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convincing thesis that dreams from my father not an original work by obama

Since reading Dreams its ‘style’ was certainly incongruent with Obama’s clichéed and dull expressiveness. Dreams is dull and shallow politically, but does have some written fluency.

(I have not bothered with Audacity as Obama had become more the overt politician by the publication of that book, and thus more inclined to cover his real persona.)

“Ayers is fixated with faces, especially eyes. He writes of "sparkling" eyes, "shining" eyes, "laughing" eyes, "twinkling" eyes, eyes "like ice," and people who are "wide-eyed" and "dark-eyed."

“As it happens, Obama is also fixated with faces, especially eyes. He also writes of "sparkling" eyes, "shining" eyes, "laughing" eyes, "twinkling" eyes, and uses the phrases "wide-eyed" and "dark-eyed." Obama adds "smoldering eyes," "smoldering" being a word that he and Ayers inject repeatedly. Obama also uses the highly distinctive phrase "like ice," in his case to describe the glinting of the stars.

“If Ayers is fixated on eyes, about eyebrows he is positively fetishistic. There are six references to "eyebrows" in Fugitive Days -- bushy ones, flaring ones, arched ones, black ones and, stunningly, seven references in Dreams -- heavy ones, bushy ones, wispy ones. It is the rare memoirist who talks about eyebrows at all.

“On three occasions in Dreams, Obama speaks of people with "round" faces. On four occasions in Fugitive Days, Ayers does the same. Both speak of "grim-faced" people, people with "soft" faces, and, most unusually, people with "tight" faces.

“Both Ayers and Obama describe acquaintances who smile like a "Cheshire cat." Some of their characters have a countenance -- grin, squint, or scowl -- that is "perpetual." Others are "suppressing" their smiles or their grins.

“To this point, I have just skimmed the 759 items in the bill of particulars in my case against Obama's literary genius. Not familiar with the term "bill of particulars?" Uncertain myself, I looked that one up too. It means a list of written statements made by a party to a court proceeding. Ayers and Obama each refer knowingly to a "bill of particulars." Doesn't everyone?

“The answer, of course, is no. In Audacity of Hope, Obama does not use this phrase or most of the distinctive words or combinations of words in Dreams. In Audacity, for instance, there are virtually no descriptions of faces or eyes, and the few that the author does use are flat and clichéd -- like "brave face" or "sharp-eyed." In Dreams, seven different people "frown," twelve "grin," and six "squint." In Audacity, no more than one person makes any of these gestures.”

Looks pretty convincing to me.

Dreams from my father by Barack H. Obama

Dreams from my father
by Barack H. Obama

Crown Publishers, 2007, hbk, 442 pages of main text / $15.97 [] {advert}
ISBN-10: 0307383415
ISBN-13: 978-0307383419

Canongate Books, 2007, pbk
£9.09 [] {advert} /
ISBN-10: 1847670911
ISBN-13: 978-1847670915

The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream
by Barack Obama
The audacity of hope by Barak Obama

$7.99 [] {advert}
Vintage, 2008, pbk
ISBN-10: 0307455874
ISBN-13: 978-0307455871

£7.49 [] {advert}
Canongate Books, 2008, pbk
ISBN-10: 1847670830
ISBN-13: 978-1847670830

The audacity of hope by Barak Obama

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how to run a dictatorship in a pc world

Play on all the usual lefty moral relativism.

Meanwhile, conspire under cover to get nuclear bombs and intercontinental rockets. Pretend it’s for nuclear energy, pretend it’s for satellite launches.

And be sure the leftist cowards and appeasers will defend you in the West. They’ll even vote in an extremist like Obama on the pretence that he ‘cares’.

“The Iranian authorities are consistently blaming foreigners for what has happened in Tehran, and have accused Mr Mousavi of being in league with them, the BBC's Jeremy Bowen in Tehran says.

“Mr Mousavi has called for an annulment of the 12 June presidential vote because of "election rigging".

“Iran's powerful Guardian Council is due to give its final ruling on the election on Sunday, but a spokesman on Friday already insisted there had been no election fraud.” [Quoted from]

Meanwhile, as Iran and North Korea arm, Obama dithers, and dithers, and dithers..... At the same time, he apologises to, and appeases any tin-pot dictatorship in sight.


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Neda and the despicable mullahs has been incorporated into the third page on Iran - the continuing story.

Analysis of corruption in iranian faked elections has been incorporated into the third page on Iran - the continuing story.

