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second update: bureau of land management reverses position

“In response to public interest in solar energy development, the Bureau of Land Management is announcing that it plans to continue accepting applications for future potential solar development on the public lands. The BLM will process these applications, while continuing to identify issues during public scoping currently underway for the programmatic Environmental Impact Statement (PEIS).”

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updated: extreme foolishness from us environmental protection agency - halt solar energy

I saw this a day or two ago, and could hardly believe the stupidity. Hence the delay in posting it, while I mulled.

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Having steadily dug themselves into a hole and sold the government to the oil industry, just as alternatives are forcing their way onto the agenda, the US government now wants to halt solar energy under the most feeble of excuses.

The results of filthy fossil fuels is worldwide pollution and worse.

The development of replacement technology has long been held back by the filthy fossil fuel industry, by blocking alternatives from the market through price undercutting. This has been done to such an extent that drilling, and even the most polluting fossil fuels such as coal and shale oils, will have to come on-line to stop the problems while solar and other alternatives are built up.

Is this the oil cartels blocking competition again?

“Faced with a surge in the number of proposed solar power plants, the federal government has placed a moratorium on new solar projects on public land until it studies their environmental impact, which is expected to take about two years.

“The Bureau of Land Management says an extensive environmental study is needed to determine how large solar plants might affect millions of acres it oversees in six Western states - Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico and Utah.

“But the decision to freeze new solar proposals temporarily, reached late last month, has caused widespread concern in the alternative-energy industry, as fledgling solar companies must wait to see if they can realize their hopes of harnessing power from swaths of sun-baked public land, just as the demand for viable alternative energy is accelerating.” [Quoted from nytimes.com]

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All solar applications are on hold for twenty-two months (so they say!), and no new solar applications will be taken during that time.

“There are 80 million acres on U.S. land leased to the oil and gas industry, and not one acre for solar.”

“The Bureau of Land Management, an agency of the Interior Department, controls 258 million acres of land, or about 13 percent of the total surface land in the country, primarily in Western states. The sunny desert land that makes up a large portion of the six states is the ideal terrain for solar energy development.”

“Companies could face hefty fines if they don't deliver on previously signed agreements to supply power, and a blanket freeze on the industry is a mistake, he said.” [Quoted from reuters.com]

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non-pv (photovoltaic) solar technology

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how socialism destroys the economy, the example of car fuel

The price of fuel before Grasping Gordon grabs: unleaded 47.52p, diesel 58.5p. [UK fuel prices at the pump are currently more like unleaded 118.2p, diesel 131.6p, figures from theaa.com.]

And then you have to allow for

  • his theft by way of your income before you ever buy the stuff
  • and his theft from the garage profits
  • and his theft from the oil company profits
  • and his theft through inflating the money supply
  • and then there is the tax on your replacement tires
  • and your latest lipstick.

  • new taxes to come for bribing the unions to fund the socialist Labour Party
  • new taxes for the Clown’s latest pay rise
  • new taxes to compensate a few of those from whom he stole away the 10% tax rate (for a year anyway)

Meanwhile, one million more parasites are ‘employed’ by ‘New’ Labour. How socialism destroys the economy.

Anybody spare a dime?

A breakdown of vehicle fuel prices in the UK.

Why isn’t the real price noted on the pumps?
Has the Clown made that ‘illegal’?

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inside the surreal spaghetti world of cult socialism

Some suggest that the only difference between ‘New’ Labour and the BNP [British National Party] is that the BNP want to ethnically cleanse non-whites from Britain, while Labour want to ethnically cleanse whites from the country.

This suggestion may seem uncomfortably close to realism, but it is trivial. I would not be surprised if ‘New’ Labour also wanted to remove all males and all individualism.

Socialism is the cult of the anthill.

I do not think that they’d care if they eliminated all ‘whites’, or all ‘blacks’, or all people over 5' 6'' tall, or all people with ginger hair, or all one-legged people, or all two-legged people - whatever it took to establish ‘equality’.

The socialists would be happy is everyone had an IQ of 60, or even 70; just as long as it was not sufficient to for them to be individuals. They’d be delighted if everyone were a ‘social’ ‘worker’, or a client. The greatest disappointment would be that they could not be both!!

It is not one difference or another that the socialist fools object to, it is difference itself.

The socialists would be content if everyone were ‘white’, or if every person were one-eyed, or everyone were female, or everyone were one-legged. Just as long as all differences could be eliminated!!

Marker at abelard.org

‘The British Labour Movement’ is of itself a betrayal of common sense in pursuit of a sectional interest, and is a numbingly foolish and self-destructive cult theory.

Socialism is expected to be traitorous. After all, the communist branch of socialism serves an international cult without concern for national interests. To attempt to draw distinctions between socialists is merely internecine arguments over fine points of cult dogmas. It is merely ‘holier than thou’ claims against other brothers and sisters in the cult

Brown the Clown can always rely on fools, just as the fake Lib-Dems can always be relied upon to cover for other socialists when the chips are down.

