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responding to attack : case study in lebanon

On being asked about the legitimacy of paramilitary attacks and Hezbollah’s claims to legitimacy for cross-border attacks.

Let’s separate paramilitary group actions into four separate cases:

  1. Responding to an attack by the state in which the paramilitary group is resident. (The IRA, for instance, had a serious case of that sort.)
  2. Responding to a foreign state attack, real or imaginary. I say that in this case, no militia that is not controlled by a legitimate government can itself claim legitimacy. Thus Hezbollah has no possible legitimacy in attacking Israel.
  3. A group acting as a separatist movement (for instance, E.T.A). I would want to see the conditions in such a case. While I could gather some sympathy, I think it more likely that political means would be proportionate.
  4. A ‘revolutionary’ government/movement in exile. These I would regard as legitimate, if the home state was illegitimate.

Lebanon is a fractured society. It also has a poorly educated minority with associated poor judgement. For example, Hamas in Gaza has been voted in, a foolhardy action, but democracy is a learning process. Hamas may then be regarded as a legitimate government. As long as the people of Gaza are prepared to take the consequences of their foolish actions and learn from related experiences, that is fine by me. At the moment, I seem to be a minority who does not resent the election of Hamas. But any government that attacks another legitimate government owns any disaster they bring upon their own people.

Thus, by my analysis, Hezbollah has zero claim to legitimacy, unless clearly delegated by a legitimate Lebanese government. Lebanese government must be, and are being, held to account for actions by Hezbollah on and outside their territory, this being the only manner by which Lebanese legitimacy and responsibility can be advanced.

A Lebanese government of growing legitimacy does, of course, appear to have serious complaints against the wholly illegimate governments of Syria and Iran, who fund and otherwise support their surrogate Hezbollah militia on the land of another state.

And here is the extraodinary response of Hezbollah’s Nazarollah to his kidnap and killing of Israeli soldiers that resulted in 34 days of Israeli response:

“We did not think, even 1 percent, that the capture would lead to a war at this time and of this magnitude. You ask me, if I had known on July 11 ... that the operation would lead to such a war, would I do it? I say no, absolutely not, [...]” [Quoted from]

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george bush and islamo-fascism

“And it takes a lot of work. This is the beginning of a long struggle against an ideology that is real and profound. It's Islamo-fascism. It comes in different forms. They share the same tactics, which is to destroy people and things in order to create chaos in the hopes that their vision of the world become predominant in the Middle East. And Condi and I will work hard -- by the way, the United States can't win this war alone. We can do damage to the enemy. We can take the philosophical high ground and remind people of the importance of how freedom can change societies. But we will work with allies and friends to achieve this objective. And part of the challenge in the 21st century is to remind people about the stakes, and remind people that in moments of quiet, there's still an Islamic fascist group plotting, planning and trying to spread their ideology. And one of the things that -- one of the things that came out of this unfortunate incident in the Middle East is it is a stark reminder that there are those who want to stop the advance of liberty and destabilize young democracies. And they're willing to kill people to do so.”

Now everyone seriously educated knows that fascism is a left-wing creed, whereas obviously Islam is a right-wing creed. In describing the obvious similarities of the jihadis (a group apparently sometimes contaminated with national socialist dogmas), the term islamo-fascism looks reasonable to me. It makes clear it is neither pure islamism nor pure fascism, but it is a convenient term to describe the nuisance we are facing.

Naturally, as usual, socialists wish to constantly redefine or, more accurately when describing socialist behaviour, to undefine language to the point where words mean nothing. This thereby allows them to propagate any lie, or distort any issue, that may currently take their fancy. Little wonder socialists strive so valiantly to obscure now that George has, once more, put them on the spot.

The main jihadi defence is camouflage, to avoid the West defining their unwholesome pseudo-religions in such a manner that they can be targeted effectively. It must be very frustrating that George does not fall into the PC morass, but instead continually insists on calling a spade a spade.

It is this clarity of purpose in George that is their greatest danger. No subtle discussion of angels on pins, just plain Texas-style calling them out. No wonder all the Left hate him with such obvious venom.

After all, socialists try so hard to use ‘fascist’ to attack rivals on the left wing, as the factions compete among themselves for power. How dare George use that word to describe a would-be right-wing cult seeking world domination in competition with the socialists.

After all, that clearly places socialists on the same level with a cult that everyone serious knows full well is not godless socialism, and shows both real cults competing in the same pit with the same methods with the same objectives.

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on some ‘problem’ states in the middle east

National socialism was intended as millennial and lasted only a few years. It had to be defeated unconditionally - and it was. National socialism controlled the most advanced forces in the world. Four years later they were in ruins.

