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tory report (policy) on the clown’s dependency society
[18 page large print .pdf
report includes charts comparing European countries]

Report recommended for at least a scan.

“Social responsibility, not state control”

This report is written under the supervision of Chris Grayling, Shadow Work and Pensions Secretary. He is more able than the whole Labour Party in a single cart.

“The incomes of the poorest 20 per cent of people are falling - they fell by almost two per cent last year alone”

“Health inequality has become particularly entrenched. Over the last decade that Labour has been in office, there has actually been a widening of the gap between infant mortality of the poorest and richest households. And, probably most shockingly of all, life expectancy inequalities across the UK are actually at their widest since Victorian times.”

“A Conservative Government will take immediate steps to address this by changing the law to give teachers unequivocal powers to maintain discipline, including confiscating items such as mobile phones if the school has banned them. Home-school contracts will also be enforceable as requirements of school admission and grounds for exclusion, and head teachers will have the power of final say on the exclusion of disruptive pupils.”

“Our proposals are aimed at tackling the social gulf that exists between rich and poor in our cities, and include:

“- Help to get young people out of gangs and into work and training
- Job placements for 18-21 year-olds in areas affected by gang crime
- Specialist 'welfare to work' programmes in the poorest neighbourhoods
- Improving education in divided communities
- Better support for community groups working in deprived areas”

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every day i hear the right wing extremists whining about mccain’s campaign

Meanwhile, he just keeps closing on Obarma.

Obama’s average lead over John McCain is now hovering around 2.5%.

Other past leftist extremists like Barack Obama, were very much further ahead at this point of the campaigns, and still lost!

Just what is wrong with the right-wing extremists? Are they just as out of touch as the leftist extremists?
Someone should tell the likes of O’Reilly to “wise up”.

We have George Bush now up at 29% approval.

The Demogocrat Congress is in the pits at 17.3%!

It looks to me like it’s McCain at 43.7%, who knows which way is up!!

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fascinating ploy by schwarzenegger - reduce government make-‘workers’ to the minimum wage

“Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger plans next week to slash the pay of more than 200,000 state workers to the federal minimum of $6.55 per hour to help ease the state's budget crisis, according to a draft executive order obtained by The Chronicle on Wednesday.

“The governor also will order an end to overtime pay for all but critical services, a freeze on state hiring and the immediate layoff of nearly 22,000 temporary, seasonal and student workers.”

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yet another loss for the socialist labour party - another small nail in the coffin of socialism

Context: This week’s by-election in Scotland, won by the Scottish National Party [SNP], resulted in the incumbent Labour Party losing their sixth safest parliamentary seat, a consituency that Labour had held for eighty years.

Every retreat by socialism is a benefit. The worst and most dangerous organisation in Britain is the socialist ‘New’ Labour party. In due course, inasmuch as the Scots Nationalist Party is infected with socialists, to that degree it will in due course fail. Socialism has already taken tens of millions of lives (among other disasters and nuisances) to bash it through the heads of foolish humans that socialism is a dangerous mental disease.

It is a naive belief that humans learn easily. Most people do not.

Beliefs in Islam and witchcraft, and drinking tainted water have also caused lesser disasters. Again, it is taking centuries for most people to grasp such simple facts. Socialism is the smallpox or the plague of mental diseases, but traditionally labelled diseases form a much longer list than just plague or small pox. Likewise, socialism is just one of the worst curses ever to have been visited on humanity, very possibly the very worst. It is far from the only one.

Medicine does not progress by ranting against the generality of disease. It takes many workers to examine diseases and learn to remove such curses. It also takes hygiene, like clean water.

Mental hygiene is also necessary if mental disease is to be defeated. That has hardly started in the area of mental disease. The study of mental disease remains in the Middle Ages. Much foolishness still extant in society predisposes people to mental disease, including the disease called socialism. The predisposition is approximately equivalent to a shot immune system.

