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increasingly irrelevant old europe goes to war

“For the less enthusiastically obstructive NATO members, "ally" means "wealthy country with no military capability that requires years of diplomatic wooing and black-tie banquets in order to agree to a token contribution of 23.08 troops." Incidentally, that 23.08 isn't artistic licence on my part. The 2004 NATO summit in Turkey was presented as a triumph of multilateral co-operation because the 26 members agreed to contribute between them an additional 600 troops and three helicopters to the Afghan mission. That's 23.08 troops and a ninth of a helicopter per ally. In fairness, Turkey chipped in the three helicopters single-handed, though the deal required them to return to Ankara after three months. And these days troops is something of an elastic term, too. In Norwegian, it means "fighting men who are prepared to stand shoulder to shoulder with the Americans, as long as they don't have to do any fighting and there are at least two provinces between their shoulders and the American ones". That's to say, Norway is "participating" in Afghanistan, but, because its troops are "not sufficiently trained to take part in combat", they've been mainly back at the barracks manning the photocopier or staging amateur performances of Peer Gynt for the amusement of US special forces who like nothing better than to unwind with five acts of Ibsen after a hard day hunting the Taliban.”

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iraqi sunnis speak up - the auroran sunset

Al-Anbar Province is largely Sunni. Sunni Islam is a minority in Iraq, but an overwhelming majority in Islam worldwide. Iran is the only other major Shiite (Shia Islam) majority country.

Al-Qaeda is a Sunni organisation. Al-Qaeda controls the vast majority of the Sunni ‘insurgency’ in Iraq, including The Islamic State of Iraq. Al-Qaeda have, through assasinations and the like, bullied all the major Baathist remnants to agree to Al-Qaeda command. Al-Qaeda has been steadily forced back into a small area around Ramadi, Iraq’s second largest city, which is the focus of the Al-Anbar part of the current “surge”.

There are twenty-one major tribes in Al-Anbar Province, twelve actively support the Iraqi government and the US coalition. Six tribes are ‘neutral’ and three work for Al-Qaeda. Here is what one of those tribal leaders has to say about Democratic Party plans to withdraw or hamstring US troops:

“Now, "If you talk to these sheiks, they'll tell you that they're in no hurry to see the Americans leave al-Anbar," he said.

“"One thing Sheikh Sattar keeps saying is he wants al-Anbar to be like Germany and Japan and South Korea were after their respective wars, with a long-term American presence helping... put them back together," MacFarland said. "The negative example he cites is Vietnam. He says, yeah, so, Vietnam beat the Americans, and what did it get them? You know, 30 years later, they're still living in poverty."”

Another Sunni Iraqi, Mishan al-Jabouri, broadcasts a TV station (al-Zawraa) out of Syria. The station is well-known as direct Al-Qaeda propaganda - earning the nickname “Muj TV” - and the owner is suspected to have very close links to Al-Qaeda.

However, in the last week or so, Mishan al-Jabouri has started looping anti-Al-Qaeda items on his TV station. Now he has broadcast a long personal statement attacking Al-Qaeda.

Amongst his complaints:-

  • that Al-Qaeda has brought the Shiite militias upon the Sunni people
  • that Al-Qaeda are trying to force loyalty to unknown outsiders
  • that Al-Qaeda are killing Sunni leaders and civilians and abusing their bodies
  • that the Al-Qaeda state has no rule of law
  • that Al-Qaeda is disarming Sunnis that don’t support them
  • that Al-Qaeda is attacking the Iraqi police and army
  • that Al-Qaeda wants to forment wars across the region that are not in Iraqi interests
  • that Al-Qaeda has driven half the Sunni tribes to turn on the insurgency.

Of course the loss of their main propaganda outlet is major set-back to Al-Qaeda, even without whatever persuasive clout Mishan al-Jabouri might be able to wield.

But don’t forget that Iraq is “slipping into civil war”, “a quagmire” and “hopeless cause”, etc..

Meanwhile, it seems they have found some more of those supposedly non-existent “weapons of mass destruction”:

“Two bombs with chlorine gas have killed up to 11 people this week. The blasts, one in Baghdad and the other north of the capital, caused toxic fumes that have made scores more sick.”