Fixing elections in a reasonably educated population is getting increasingly difficult - Iran has been incorporated into the third page on Iran - the continuing story.

a very british coup - mandelslime [mandelson] is now the unelected ruler of the uk

Brown the Clown has been ousted by the unelected Mandelson, but is being allowed to stay on as a figurehead.

Mandelslime dictates an inner puppet cabinet:

“...a number of Mr Brown's most trusted ministerial supporters are not in the group - already nicknamed the G8 - a clear sign that he is having to end his reliance on a small core of long-time friends and supporters.”

This is in clear breech of democratic principles.

The central question is why isn’t Mandelslime now taking parliamentary questions, as he is now the real UK ruler?

Why is the leftist media reporting on Mandelslime’s puppet rather than questioning Mandelson directly?

Marker at

The leftist fossil media and the chattering classes are misinterpreting the real PM.

The real cabinet, stuffed with unelected appointees:

“That department, headed by Lord Mandelson, contains an extraordinary 11 ministers - six of whom are peers.”

The Brown Clown has already been ousted by Mandelslime. The pseudo-cabinet in the lower house (now well named) is window dressing, not real power.

The following is not some crafty pre-emption or deliberate misdirection.

“Lord Mandelson forecast Mr Brown will face another attempt to force him out - probably in around the time of Labour's annual conference, in Brighton in September - by a "small group" of MPs who "won't be reconciled to the Prime Minister's leadership." ”

This is Mandelslime threatening the Clown and telling him to shut up or suffer the consequences.

Note also that the government coup leader announces a change in UK policy.

“The First Lord was in Berlin today saying it remained an objective for Britain to join the euro...”


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after a decade of socialist ‘new’ labour - who owns the child?

parents no longer trusted to educate their own children independently

“That is the only conclusion that can be drawn from the indefensible decision of Ed Balls, the Schools Secretary, to accept the recommendations of Graham Badman's Review of Elective Home Education in England. Mr Badman appears to have concluded that parents are not safe to be trusted with the education of their children and that those who decide to school their children at home must become, in effect, subsidiaries of the state. They will have to register annually, be subjected to inspection visits by the local authority and submit a statement of their intended approach to their child's education.”

Marker at

child behaviour after a decade of socialist ‘new’ labour

“Thousands of very young children are being excluded from primary schools for physically attacking pupils and teachers, research by The Times shows.

“It exposes the extent to which children of infant-school age are being expelled or suspended, even though the tactic is more commonly associated with uncontrollable teenagers.

“The Times survey of 25 local authorities found that almost 4,000 primary school children had been excluded for fixed periods in 2007-08.

“This is the national equivalent to 25,128, a 6 per cent increase on last year, if extrapolated to cover the whole of England. Over the same period the primary school population fell by almost 20,000, so the real rise is 6.7 per cent.

“More than three quarters of those who gave reasons said that one of the biggest causes of exclusion was the child physically assaulting another pupil. Another main reason was attacking a teacher.”

A standard socialist reaction is “Nothing that a little corporal punishment would not fix”.

If our daft theories don’t work, then beat ‘them’ until the daft theories do work.
If the daft theories still don’t work, beat them harder.
If that still doesn’t work, then the gulag.
If that doesn’t work, kill them.

And people wonder how socialism invariably does ever more damage the longer it is in place.


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a new dawn of freedom for the proletariat declared in the uk

Mandelson appoints himself First Secretary of the People’s United Democratic Socialist Soviet Republics of Great Britain and North Ireland and selects his first Politiburo:
Glennis Kinnock
Alan Sugar
Andrew Adonis
George Malloch Brown
Janet Royall
Paul Drayson
Patricia Scotland.

Nick Griffin and Nick Clegg show solidarity with the struggle of their Socialist Brothers by joining the New Labour Party. Hours later, Mandelson generously appoints them to minor positions in the Politburo as Governors of the Isle of Man and the Isle of Wight.

Mandelson declared himself winner of last week’s general elections with 99.997% of the vote.

He has announced a parade in honour of the 1997 Blair Revolution in Red Square (formerly Parliament Square) at the centre of Mandelsongrad (formerly London). The parade will display the great military might of the PUDSSRGBNI - at least ten million new tanks and five million Trident missiles.

All members and activists of all non-approved political parties are to be interned in their local gulag for re-education, as well as the 2,000 who did not vote for Mandelson in the general election. David Cameron, the notorious class traitor, is believed to be still on the run.

Long live the Thousand Year Revolution.

