus package he has crafted. Gordon Brown's search for a villain might better take him to the nearest mirror than to Washington, DC.”

Marker at abelard.org

a solid outline of the pros and cons of the current sterling collapse

Recommended scan. By Martin Vander Weyer.

“If Britain is out of favour, and existing gilts holders are sitting on losses because the pound has slumped, then the appetite for British debt will shrivel away. That is the most worrying development we must watch for, because it will throw Brown’s debt-binge bail-out strategy into utter confusion. Let us imagine the fateful phone call: "Hello, is that the IMF emergency helpline? My name’s Gordon. Yes, that Gordon, the one who not only saved the world...”

“So, there are several sides to this story, but here are the basic facts. First and simplest, the euro looks more attractive than the pound because the European Central Bank (ECB) "refinancing" rate, at 2.5 per cent, is higher than the Bank of England’s 57-year-low base rate of 2 per cent. More fundamentally, investors are convinced that Britain will be harder hit by recession than the eurozone.

“Why? Because the fate of our economy is, in aggregate, more tied than Europe’s to the fate of the crippled financial services sector and the plunging housing market, and less sustained by the kind of manufacturing businesses that can act as a locomotive of recovery.

“And, because the rest of the world now has a rather higher opinion than it used to of the monetary-management skills of the ECB, under its French governor Jean-Claude Trichet, and a rather lower opinion of the way these things are conducted in London. In particular, international markets are far from convinced by the Brown emergency-response formula of unlimited public borrowing, coupled with a piffling VAT cut by way of fiscal stimulus.”


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what is pay to play? how does it work? chicago politics

You scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours.

Context: Rod Blagojevich, the Governor of the State of Illinois, has been arrested for trying to sell the senatorial seat vacated by Barack Obama.

Barak Obama with Rod Blagojevich. Image: smh.com.au
Barak Obama with Rod Blagojevich. Image: smh.com.au

“The possibility of charges against the governor had been speculated upon as at least 21 other people have already been indicted in the corruption investigation, but the revelations of ongoing criminal activity have stunned Chicago.”

“ Other allegations include:

  • “that Mr Blagejovich demanded a $50,000 campaign contribution from the chief executive of the Children's Memorial Hospital, before he would hand over $8 million in funding for the hospital. The CEO refused to pay and the funds are still pending.
  • “another developer had been asked for $100,000 in campaign funds in return for being considered for a $1.8 billion tollway project.
  • “demands were made of other businessmen before the Governor said he would sign a bill which would have benefited the horse racing industry over the casino industry.

Marker at abelard.org

The company you keep defines you.

“His general counsel, ever helpful, suggests that maybe Obama would get the gov's wife on some corporate boards, according to the criminal complaint.”

Frank M. Clark, chairman of the Adler Planetarium until May 2008, raised between $200,000 and $500,000 for Obama. Obama sought a $3,000,000 grant for the observatory.

“Blagojevich, was already under investigation in relation to corruption allegations that stemmed from the trial of Chicago developer, Tony Rezko, a major donor to Barack Obama during his time in Chicago politics.”

Obama fundraiser Rezko has been found guilty of several counts of corruption. His sentencing hearing has already been delayed two or three times. The scuttlebutt is that he is talking.

“Nadhmi Auchi is an Iraqi whose Baathist ties go back to 1959. A formerly high-ranking official in Iraq’s Oil Ministry, Auchi left Iraq at the end of the 1970s. His wealth then grew exponentially as a procurer of arms for Saddam Hussein’s government during the Iran–Iraq war. He is now one of the richest men in Britain. Saddam Hussein in 1995 selected BNP, which later merged with Paribas, as the sole conduit bank handling Oil-for-Food transactions. This Clinton-era arrangement was changed in 2001 by the incoming Bush administration.

“Auchi was also a key financial backer for Chicago political fixer and dual US-Syrian citizen Tony Rezko. This writer explained the complex web of relationships in an August 24 article titled, "Iraqi Billionaire Threatens Reporters Investigating Rezko Affair".

“A secret $3.5 million loan from an Auchi company to key early-money Barack Obama fundraiser Antoin Rezko was exposed while Rezko was awaiting trial on fraud and money-laundering charges earlier this year…” [Quoted from hawaiifreepress.com]

Perhaps Obama will claim that Blagojevich was just a guy in the neighbourhood and he doesn’t remember what he said.

No change we can believe in.
No changes at all.

Blagojevich tries to sell Obama’s last job.

How much will he get for the presidency, or even the presidency elect?

Will the price go down if the Supreme Court decides to hear the Obama birth certificate case?

Will realclearpolitics.com start a book?

The best politicians money can buy.

How much for Speaker of the House?

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obama - judgment and experience


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bush interferes with another sovereign socialist leader - mugabe’s exemplar paradise

“President George W. Bush called on Zimbabwe’s president, Robert Mugabe, to step down and he vowed to help that African nation rebuild.

“As my administration has made clear, it is time for Robert Mugabe to go," the U.S. president said in a statement released by the White House. "Across the continent, African voices are bravely speaking out to say now is the time for him to step down.” [Quoted from bloomberg.com]

Brave bishops back Bush:

“THE Archbishop of York, John Sentamu, made a bold call at the weekend for Robert Mugabe and his henchmen to be removed from power in Zimbabwe. He said that they must be brought before the International Criminal Court in The Hague to answer for their crimes against humanity.