The coalition have also found a bomb factory near Fallujah complete with chlorine cylinders, guns and cars in the process of being turned into bombs.

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the french presidential elections:

socialist economics - numbers are not essential

“Days later, [Segolene] Royal's economics adviser resigned amid rumors that he had a problem with her spending plans - rumors the party denied. Numbers "are not the essential, what's essential is the content in the measures," said her newly appointed economics adviser, Michel Sapin, on Europe-1 radio.”

Meanwhile, it has taken about a week for Seggy’s numbers to plunge from evens to 55-45%.

The first round of the French presidential elections will be on April 22.

one socialist called him the “che guevara of the extreme centre”

François Beyrou:

“[...] described by the senator Charles Pasqua as "the only politician who assured me that the Virgin Mary appeared to him and predicted he would be president of the republic".”

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it is all the fault of george bush and israel! - the auroran sunset

The theory goes that the mad mullahs and self-exploding idiots in the Middle-East are murdering people because of George Bush’s “illegal war” and because Israel was mean to them six hundred years ago.

Here are a few things that have been happening around the world in the last few days:-

  • February 18th: in Pakistan a suicide bomber blew up in a courtroom, murdering 18 people, including the judge.
  • February 17th: in Iran ‘insurgents’ fought with the police on the site of last week’s bombing that killed 11 members of the Republican Guards.
  • February 17th: in Turkey seven Al-Qaeda members were sentenced for their part in a series of bombings, where they managed to murder scores of civilians.
  • February 17th: in Algeria an Al-Qaeda affiliate set off seven bombs, murdering six and injuring 30.
  • February 15th: in Lebanon 3 murdered and 20 injured by bombs on buses.
  • February 18th: in Phillipines police are on alert in advance of an expected bus bombing campaign from the local Islamists.
  • February 16th: in Thailand a village head was shot at mosque, while two bombs went off in Yala.
  • February 17th: in Indonesia police went on alert in expectation of further Islamist attacks, like the bombs they have had over the last few years.
  • February 18th: Eritrea flew hundreds of Somalian terrorists to Syria and Libya for training.
  • February 19th: in India Islamics blew up the ‘friendship’ train bound for Pakistan, murdering 67 people.

[lead from the Australian Herald Sun]

Note that neither Iraq nor Israel feature on the list. Quite clearly Islamic violence has nothing to do with the behaviour of America or Israel. Rather that violence is part of concerted worldwide takeover efforts. These atavists of course have a problem with America and her allies, because America and coalition are the people doing most to stop the Islamist mass murderers.

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widespread interference by us government in climate researchers work alleged

“UCS distributed surveys to 1,600 climate scientists, asking for information about the state of federal climate research. The scientists who responded reported experiencing at least 435 occurrences of political interference in their work over the past five years. Nearly half of all respondents (46 percent) perceived or personally experienced pressure to eliminate the words "climate change," "global warming," or other similar terms from a variety of communications. Forty-three percent of respondents reported they had perceived or personally experienced changes or edits during review of their work that changed the meaning of their scientific findings. And nearly half (46 percent) perceived or personally experienced new or unusual administrative requirements that impair climate-related work.”

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iraqis take control of half of al-anbar - the auroran sunset

Here is some more bad news for those betting on failure in Iraq.

Al-Anbar Province is the only place outside Baghdad with serious violence, although, of course, 80%+ of violence is within 30 miles of Baghdad.

There are two Iraqi army divisions [1] in Al-Anbar Province. Yesterday, one - the 1st Iraqi Army Division - took over operational control from the coalition forces.

In other words, the Iraqis are now in the lead in approximately half of Al-Anbar Province. Al-Anbar is the large grey province on the left on this map:-

Map of Iraqi provinces under Iraqi control. Image Credit:
Image Credit: Bill Roggio

Notice that the legitimate Iraqi authorities are either in the lead or in full control in the vast majority of Iraq and of Baghdad itself. “In the lead” refers to military control. “Provincial control” is full civilian/governmental control, which includes military control.

Note also that four Iraqi brigades and nine Iraqi battalions were already in control of their own areas of Al-Anbar Province.