Soon enough, the pinkos of fake Lib-Demery will replace ‘New’ Labour socialism as the latest disguise for that dreadful and mindless cult - socialism.

To vote for socialism, it is a necessity that the voter is stupid. Thus, it is to be expected that any excuse for voting in such a fashion is also stupid.

One thing never in short supply on this planet of pain and foolishness.

Marker at abelard.org

[Context: Following the recent Henley bye-election where the ruling Labour Party came in fifth behind the Greens and the BNP, some are trying to diffuse the effectiveness and success of the Conservative opposition by labelling their leader, David Cameron, as “quite socialist”.]

A typical socialist tries to throw sand. Socialists have such predictable behaviour patterns. Every socialist who fails is ‘not a real socialist’.

Every non-socialist who opposes the cult of socialism is a hidden, socialist opponent. But, of course, not such a pure socialist as the socialist making that ludicrous claim.

After all, by the time the real socialist is reduced to mouthing that degree of hysterical nonsense, his previous hero - whether named Bliar or Brown - has been reduced to such public derision that the dedicated cult socialist starts to claim that the hero’s opponents must be socialists. This is as even the word ‘socialist’ is commandeered as yet another turn to shout down opponents.

The real socialist then calls his latest real socialist party ‘the BNP’ or ‘the fake Lib-Dems’ or ‘New’ Labour, or even ‘Greens’, or Dianetics, or astrology. Anything but call it by its real name: ‘Socialism’.

Anything to sneak another socialist into the front seat.

The end justifies the means’ is the motto central to socialism.
Some might call it the prime directive of cult socialism.

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‘new’ labour - going cheap to the highest bidder, but still overpriced

The best politicians money can buy

“But one group is not about to take defeat lying down. The wealthy donors who have contributed to the Labour Party over the past ten years did not get rich by backing losers. They are used to hiring and firing people in their professional lives and they are unsentimental about their politics too. I bumped into one rich businessman, who has given substantial sums to Labour, rushing into the House of Lords last week.

“ "I'm not going to give them any more money while Gordon Brown is leader," he declared. "It's time for the next generation to take over."

“Another former donor admitted that he was deeply disappointed by the Labour leader's performance "He's just not up to the job," he said. "Being Chancellor played to all his strengths but Prime Minister seems to bring out every weakness.”

What strengths??

Marker at abelard.org

Give us billions in tax money and we may put a million your way

“The local government dispute threatens to spread to refuse collection, council tax processing, school cleaning and dinner services. Unison is demanding a pay rise of either 6% or 50p an hour, whichever is the greater. Scottish union leaders said they would stage a ballot of 100,000 local government workers, and hope to stage a country-wide strike in July.”

Try e-bay.

Marker at abelard.org

first bid now in

“Unions are to demand new rights to strike as the price for keeping the cash-strapped Labour Party afloat.

“Repealing the ban on secondary industrial action is among a swath of left-wing policies that unions want to see in the Labour manifesto. The pressure on Gordon Brown comes as he is relying on the unions to help to avert Labour’s cash crisis, when they are in increasingly militant mood.”

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socialist mps squabbling over their pocket money as the government and country burns

“Members of parliament could receive a standard allowance of £40,000 a year on top of their salaries to pay for a second home in London, under proposals to be finalised this week.

“A committee of senior MPs, chaired by Michael Martin, the Commons Speaker, wants to add the payment to MPs’ salaries of £61,820.

“Under the new arrangement, MPs would be spared the scrutiny that comes with submitting individual receipts for the running costs of their properties.

“Critics argue that if the proposed reform is adopted it will amount to rewarding MPs for their recent abuses of the system. MPs have been caught making inflated claims for household goods and gardening services.

“The fixed housing allowance would be taxed at source, leaving MPs with a cash grant of about £24,000 a year, close to the current maximum allocation.” [Quoted from timesonline.co.uk]

Marker at abelard.org

“Gordon Brown sparked an immediate backlash yesterday after freezing ministers’ pay and seeking to limit rises in MPs’ salaries.

“The Prime Minister was aiming to set an example of restraint to the public sector. However, the move to withhold the 1.5 per cent rise due to ministers this year, and to attempt to hold back MPs’ pay, is likely to provoke a backbench rebellion.

“A senior minister described Mr Brown’s surprise move on ministerial pay as "gesture politics of the worst kind". Mr Brown was inviting ministers to wear a hair shirt as a stunt, the minister said.” [Quoted from timesonline.co.uk]

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sarkozy blaming mandleson for not bribing the irish sufficiently

EUSSR ‘democracy’ is alive and well. No chance the Frogs will get another vote!

“ Asked if he blamed the EC President, Mr Sarkozy said: "Choose another one, a better one. Mandelson for instance."

“EU Trade Commissioner Mr Mandelson has been pushing for more free trade, an issue of concern to Irish farmers.”