“His brother archbishop, Desmond Tutu, also called last week for them to step down - or face indictment for their gross violations of human rights. He said that, if they refused, they should be removed by use of military force …”

Warlike neighbours also don’t like the socialist father of his nation!

“On Sunday, Kenya's Prime Minister called on the African Union to deploy its troops and intervene to bring an end to the crisis. Botswana wants the Southern African Development Community (SADC) to put an embargo on petrol and diesel exports to Zimbabwe. It believes that this could dislodge Mugabe from power in little more than a week. Zambia has also expressed support for his removal.”

Down with imperialism!!

Even Brown the Clown tries to get in on the posing, but is spurned again.

“Yet when Gordon Brown pressed for a UN Security Council resolution aimed at isolating Mugabe and his ZanuPF elite - and upholding the will of the people of Zimbabwe as expressed in their election of March 29 - it was blocked.” [Quoted from yorkshirepost.co.uk]


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the clown’s broken britain

family life

“Nearly half of all the under-21s in the criminal justice system have been in care, only 12 per cent gain five A-C GCSEs and a third of all homeless people have been in care."

“What they see is a saga of abuse, at the heart of which is a woman, mother to seven children by six fathers, sustained on various benefits, her rent paid and never having held a job in her life.

“Worse still was the comment from many of her neighbours (before her involvement in the kidnap was known) that this lifestyle was considered normal. You could almost sense a shudder go down the collective spine of the nation.”

“These young boys are on their way to a life of crime. You don't have to take my word for it - look at the background of those who as young offenders end up in custody.

“Over three-quarters of them are from broken homes, just under half of them experienced violence in the home and half of them have educational levels below an 11-year-old.

“Girls suffer too. Many have grown up in dysfunctional families where their mothers had children as teenagers and they have shared the house with a string of "guesting fathers". Too many will repeat the lives of their mothers."

Regards from the campaign for franchise by examination.

Marker at abelard.org

the clown’s benefit britain - karen matthews receives £20,000 pa

“To accuse these young girls of being feckless is unjust. They understand and are responding to the economics of the situation.”

No, it’s not about sex education. It’s about socialist incentives.

“Karen’s nine-year-old daughter Shannon was regularly drugged to keep her quiet, had feet encrusted with dirt, was infested with head lice and flinched at any sudden noise. Police found a note scribbled by Shannon to her brother: "Do you think we will get any tea tonight? If we’re quiet we might get a bag of sweets. Don’t talk too loud or get a beating." This was in a family receiving in benefits the equivalent of £20,000 a year before tax. Seven children were going hungry to bed, not because of social deprivation but because their mother could not be bothered to feed them.”

“What future is there for a girl who graduates from one of these schools? Skilled and hard-working eastern Europeans monopolise menial jobs. The next step up - a job in, for example, catering or hairdressing if she can get it - pays about £10,000 a year before tax. This is slightly less than a single mother with two children receives in benefits and does not include somewhere to live rent-free.”

The Clown is not ‘ending poverty’. Hes causing it!

Marker at abelard.org

on the hypocrisy, lies and incompetence of the clown - the banking clag-up

If anyone takes serious notice of the Clown, then he will further destroy the UK economy.

“This week the government is calling the bankers into yet another Downing Street meeting, at which, we are given to understand, they will be told to "pass on in full" the recent one-point cut in the Bank of England rate. This is mightily disingenuous, on about 13 levels. To take a few at random: Gordon Brown and his colleagues at 11 Downing Street know perfectly well that the banks are not getting their money at 2% from the Bank of England. For them the critical rate is Libor, which has fallen by only about a third of a percentage point since the Bank’s cut.

“The government, meanwhile, is charging the banks an annual coupon of 12% on the £37 billion of taxpayers’ money for the recapitalisation of which Gordon Brown is so proud. Brown is especially proud of it because other countries, such as the US and Germany, followed suit. Yes, we lead the world in emergency bailouts. What is less well known is that those other countries have charged their banks a much less punitive rate of interest: the US treasury imposed a coupon of only 5%, and Germany between 5.5% and 8.5%.”

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borrowing and housing supply, us and uk style

UK has a housing under-supply, while the USA has a housing over-supply. Compare the available options for each government.

can the uk government pay back their awesome borrowing?

How many ways can the incredible borrowing by the UK government be handled?

Irwin Stelzer, 3rd December 2008
“…higher taxes, a shrunken welfare state, a courageous new government, the IMF or the opiate of inflation. Your guess is as good as mine as to which of these will prove to be the path taken.”

Marker at abelard.org

on reducing housing oversupply in the usa

Allan Meltzer, 11th November 2008
“To address the housing problem, Congress and the administration should take actions that increase the current demand for housing. For a limited time, say up to the end of 2009, allow buyers to use the value of their down-payment (or some part of it) as a tax deduction. Or, reduce the tax rate for qualified buyers who purchase a house between now and January 2010. Or do both. Give the benefit to all home buyers, including those buying a second or third house.

“Some may be speculators. Not a problem. The goal should be to remove the excess supply of houses and condos, not to reward or punish particular groups. Increased housing demand will work to stabilise prices, not immediately but sooner than would otherwise occur. Reducing the excess housing stock reduces defaults by slowing price decline. And it brings nearer the time when homebuilding increases.”

Meltzer has also suggested government insuring the banks against mortgage loses to encourage lending.


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