The 1st Iraqi Army Division controls a large swarth around Fallujah and beyond. They also control parts of Baghdad, Ramadi and no doubt many other places.

As we stated in November:

In reality, the US/UK strategy has been so successful that we are now becoming able to move onto the obvious next stage:

  1. Much greater Iraqi independence in dealing with their own security.
  2. The Coalition of the Willing moving from direct protection towards training and advice.


1. A division has 10-15 thousand troops. It contains 3 brigades.
A brigade has 3-5 thousand troops. It contains 2-5 battalions.
A battalion has 300-1000 troops. It contains 4-6 companies.

2-5 divisions make up a corps. An army has 2 or more corps.
In other words, a division is one of the largest army groupings.

For those interested, the smaller groupings are:-
A company has 62-190 troops. It contains 3-5 platoons.
A platoon has 16-44 troops. It contains 2-4 squads/sections.
a squad has 9-10 troops.

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democratic party leadership attempt to stop senate debate failed - the auroran sunset

This morning there was a vote in the senate. It didn’t go the way the Democratic Party ‘leader’ship apparently hoped. The Democrats and the fossil media are using the general ignorance of Senate procedures to lie to you about that debate and vote. Here is an explanation of what is actually happening:-

The vote was actually a ‘cloture’ vote. A cloture vote is a special kind of procedural vote used to end a debate or filibuster.

At the moment the Democratic Party ‘leader’ship are attempting to restrict debate/discussion to just the non-binding ‘resolution’.

Meanwhile, the Republicans are engaging in a wider debate: they are attempting to get debate/vote on a second resolution. A second resolution that would either defund the troops, or explicitly protect funding.

In other words, the Republicans are attempting to get discussion of a real decision - this rather than just the dishonest irresponsible posturing being pushed by the Democratic Party leadership.

It is that wider debate that the Democratic ‘leader’ship failed to stop by not getting the 60% necessary for cloture. Thus, that wider debate now continues... until the next attempt by the Democrats to restrict the debate to just their non-binding ‘resolution’.

The Democrats and the fossil media description of the situation is as usual highly dishonest. They are attempting to portray the Republicans as trying to stop debate/discussion of the ‘surge’/war. The reality is that it is the Democratic Party ‘leader’ship who are attempting to do exactly that.

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the difference between slimy irresponsible lying democrats and a real leader - the auroran sunset

Giuliani is shaping up to be far and away the best available candidate, from either party, for U.S. President 2008. Here, in an interview with CNN’s Larry King Live, Giuliani talks sense about the irresponsible posturing of the Democratic Party ‘leader’ship in Congress:- [my emphasis]

“I mean, there's -- you can look at the practical and common sense conclusion of it anyway you want. But there's something more important than that.

We have a right of free speech in this country and we elect people to make decisions.

“Here's what I would prefer to see them do, though, if you ask me what's my view on that. The non-binding resolution thing gets me more than are you for it or against it. I have tremendous respect for the people who feel that we either made a mistake going to war, who voted against the war, who now have come to the conclusion, changed their minds -- they have every right to that -- that it's wrong. You should, in a dynamic situation, keep questioning.

“What I don't like is the idea of a non-binding resolution.

“KING: Because?

“GIULIANI: Because there's no decision.

“KING: But it's a -- making a -- it's a statement.

“GIULIANI: Yes, but that's what you do. That's what Tim Russert does. That's what Rush Limbaugh does. That's what you guys do, you make comments. We pay them to make decisions, not just to make comments. We pay them to decide. The United States Congress does declarations, the war, that's the...

“KING: So are you telling them if you feel that way, withhold funds, if that's the way you feel?

“GIULIANI: Well, the ones I -- the ones that I think have a better understanding of what their responsibility is and are willing to take a risk are the ones who are saying we've got to hold back the funds, we've got to vote against the war or we're for the war.

“KING: So...

“GIULIANI: And maybe it's because I, you know, I ran a government and I tend to be a decisive person. I like decisions. And I think one of the things wrong with Washington is they don't want to make tough decisions anymore.

“KING: You know, if you're...

“GIULIANI: Non-binding resolution about Iraq; no decision on immigration; no decision on Social Security reform; no decision on what to do about energy independence; no decision. No decision.