Marker at

In history, there have been many power seekers who were merely power seekers. They did not all want to lead everyone to socialist pink heaven, or even to Islamic or Catholic paradise. There have been several Catholic statist administrations in modern times, for instance Portugal, Spain and much of South America. None of them killed on a mass scale, other than somewhat in Spain to get rid of socialists in a civil war.

Socialism is a proselytizing religion with an underlying death cult. That drive to killing, in my view, relates to the groupist/materialist dogmas of socialism. It is a lack of care for the individual.

The group - the dogma - the project - comes first.

It is a similar fanaticism that can be seen among jihadis, but their (foolish) justifications do not include a view that humans do not matter. There is a view often, that only Islamic lives matter, but that is under strong dispute by much of Islam. Much of Islam is also modified by nationalism. War, also practised by Islamics, is a different matter and is ‘natural’ to humanity.

Socialism is millenarian, and has a very poor concern for individuals. It is a religion of the ant nest. It is not a religion of personal worth or personal responsibility.

Socialism is interested in controlling every aspect of society in the pursuit of perfectioning heaven on earth. Socialism replaces god with the loony tyrant fantasist.

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ripples of iranian paranoia increase

“ "There has certainly been a change of mood since the start of the year," a Vienna-based official told me this week. "In the past they always appeared very self-confident and sure-footed in their dealings with foreign officials. Now they come across as very suspicious, and watch our every move."

“Tehran’s changed political atmosphere might be explained by the fact that President Ahmadinejad and his senior officials realise they are running out of time in their negotiations with the West. After more than four years of painstaking talks with the Vienna-based International Atomic Energy Agency, Iran is continuing to enrich uranium at its underground facility at Natanz, a clear breach of its obligations under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

“Even senior officials at the agency, who have gone out of their way to accommodate the Iranians’ concerns, have little confidence that the Iranians have any intention of reaching a compromise. "All they seem interested in is extending the talks as long as possible while all the time they continue with their uranium enrichment programme," said an official close to the talks. "Their entire strategy appears to be based on playing for time."

“Iran has just another week to respond to the latest proposal put forward by the West at last weekend’s meeting with Iranian officials in Geneva, in which Iran was offered economic reconstruction in return for halting the enrichment programme.”

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opposition leader’s bike stolen - who’s to blame?

“ "Someone must have picked it up and walked off with it," he said.”

Socialists: it’s the victim’s fault - he should have locked the buike up better.

Democrats/conservatives: it’s the thief’s fault, for stealing.

You must understand - socialists are heavily biased in favour of thieves. Socialism is institutionalised theft.

What scares socialists is the rule of law. Socialists believe in the rule of man - them. For socialists, the end justifies the means, any means.

David Cameron is a democrat. Socialism and democracy are deadly enemies. Wthout excuses to control the population, socialists have no place.

Hence, this socialist Labour ‘government’ has been introducing new rules by the thousand, which they call ‘laws’. The more such rules they can generate, the more excuses they have to interfere in your lives. Thieves interfere in your life.

Socialists and thieves have common interests.

No serious Tory [Conservative] has such interests. Tories want you to run your own lives.

That is anathema to socialists.

It is very hard to understand socialism, if you are sane. It is very hard to understand socialists if you wish to run your own life. If you are freedom-oriented, you tend to project and imagine that socialists will also run their own lives. Socialists are desperately aversive to running their own lives.

Socialists want someone else to be responsible for them. They also want to run the lives of others, in fear that others may be different, in any manner, from themselves.

Socialists are intrusive and irresponsible people. Naturally, their empathy is with others like themselves, for example, thieves. A democrat’s empathy is with those who wish to be left alone to run their own lives with as much independence as possible.

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‘new’ labour panicked by cameron into reversing centralisation of power

Increasingly, David Cameron is setting the agenda in the UK as PM Brown the Clown slips from power.

‘New’ Labour - in office, but no longer in power.

“Directly elected mayors are to be given democratic control over their local police as part of a shakeup to be detailed today by the home secretary, Jacqui Smith.

