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marxist minimillipede - lalalalabourland for ever

I have a moral compass. I’m a pretty straight sort of guy.

At least we beat the BNP socialists.

Everything we did was right. We must change.

Money grows on trees. Economic illiteracy.

We mustn’t rush to reduce the deficit. We must support small business.
We must spend on this, that and the other.

Where does he suppose the taxes to keep on borrowing will eventually fall?

Once again, fascist Labour have spent Britain into the poor house. So vote for us and let us do it again.

We’ve centralised and stolen British liberties. I will not let the coalition take away from us our concern for liberty.

We believe in fairies - hooooraaaaayyyyyy!

“We are the optimists”. No, they are the Vandals of history, the Vandals both in propaganda and in historic materialism.

“My beliefs, my values are my anchor and when people try to drag me, as I know they will, it is to that sense of right and wrong, that sense of who I am and what I believe, to which I will always hold.” [Quoted from]

And someone who has bothered to attend more to the details of his dishonesty.


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clegg’s speech to conference, 2010

Worth reading;

After the tripe coming from most of the speakers at conference, not to mention the claptrap from the remaining socialists hiding under the Lib-Dem banner, Clegg’s speech was remarkably sane.

What a relief it is after the overheated, insubstantial, high-flown souffles of the likes of Pantzdown.


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if only brown the clown and obama had as much sense and ability to learn as castro

“Cuba to eliminate 500,000 state jobs, spur private sector Layoffs amount to biggest shift to the private sector since the 1960s”

Cuba’s population: 11.5 million.

“More than 85 percent of the Cuban labor force, or over 5 million people, worked for the state at the close of 2009, according to the government.”


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forbes on the barmy socialist in the white house

Highly recommended.

“....A few months ago NASA Chief Charles Bolden announced that from now on the primary mission of America's space agency would be to improve relations with the Muslim world. Come again? Bolden said he got the word directly from the President. "He wanted me to find a way to reach out to the Muslim world and engage much more with dominantly Muslim nations to help them feel good about their historic contribution to science and math and engineering." ...”

“ ...a letter the Obama Administration sent to Scotland a week before the event in which it said that releasing Megrahi on "compassionate grounds" was acceptable as long as he was kept in Scotland and would be "far preferable" to sending him back to Libya...”

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women, slavery, murder, fecundity and poverty in the modern world


18:23 mins

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide by Kristof and Wudunn

Half the Sky: Turning Oppression into Opportunity for Women Worldwide
by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn

$8.99 [] {advert}

Vintage, 2010 reprint,
ISBN-10: 0307387097
ISBN-13: 978-0307387097

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Peoplequake by Fred Pearce four GoldenYak (tm) award


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on the breakdown of society generated and encouraged by fascist ‘new’ labour

“Combining its usual litigious absurdity with economic obtuseness, the Equality and Human Rights Commission compounded the IFS farrago with its own pronouncement: the Budget could be in breach of the 2010 Equality Act if it showed no regard for the possible impact on “social equality”. This is tantamount to saying that no government may interfere with the right of people to be dependent on state benefits – and furthermore, that those benefits must be maintained at a level that guarantees the “equality” of recipients will not be damaged.”

“There are two major problems with this concept: being “lifted out of poverty” by government action meant that benefit payments were nudged up by marginal increments so as to push the poor just above the statistical level of relative poverty. The boundary that they crossed might make little difference to their actual quality of life, but, on paper, they were “out of poverty” – at least until the next jump in the general standard of living put them arithmetically back into relative poverty, thus necessitating another increase in benefits to pull them once more across the magic line, etc, etc.”


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the pretendy government ‘inflation’ figures are still magically low - meanwhile in the real world...

“Cost of weekly shop soars 59% in three years
Tuesday, 17 August 2010

“Ahead of new official inflation figures being published today, a report has revealed that prices of basic foods are far outstripping inflation.

“Figures from show that the cost of staples such as flour and rice has soared over the past three years, with pasta and noodles up by more than half, the grocery comparison site said. Rice has climbed 59 per cent while flour is up 58 per cent and pasta is up 51 per cent.

“Other pantry essentials have also rocketed in cost, with tinned meat up 53 per cent, tea up almost a third and bread and eggs both up almost 20 per cent. Over the same period, the official inflation figure has increased by just 9.1 per cent.” [Quoted from]

Savers cannot get a real return. Note the usual misuse of the word ‘inflation’.