“You know why that happens?

“Because it's unpopular.”

The problems with the Democratic Party ‘leader’ship goes far beyond them cutting and running from their responsibility to take decisions. The reality is that the Democratic Party leadership are not “against the surge”, as they claim: they are for it.

The Democratic Party ‘leader’ship are blocking attempts by their more honest moonbat colleagues to cut funding to the troops, the obvious action if they really opposed Bush’s policies.

The Democratic Party voted unanimously for the designer and implementor of Bush’s “surge” policy, General Petraeus. Obviously they do not really oppose Bush and Petraeus’ policy, they support it unanimously.

The reality of the Democratic Party’s “non-binding resolution” is that they are voting for Bush’s Iraq policies, while dishonestly putting on a show in an attempt to pretend otherwise.

As Giuliani said, but more diplomatically: the moonbats may be nuts, but at least they aren’t dishonest irresponsible slimeballs.

Now why is it that the Democratic Party can apparently only produce either moonbats, or dishonest irresponsible slimeballs?

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lefties struggle to spin the growing success of the bush iraq policy as a ‘disaster’
quagmire! we’re losing! run away!

the web address for the article above is

just how bad will it get? plenty soothing words, but do you think they will reach the targets?

First, from Spain:

“Spain's Environment Ministry published a series of reports on Tuesday setting out its climate predictions and strategy.”

“-- Global warming risks speeding up desertification by drying up soil moisture quicker.

“-- A ministry report last year shows more than 30 percent of Spain's land is already at high or very high risk.” [Quoted from]

And if they can’t reach the targets, who will?

And in the UK:

“What causes the cynicism is simpering politicians inviting public "input" into their silly websites. Parliament has received petitions for centuries - and, rightly, taken most with a grain of salt.

“Let me suggest a better way of dispelling voter cynicism. Declare that the Transport Secretary has not the slightest intention of letting a mass lobby - even one with internet access - bully him out of what’s in the public interest; that 2 per cent of the population is not a groundswell, still less an argument; that the signatories are ignorant of his plans; and that if the public really do think we can carry on offering free road space to a growing number of cars, the public are simply wrong.

“ "This is best for Britain. This is what Ill do. And if you don’t like it you can kick me out at the next election." ” [Quoted from]

Is this the way things are really shaping up? It could be.

The citizens of Western society are not doing nearly enough to allay the consequences of global warming, nor are they taking this situation seriously enough, nor are they acting quickly enough to avert climatic disaster. And if they go on in such a manner, their society goes down the tubes, with the likely result of police states and dictatorships.

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socialist britain - two reports

civitas report on bliar/clown's dependancy state failure

“One in three households across Britain is now dependent on the state for at least half its income, it emerged today.

“Official government figures showed that more than seven million households are getting most of their income from government handouts.

“The report is scathing about how New Labour welfare policy has been designed to "create beholden voters rather than independent people".”

Full civitas report Three GoldenYak (tm) award. A 21-page large type pdf, along with plentiful first years theory, here a few samples:

“However, government policy neglects three closely related problems. First, there is increasing welfare dependency, which is not being reduced by its policies. Indeed, there is a growing problem of partial or in-work dependency. In November 1997 there were 5.409m benefit recipients of working age plus 731,000 recipients of family credit, a total of 6.140m. In May 2006 there were 4.837m people of working age on benefits and in April 2006 1.884m on working tax credit according to Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs, a total of 6.721m. In addition, working tax credits have been very prone to fraud. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) reported in March 2006 that the Government was paying tax credits or out-of-work benefits to about 200,000 more lone parents than the Office for National Statistics has estimated to be living in the UK. The IFS concluded that 'it is highly likely that fraud or error explain much of this disparity. 23

“The Government has failed to achieve its primary objective: to provide a good start in life for every child, including those from the most disadvantaged backgrounds. In November 2006 Ofsted found that just over half our secondary schools were failing to provide a good standard of education. Over one in eight secondary schools was 'inadequate'and 38% were merelysatisfactory’ when according to the chief inspector of schools, satisfactorycan never be good enough’. Soon afterwards Mr Blair announced that the number of city academies was to be doubled to 400, a tacit admission of nine years of failure. Yet public spending on education in the UK has increased from '44bn in 1997/98 to '66.5bn in 2005/06, a one point increase as a proportion of GDP from 4.5% to 5.5%. 29