“So far only 12 towns and cities, including London, have directly elected mayors. Ministers hope the powers will increase the appeal of such a post.

“Under the proposals, to be spelled out in a Home Office green paper on policing this afternoon, mayors such as Boris Johnson in London will become the "new crime and policing representative" for their city, replacing the existing police authority.

“The move will be accompanied by the introduction of directly elected chiefs of local police boards in those areas without an elected mayor, to give the public more control over police priorities.”

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the disgraceful secret uk courts and unaccountability of the ‘social’ ‘services’ continue unabaited

One in one hundred homes are intruded in the UK on by ‘social’ ‘services’ every year.

“Intriguingly, only one person challenged our view that the system is unaccountable. That was Sir Rodney Brooke, chair of the General Social Care Council. I have seen no evidence that the GSCC has disciplined a single social worker denounced by appeal court judges in the past few years. But I hope to be corrected. Nor did any one of the eminent bodies who wrote to us deny that miscarriages of justice occur. Some of the glib references have made miscarriages of justice sound like a standard occupational hazard. There are 550,000 referrals to social services every year. It makes the Birmingham Six fade by comparison.

“Yesterday, Frank Lockyer wrote to point out that the authorities have closed ranks in response to our campaign. "The agencies defend themselves by persisting that things are done as they expect, rather than as they are," he said. Mr Lockyer should know. His daughter was Sally Clark, jailed for killing two of her sons until her conviction was quashed, and who has since died. Mr Lockyer knows that his daughter was exonerated only because she could protest her innocence in public. In the family courts, gagging orders make that impossible. We cannot know how many Sally Clarks have lost their children. The volume of mail on this topic has been hugely welcome. Only one person has remained silent. Jack Straw, the Secretary of State for Justice, holds the power to change the system for the better. It would be good to know what he is going to do about it.”

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once again obarma makes an idiot of himself - even his ‘elitist’ leftist fossil media is giggling at him now

Cover of New Yorker magazine deridin Republican suppositions about Barack and Michelle Obama.“But as a result of the campaign-induced uproar, that image has now been reproduced and received countless millions more voter impressions than the magazine itself could ever dream of. It's been viewed hundreds of thousands of times already just on this blog. And, by the way, what was the Obama campaign doing calling the magazine, trying to get an apology, or intimidate someone?

“Consult Public Relations Rule No. 3, maybe even 2. Even gangsters know this, which is why they don't sue newspapers for calling them gangsters. Who wants a nice long libel trial with people arguing over your alleged gangsterdom? Even if you win, you lose.”

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are the chinese commies finally starting to see some sense?

Amazing how far ahead of mainland China, Taiwan has progressed without the dead hand of socialism.

“Since China-friendly Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou took office in May, economic and trade ties have quickly warmed, and Beijing has offered to donate a pair of China-symbolic giant pandas, sparking competition to home them among Taiwan zoos.

Chinese gold coin with panda

“In a similar goodwill trade, Taipei's zoo and the Shanghai Wild Animals Park will exchange three animal species apiece to share breeding techniques, Taipei Mayor Hau Lung-bin said on Monday.”

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so much for the clown and corrupt ‘new’ labour on 42 days

Not only has David Davis’s stand on civil liberties already produced much greater public awareness of ‘new’ Labour’s attacks on civil liberties, but it has also turned around public opinion.

Davis’s stand has also produced a by-election with more local interest - including a candidate list of 26 (!!!) - than any previous UK by-election.

Only ‘new’ Labour was noted by its absence.

As usual, when the chips are down, ‘new’ Labour and the Clown were hiding wherever they could find a stone to crawl under.

“David Davis saw his byelection campaign on civil liberties boosted today as a survey revealed that most people believe terrorist suspects should be held without trial for no more than four weeks, in opposition to the government's planned 42 days.