“Once customers need to pay tax on their savings, they cannot stop inflation eroding the value of their cash. Higher-rate taxpayers require a return of 8pc to match RPI inflation, and basic-rate taxpayers require a 6pc return.” [Quoted from]

Marker at

Regulated rail fares may rise by 5.8%. [Data from]

[UK CPI, which is just about nothing to do real with inflation, is presently 3.1%. RPI is 4.8%]

The BBC, as usual, supinely and dishonestly pumps out government propaganda.

Widely lowering wages also magnify the effects of fascist ‘New’ Labourbacked-up inflation on the poor and powerless.

“You can see why the Government proposes to measure inflation by the Consumer Prices Index or CPI , which we are told today is rising at an annual rate of 3.1 per cent, rather than the Retail Prices Index or RPI, which is more than half as high again at 4.8 per cent. Both figures fell slightly in the year to July – from 3.2 per cent and 5 per cent respectively in June – but CPI will produce much lower costs for the Government and employers when they calculate how much pensions should rise in future.” [Quoted from]

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the world of ever eroding ‘job’ availability

“Trained throughout childhood to disconnect performance from reward”

“74 percent as physically attractive, and 79 percent as very intelligent.”

From a long scrappy article (March 2010) page 1 page 2:

“In her 2006 book, Generation Me, Twenge notes that self-esteem in children began rising sharply around 1980, and hasn’t stopped since. By 1999, according to one survey, 91 percent of teens described themselves as responsible, 74 percent as physically attractive, and 79 percent as very intelligent. (More than 40 percent of teens also expected that they would be earning $75,000 a year or more by age 30; the median salary made by a 30-year-old was $27,000 that year.) Twenge attributes the shift to broad changes in parenting styles and teaching methods, in response to the growing belief that children should always feel good about themselves, no matter what. As the years have passed, efforts to boost self-esteem—and to decouple it from performance—have become widespread.

“These efforts have succeeded in making today’s youth more confident and individualistic. But that may not benefit them in adulthood, particularly in this economic environment. Twenge writes that “self-esteem without basis encourages laziness rather than hard work,” and that “the ability to persevere and keep going” is “a much better predictor of life outcomes than self-esteem.” She worries that many young people might be inclined to simply give up in this job market. “You’d think if people are more individualistic, they’d be more independent,” she told me. “But it’s not really true. There’s an element of entitlement—they expect people to figure things out for them.”

“Ron Alsop, a former reporter for The Wall Street Journal and the author of The Trophy Kids Grow Up: How the Millennial Generation Is Shaking Up the Workplace, says a combination of entitlement and highly structured childhood has resulted in a lack of independence and entrepreneurialism in many 20-somethings. They’re used to checklists, he says, and “don’t excel at leadership or independent problem solving.” Alsop interviewed dozens of employers for his book, and concluded that unlike previous generations, Millennials, as a group,“need almost constant direction” in the workplace. “Many flounder without precise guidelines but thrive in structured situations that provide clearly defined rules.” ”

page 3 page 4

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  1. Fortune 500 companies tripled their profits to $391 billion in 2009.

  2. They also slashed their payrolls by more than 800,000 jobs. [Quoted from]

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“...the U.S. may be in for its third jobless recovery since 1991. The recession bottomed in March of that year, and unemployment kept increasing for 15 months, reaching 7.8 percent in June 1992. Similarly, the last recession ended in November 2001, and unemployment didn’t peak until reaching 6.3 percent in June 2003.” [Quoted from]

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US unemployment is now 9.5%, ever nearer to EUSSR rates.

Of course, ‘unemployment’ is difficult to assess in a world of ever-increasing wealth, measurements based in dole claimants, two-job living units, part-time working, ever increasing automation and associated productivity growth and optional lack of jobs.

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more lying lefties and gamed statistics - cancer rates

Cancer rates are falling faster in the UK - the amazing NHS.

Like hell - UK cancer rates remain worse than on the continent and in the USA.

This you should grasp -

China’s growth rate is faster than that of Europe and the USA.

Amazing? No.

Effect 1:
From a low standard of living, a country can grow more quickly than an already advanced society, as they copy the advanced countries and get rid of the worst aspects of dictatorships and socialism..
Effect 2:
Further, the more of the problems you remove, the less problems remain and the harder, and smaller, gains become.. This is known as the ‘law’ of diminishing returns.

All that is really happening is the result of the UK medical ‘services’ being further behind than those in Europe or the USA.

There are even (unclear) suggestions in the article that the statistical collection basis has been changed! Just another example of the usual dreadful reporting by the fossil media.

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