“Elsewhere in Europe, it is generally accepted that health policy should have two main aims: economic viability and social solidarity. As a result, the poorest people in countries such as France, Germany and Switzerland receive a higher standard of care than is typical of the UK. And greater economic viability has also been achieved. Demand and supply are more closely in balance and the people who are paying are sufficiently price conscious to be able to seek value for money, influence the fl ow of investment, and encourage higher standards by using their power of choice.”

related material
citizen’s wage

On the just published UNICEF report :

“The revelation came as a damning Unicef report ranked Britain last for childhood quality of life among industrialised nations.

“According to the UN study, Britain lagged behind 21 economically advanced nations on key measures of poverty and deprivation, health and safety, relationships, risk-taking and young people's own sense of well-being.”

And here is more from another source:

“Britain's children are the unhappiest in the West, according to a Unicef study of 21 industrialised countries.

“Not only do they drink the most, smoke more and have more sex than their peers, they rate their health as the poorest, dislike school more and are among the least satisfied with life.

“Their relative poverty, the lack of time spent eating meals with their parents and mistrust of classmates mean that Britain languishes at the bottom of the wellbeing league table. As a result, says Jonathan Bradshaw, one of the authors of Report Card 7: an Overview of Child Wellbeing in Rich Countries, Britain is a "picture of neglect".”

The .pdf file of the UNICEF report Three GoldenYak (tm) award.

Country ranking from the UNICEF report:

  1. Netherlands
  2. Sweden
  3. Denmark
  4. Finland
  5. Spain
  6. Switzerland
  7. Norway
  8. Italy
  9. Republic of Ireland
  10. Belgium
  11. Germany
  12. Canada
  13. Greece
  14. Poland
  15. Czech Republic
  16. France
  17. Portugal
  18. Austria
  19. Hungary
  20. United States
  21. United Kingdom

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100 iranian smoking guns - the auroran sunset

Austria shipped 800 sniper rifles to Iran last year.

The shipment was ‘legal’ and the guns were supposedly for dealing with drug smugglers.

The rifle can pierce all body armour from up to a mile and can penetrate armoured Humvee troop carriers. The armour piercing incendiary bullets are manufactured in Iran.

At the time, the US/UK governments protested the sale on the grounds that they suspected the guns would be used against their troops.

The Austrians ‘justified’ the sale on the grounds that the shipment was going directly to the Iranian government.

It took 45 days for the first successful use of one of these guns against a US soldier.

So far 100 of the 800 guns have been captured from Iraqi ‘insurgents’.

What is the life expectancy of a member of the Iranian Supreme Council?

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iran is already at war with iraq and the coalition of the willing
summary of recent iran ‘embarrassments’

the web address for the article above is

iran is already at war with iraq and the coalition of the willing - the auroran sunset

From Caldwell, Defence Department spokesman in Iraq...

First the weapons:-

“ "Iran is involved in supplying explosively formed projectiles or EFPs and other material," such as "explosive charges, booby traps, mortar shells of different calibers and remote controls" to detonate IEDs to "multiple" insurgent groups." Those in attendance "were shown fragments of what the defense official said were Iranian-made weapons, including one part of an EFP and tail fins from 81-mm and 60-mm mortars." ”

The weapons are identified as Iranian from the markings and machining. They are also identified as post-Saddam by the date markings.

And the effect:-

“ "More than 120 US and coalition troops have been killed by these things, and 620 wounded. There was a significant increase in there use over the past six months,"”

Those numbers no doubt don’t include the Iraqi troops killed and civilians murdered.

Iranians are also directly involved in the killing:-

“Evidence was also unveiled that Iranian agents are actively planting explosives. MG Caldwell displayed identification cards of Iranians captured while "involved in acts of violence." ”

See also the recent kidnapping and murder of five US soldiers in Karbala

Who were those Iranian ‘diplomats’?

“"the Iraqi government has notified us that (the Iranians detained in Irbil) were not diplomats and had no passports."”