“In a further blow to Gordon Brown, an ICM poll conducted by the Joseph Rowntree Research Trust showed that only a third supported the prime minister's call for an extension to the time terror suspects can be held.” [Quoted from]

ICM Poll Results

“How long do you think people who may be innocent or guilty of a terrorist offence should be held in detention for questioning before they are charged or released?

“Up to four days: 6%
Up to one week: 10%
Up to two weeks: 13%
Up to four weeks: 32%
Up to six weeks: 36%”

Davis interview at the count.
Cameron after the election.

11th June
“The YouGov survey found that almost three quarters of the public (69 per cent) support raising the detention limit from 28 days to 42 days "in exceptional circumstances". A quarter (24 per cent) oppose the plans.” {Quoted from]

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police fail to be racist enough

“Indeed, the Home Office view is that Ghaffur, 53, had been promoted as far as his capabilities allow - if not further. It is not racism that holds him back, but ability.”

If he has been over-promoted then it is reasonable that the police be sued for ‘racism’.

“At least one former Manchester colleague recalls Ghaffur admitting when he was made inspector: 'I'm the right colour at the right time.' ”

So, he also believes he has taken advantage of racism.
So, sue him as well as the police.

“This view is backed up by his ex-wife, who says: 'The police wanted Asians in the force and those who joined were being pushed onwards and upwards.

“ 'I don't think there was any doubt that Tarique benefited from having the right colour of skin, in the right place at the right time. Fast tracking is what I would call it.' ”

And she should be sued for not reporting the racism.

“A good many at the Yard detect the guiding hand of his old friend, Commander Ali Dizaei, the Iranian born president of the National Black Police Association and longtime nemesis of Sir Ian Blair.”

An obviously racist organisation then;
let them be also sued.

“Nobody can honestly deny that racism hasn't been a problem in British policing.”

Then nobody should be sued as well.

“But even friends are astounded at Ghaffur's action. Having come to the UK as a teenage refugee, he has risen to become the third most powerful policeman in the country, and yet he is now saying: 'I am a victim of the system.' ”

All ethnics are victims. Being a victim is a qualification in the Bliar/Clown circus.

“ 'But I feel that his goal was to reach "the top", and, not having secured the top job, he's now playing the race card rather than accept that he has reached the level of his capabilities. I think he feels that he has lost face and would rather blame the system.

And what has competence to do with socialism?
What has competence to do with ‘new’ Labour?

In ‘new’ Labourland, incompetence is the very highest qualification

Look at the‘new’ Labour front bench if you doubt me! Of course, he should be promoted if he is not qualified.

Sue everyone and let the lawyers alone.

“'I never saw any evidence of racism against him.'

Anyone in Britain who cannot see racism should obviously be sued for secret racism.

Being excessively logical, this seems to me to be a case of the police not being racist enough.

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eating and waste - enter the clown for a world record

“G8 summit: Gordon Brown has eight-course dinner before food crisis talks”

“On the flight to the summit, Mr Brown urged Britons to cut food waste as part of a global drive to help avert the food crisis.”

“He arrived on a plane chartered from Texas, America, which had to fly empty for thousands of miles to pick up the Prime Minister and his entourage.”

“Talks between world leaders at the summit will focus on dealing with soaring food and oil prices.”

C’mon - give us the best bits J
I do hope he didn’t waste any of it and cleared his plate.

“The Prime Minister was served 24 different dishes during his first day at the summit - just hours after urging the world to reduce the "unnecessary demand" for food and calling on British families to cut back on their wasteful use of food.

“Mr Brown and his wife Sarah were among 15 guests at the "blessings of the earth and the sea social dinner".

“The dinner consisted of 18 dishes in eight courses including caviar, smoked salmon, Kyoto beef and a "G8 fantasy dessert".

“The banquet was accompanied by five different wines from around the world including champagne, a French Bourgogne and sake.”

Brown should be entered for the World Championship, maybe he’d even bring back a medal.