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another lefty who is awaking to the clown’s foolishness

David Davis, Tory [Conservative] Shadow Home Secretary, says that he will resign to stand for election in a by-election on the issue of the Socialist attacks on civil liberties. The final straw was the passing of an Act to extend detention without charge from 28 to 42 days. [See related material below.]

“[...] the Labour candidate in the constituency is personally opposed to 42 days detention [...]”

“ All my life I have voted Labour, sometimes with enthusiasm, sometimes as the least objectionable option (although I did once vote for Ken Livingstone when the Labour Party machine had in effect forced him to run as an independent for mayor of London). Now I’m glad that I’m not on the electoral roll in David Davis’s constituency of Haltemprice and Howden, trying to think of a decent reason not to vote, for the first time in my life, for a Conservative candidate who, on the issues at stake in this by-election, is on the side of the angels, while the policies being pursued by the government of the party I instinctively support are beyond the pale. The points of Gordon Brown’s ‘moral compass’ have gradually been reversed.”

“The paradox is that the government’s nominal victory in the vote last week damaged it far more severely than a defeat would have done. That victory had every appearance of having been bought, at the taxpayers’ expense, by fundamentally corrupt means . Victory means that instead of dying on Wednesday to almost universal relief, the 42-days proposal now goes to the House of Lords, where it faces further bitter controversy and almost certain defeat, perhaps by a large margin. Davis’s campaign against it at the by-election will add more expensive fuel to the flames. If the government decides to use the Parliament Act to overrule the Lords, it will prolong the agony for at least another year. Even if the measure is eventually forced through onto the statute book, it will certainly be challenged in the courts as incompatible with Britain’s treaty obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights and it might well be struck down on that account, if not by the English courts then by the European Court at Strasburg (nothing to do with the EU, by the way). All this will take years - and even if the thing survives all these challenges, it’s almost inconceivable that it will ever be used in real life: the government has been forced to ‘concede’ so many complicated safeguards and cumbersome forms of oversight by parliament as well as the judiciary before it can be activated that the procedure would collapse under its own weight if any government were to be rash enough to try to operate it. Anyway, the Conservatives have promised to repeal it the moment they become the government, which now seems likely in less than two years’ time.”

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Why David Davis’s stand is important

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the clown is going to build trillions of houses - house building plunges to 60 year low

The reverse midas touch - the real farce in the UK is our very own Clown!

“The dramatic collapse will shred any hopes Gordon Brown may have had for a rapid acceleration in housebuilding, which was to have been a central plank of his premiership. Brown wants 240,000 homes built each year to house the 3 million new households expected by 2018.”

“The number of homes built in Britain this year will plunge to its lowest level since 1945 and plummeting construction activity is expected to lead to the loss of 100,000 jobs. The country's most senior housebuilders confirm that completions will be around 100,000, some 70,000 less than last year.”

end note

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the clammy hand of the clown’s socialist state slips stealthily around the throat of britain

“The notion that Big Government (whether in the central or the local form) could solve all social problems, and through its interventions achieve absolute justice and harmony, is collapsing. And in its last moments, in its disbelief and agony at its own failure, it is lashing out in every direction: if the earlier measures haven't dealt with crime/public disorder/anti-social behaviour/under-performing hospitals/insufficient recycling, we must add yet more layers of official interference.

“If government fails to achieve its objectives, it must be because it isn't doing enough, isn't being sufficiently pro-active - so let's pass another law, bring in a further layer of intrusion, take away another dimension of personal responsibility from community life.

“But somehow, everything that government does makes things worse: leads to more perverse consequences and unforeseen complications. And the panic increases and the desperation grows and we get yet more laws and rules and targets and misapplied regulations.”

“Apparently, the Government has been sitting on research which made the startling discovery that failing to empty rubbish bins every week produces a rise in disease-carrying rodents and insects. Who, one wonders, actually commissioned this project? Have we not known since the Middle Ages that festering piles of discarded food attract vermin? Why, in heaven's name, are we arguing about this?”

And more...

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barack obama finally quits his church
[link to transcript of Obama summarised announcement and full q. and a. session]

Obama’s attachment to black racism seems to run very deep....

His ‘resignation’ was riddled with tripe about how he couldn’t really condemn the Church, and how he was doing it so that the Church wouldn’t be bothered:

“I'm not denouncing the church and I'm not interested in people who want me to denounce the church," he said, adding that the new pastor at Trinity and "the church have been suffering from the attention my campaign has focused on them"....”

Note that the transcript has removed his stumbling ‘ummmms’ and ‘errs’ etc etc. Watch this YouTube video [6:37mins] for the full speech, umms and all.

Listen to the animals caterwauling in the background, while the ‘Catholic priest’ Pfleger went on his obscene tirade. It brings strongly to attention that, not so long ago, this behaviour was not only acceptable to the Obarmies but also attractive and suitable fare for their young children.


And Obama is the oaf considered by the Left as presidential material!

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obama - judgment and experience

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