“The Irbil raid in early January netted the most significant evidence, as well as a senior member of the Iranian Qods Force. Six Iranians were detained in Irbil, including Mohsin Chizari, the operational commander of the Qods Force, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps specialized force that is equivalent to U.S. Special Forces.”

“"The Iranian suspects detained in Irbil have confirmed these reports and we have found with them maps and explosives-related material. Those Iranians were trying to get rid of these documents in the lavatories"”

We have the head of Iranian special forces in Iraq on multiple occasions, carrying ‘explosives-related material’.

We have Iranian personnel, Iranian weapons and Iranian training involved in attacks on Iraqi and coalition forces.

We have evidence of Iranian funding of both the Shia militias and of Sunni Al Qaeda in Iraq - in other words both sides of the so-called ‘civil war’.

It is quite clear that the Iranian mullahs has declared war on Iraq and the coalition.

So why haven’t we declared war on the Iranian mullahs?

I am of the opinion that it is now time to at least take out the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, included the Qods forces - the mullahs’ equivalent of our special forces - as a preliminary step. I am coming very close to thinking that it is time to take out of the mullahs and their nuclear weapons program altogether. However, taking out the Revolutionary Guards alone may be enough to trigger a ‘natural’ collapse of the Iranian dictatorship, as well as severely curtailing the mullahs abilities to cause chaos in Iraq. Thus destroying the Revolutionary Guards seem to be the logical first step.

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summary of recent iran ‘embarrassments’

the web address for the article above is

more and more words from the squirming us lefties - a lesson in dishonest politicians

“Words. We had weeks of debates in the Senate about Iraq. They eventually went nowhere, being shut down (temporarily) by partisan procedural disputes. But they were going nowhere anyway. The debates were not about real fighting in a real place. They were about how the various senators would position themselves in relation to that real fighting in that real place. At issue? With what tone and nuance and addenda to express disapproval of a troop surge that the president was going to order anyway.

“When it came to doing something serious about the surge, the Senate ducked. It unanimously (81-0) approved sending Gen. David H. Petraeus to Baghdad to do the surge - precisely what a majority of the senators said they did not want done.

“If you really oppose the surge, how could you not oppose the appointment of the man whose very mission is to carry it out? Yet not one senator did so. Instead, they spent days fine-tuning the wording of a nonbinding, i.e. entirely toothless, expression of disapproval.”

the web address for the article above is

bush administration talking sense on agw [anthropegenic global warming]

“But Mr. Bodman said Mr. Bush wants to combat warming through better technology and by encouraging a reduction in the use of fossil fuels, rather than mandatory curbs such as European nations have adopted.

“ "A carbon cap in this country may lead to the transfer of jobs and industries abroad that do not have such a carbon cap, and that you would then have the U.S. economy damaged on the one hand, and the same emissions -- in fact, potentially even worse emissions, because in many of these countries they don't have the kind of standards," Mr. Bodman said.”

But exactly what does “encouraging a reduction” mean in the real world?

related material
oil industry offering $10,000 for items rubbishing ipcc global warming reports
anthropogenic global warming

the web address for the article above is

oil industry offering $10,000 for items rubbishing ipcc global warming reports

“Scientists and economists have been offered $10,000 each by a lobby group funded by one of the world's largest oil companies to undermine a major climate change report due to be published today.

“Letters sent by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI), an ExxonMobil-funded think tank with close links to the Bush administration, offered the payments for articles that emphasise the shortcomings of a report from the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).”

Meanwhile, UK environment minister David Milliband lies about UK carbon emissions. Shifting UK manufacturing to the Far East is not cutting UK carbon - Chinese manufacturing is far more energy inefficient than that of the West.

“China also wastes a lot. Take energy consumption. China required 4.3 times as much energy as America in 2005 to produce one unit of GDP, up from 3.4 times in 2002. It can be argued that much of China‚'s new investment has not yet reached optimal efficiency. That may be true, but it does not explain why things are getting worse: China consumed 15% more energy per unit of GDP in 2005 than it did in 2002. India, also a rapidly expanding economy, consumes only 61% as much energy as China per unit of GDP.” [Quoted from The Economist, 28th January 2007]

the web address for the article above is

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