“After 10 minutes and 59 hot dogs apiece, Chestnut was tied with Japanese archrival and six-time champ Takeru Kobayashi.

“The competition then headed to a five-dog eat-off where Chestnut downed the dogs the quickest to grab the coveted mustard-yellow title belt and US$10,000 top prize.”

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‘new’ labour forced to admit they’ve been lying about their record on carbon emissions

I am most gratified to see Hilary Benn retracting after I’ve pointed out several times that Milliband, and others in the ‘new’ Labour lie machine, were constantly falsifying their claims on ecology issues. Doubtless, they have been forced into this retraction because they were about to be exposed at the G8 summit.

“On the eve of a G8 summit due to address climate change, Britain admitted on Wednesday that it, and by implication others, has been drastically understating its true carbon emissions.

“The British government, which boasts of its success in curbing national emissions of climate warming carbon, said the real picture was reversed if carbon linked to imported goods was included.”

“They noted that up to one-quarter of China's carbon emissions were due directly to its export trade to Europe and the United States after they effectively sent their smokestack industries there in the 1990s.”

The article should also have pointed out that industry in China (and India) is vastly more inefficient, than in Europe. Thus, manufacturing similar items in the Far East, rather than in Europe, ends up in far more pollution.

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betancourt freed - yet another bush foreign policy triumph, socialism pushed back again

“French-Colombian politician Ingrid Betancourt, three Americans and 11 other hostages were rescued from leftist guerrillas by Colombian troops on Wednesday, Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos said.

“Santos said all of the former captives were in reasonably good health after being held for years in secret jungle camps.

“The rescue took place on Wednesday in the southern jungle province of Guaviare. Fifteen long-term kidnap victims were rescued in all, including Betancourt and the three Americans, Santos said.

“The news was a coup for popular President Alvaro Uribe, an anti-guerrilla hard-liner who has used billions of dollars in U.S. aid to push the rebels onto the defensive, cut crime and spark economic growth.”

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the bliar/clown’s dotty biofuel claims/‘initiative’ being slapped down by sarkozy

“The Rome-based UN Food and Agriculture Organisation is hosting the three-day summit to try to solve the short-term emergency of increased hunger caused by soaring prices and to help poor countries grow enough food to feed their own.”

“In the UK we have already been able to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions significantly and remain on track to meet our target under the Kyoto Protocol. We will soon be taking further action to achieve our domestic goal of reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 20 per cent by 2010. One policy being considered is the increased use of biofuels, already well developed in Brazil and the US. If we can achieve just 5 per cent of fuel from renewable sources by 2010 that has the potential to take more than one megatonne of carbon.” [Quoted from 30 October, 2005]

Marker at

“The UK is "a million miles away" from achieving 20% of total energy and 10% of transport fuel from renewables by 2020, the industry body said.

“Renewables account for just 2% of energy while biofuels are less than 1% of the transport market, the REA added.

“PM Tony Blair has praised the targets as "groundbreaking and ambitious".” [Quoted from 3 May, 2008]

Marker at

“The European Union may have to reconsider its target of getting 10 percent of transport fuel from renewable sources such as biofuels by 2020, or extend the deadline, incoming EU president France said on Monday.

“Biofuel use is soaring as developed countries try to curb dependence on imported oil and cut emissions of carbon dioxide, but critics say the industry has encouraged deforestation and pushed up food prices by competing for grain.” [Quoted from 30 June, 2008]

Marker at

France is incoming EUSSR president.

“Politicians are taking sides. "Diverting around 100 million metric tons of cereals to biofuels has had an impact on food prices," FAO Director-General Jacques Diouf told the Reuters news agency this past week. World Bank President Robert Zoellick says lowering U.S. and EU public subsidies for biofuels would deflate food prices. But so far, at least, the EU and U.S. governments are sticking with biofuels, a key plank in their efforts to cut the carbon-dioxide emissions believed to cause global warming and to cut reliance on crude-oil imports." ” [Quoted from, 31 May, 2008]

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