[First printed in the British Guardian, now Britain’s sole daily newspaper]


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as usual, the socialists try to poison debate - immigration and ‘racism’

By poisoning debate, ‘New’ Labour are trying, often successfully, to stop debate on immigration by squealing ‘racist’ at any opportunity.

‘Racism’ and immigration are two entirely different concerns.

‘Racism’ is a natural human response to the ‘outsider’. It is primitive, and is, of course, bound to be common among those uneducated and used to living in a closed community. Naturally, fools like the socialist BNP try to exploit that atavism, but in even a reasonably well-educated society they will never find more than about fifteen percent dull enough to be taken in by such foolishness.

Immigration is a far more important concern. Britain is one of the most densely populated places on Earth, most particularly in the south-east. Thus immigration is of serious concern to any thinking UK citizen.

“Last year the skyrocketing cost of food was a wake-up call for the planet. Between 2005 and the summer of 2008, the price of wheat and corn tripled, and the price of rice climbed five-fold, spurring food riots in nearly two dozen countries and pushing 75 million more people into poverty. But unlike previous shocks driven by short-term food shortages, this price spike came in a year when the world's farmers reaped a record grain crop. This time, the high prices were a symptom of a larger problem tugging at the strands of our worldwide food web, one that's not going away anytime soon. Simply put: for most of a decade, the world has been consuming more food that it has been producing. after years of drawing down stockpiles, in 2007 the world saw global carryover stocks fall to 61 days of global consumption, the second lowest on record.”

“ "Agricultural productivity growth is only one to two percent a year," warned Joachim von Braun, director general of the International Food Policy Research Institute in Washington, D.C., at the height of the crisis. "This is too low to meet population growth and increased demand." ” [Quoted from National Geographic, June 2009, p.38]


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iran: death to the government, death to dictators!

Useful and interesting report.

“The biggest roar of the afternoon was reserved for the main speaker, Zahra Rahnavard, Mr Mousavi’s wife. "You’re here because you don’t want any more dictatorship," she declared. "You’re here because you hate fanaticism, because you dream of a free Iran, because you dream of a peaceful relationship with the rest of the world." The candidate himself was nowhere to be seen, but that hardly mattered because the crowd was inspired by a hatred of Mr Ahmadinejad rather than a love for Mr Mousavi.”

“Women have suffered particularly badly under Mr Ahmadinejad, and twentysomethings sporting sunglasses, make-up and dyed hair beneath their mandatory headscarves shouted themselves hoarse as speaker after speaker promised an end to repression, despair and the "empire of lies".

“ "I feel danger every second I’m on the street because of the morality police," an arts student called Nina said. As she was speaking another young woman way back in the mêlée scribbled a note and passed it forward. "We need freedom. We want big change. We don’t want liar government," it declared.”

Read on...

“....He steered his country’s economy through the Iran-Iraq War but was a zealous revolutionary who brooked little dissent and has been accused of being behind the massacre of political prisoners.”


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his “presbyterian conscience” - another cultist gets religion, when he’s caught

Gordon Brown the Clown has always been interested in a change in the voting system.

Wow, you don’t say. I believe in lifeboats, said the drowning man.

I want a Bill of Rights, after I’ve been attacking rights for years.

“is Brown taking us for fools?” asks the people’s Clarion.

Shurely not, perish the thought.

I’m going to clean up politics, says the Clown who has been at the centre of corruption incorporated. And he’s going to appoint the mafia to fight crime, says our roving reporter.

I won’t step down, even if you vote against me, says Britain’s unelected Clown.

“Prime Minister Gordon Brown said Sunday he won't step down regardless of the results of next week's European and local elections.” [Quoted from]

Yet another shock announcement unexpected by all Martians.

“Since March we have been consulting on a Green Paper on a Bill of both rights and responsibilities - about how to entrench the rights and freedoms of the British people in relation to the state. In the months ahead we will move in all these areas.” [Quoted from]

The BBC is negotiating a multi-million pound contract for a new comedy programme. It is rumoured that the Clown is in ‘negotiations’ for a starring role.


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is the gorgon brown of iran in trouble? client politics, potatoes for votes

“There were reports yesterday that leading fundamentalist figures had pleaded with Ahmadinejad to withdraw from the race in the face of evidence that he could face a crushing defeat in the June 12 election, seriously damaging Iran's religious conservative movement.”

“The president, who has already tried to win support by distributing potatoes and cash to students, is said to have been advised to resort to unconventional measures. Without naming him, the centrist website Entekhab said he had been urged to hire an expensive make-up artist to improve his attractiveness on TV.”


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