Syria and Iran are backward dysfunctional states. Like Iraq, they would take a matter of weeks to bring down.

The answer is to spread democracy and legitimate states throughout the area. That is steadily and rather rapidly occurring. As long as the UN meets its obligations, yet another legitimate state in Lebanon will have been immeasurably strengthened.

Obviously, Iran must be kept away from nuclear weapons, but only Western lunacy would allow them to gain such hardware.

This is not the Soviet Union, one of the naturally richest countries on the planet. This is a very backward region with only one serious product, a product developed almost entirely by the West. And even with that product and present raised prices, the production of the whole area approximates that of Germany.

Illegitimate leaders are bringing constant strife upon their countries. I do not believe that the populations are unaware of these facts.

The foolish ‘jihad’ and Ba’ath socialist idiots are posturing ever more as they increasingly see their corrupt regimes weakening around them.

This is not the West fighting some equal or near equal. The quicker the region is modernised the better for everyone including the peoples of the Middle East. Everyone sane realises this fact.

This is not some Armageddon threatening the West. It is impotent backward gang leaders who have captured states, often with the assistance of Western leaders.

Fortunately, with the demise of communism, that is no longer tenable. Thank god for leaders like Bush who understand these realities.

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the new german government ’s perspective on syria

“Syria is too important a region player to be left out of the loop in the long run," said Steinmeier [foreign minister]. "While I can understand that seeing things in black and white in foreign policy may be attractive, I've learned that the entire color spectrum is more representative of the state of affairs. We should continue to express out criticism of Syria's internal affairs, but we should also see if Syria really wants to bind itself to Iran for the long term. I will engage with Syria to show them there is a way to be a constructive partner in the peace process, rather than a hindrance to rapprochement.”

“To do something good for world peace is a highly admirable and even intelligent position. But rationality is often something very different from political reality, especially in the East. The Romans used to say: to achieve peace, man should always be ready for war. One cannot rule out the possibility that the defense of certain values in the Middle East will come with a high price. However, one can always hope that, one day, reason will prevail in the region -- the earlier, the better. If the Germans want to go down the path of greater involvement there, despite all the risks that will come with it, one should wish them the very best of luck.”

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a sober reflection on the israeli lesson to hezbollox

The world has come to regard Israeli arms as almost magical, but anyone discussing this with participants knows that blunders and cockups are rife in the midst of the chaos of battle, even with successful armies.

It would be a fine thing if the Western fossil media reflected this reality, rather than the blather that fills every shallow ‘report’ and distortion.

It is essential that Western democracies discuss and criticise every military failure/screwup in detail in order that errors are constantly corrected.

That is after all what has made the West so dominant and powerful.

But that criticism should not sink to the idiotic whining so widespread among the Western left and appeasenik cowards.

Every error should be held to analysis and any incompetent politicians rapidly removed, but this should not lead to foolish depression or attempts to undermine Western will.

The empty crowing of the likes of Hezbollox is a major part of why the region is so weak compared to the West. While the West should never ever slip into such hubris, a greater realism would be more sane than the ridiculous defeatism so popular among the empty-headed armchair generals.

“So how come people are so frustrated, a reporter asked?

“Israelis got used to expecting too much, Kuperwasser suggested. They thought Hezbollah was a small militia that could be crushed within a few minutes but in fact it was 'an Iranian division' that spent six years preparing the battlefield. It was funneled state of the art weapons, including modern Russian anti-tank missiles with tandem warheads that the Syrians passed on without even opening the boxes, he said.

“The army and the Shabak security agency`s achievements in the Palestinian territories 'spoiled the Israelis,' Kuperwasser continued. Israel managed to foil 98 percent of the planned attacks, except rocket attacks, so Israelis felt secure in spite of the fighting.

“Many wrongly believed 'the Israeli army is a group of magicians,' he continued.”
[Quoted from]

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the real news out of iraq which the left and their fossil media don’t want you to read

“While most of what we hear and read from our news is the terrorist attacks and sectarian violence, most of which is concentrated in the Baghdad and the surrounding area. Iraqi news is informing us of what the government leaders, tribal leaders, religious leaders, sectarian leaders are doing to bring peace, stability, democracy and the rule of law to Iraq. From reading about the attendance and participation in the national unity and national reconciliation plan in Iraq one would guess that only a small fringe element of Iraq and some foreign groups are all that is causing this trouble in Iraq. Survey after survey shows that Iraqis are strongly behind their government and also very demanding of their government to get the security situation under control. As is evident from the above translation. It seems the government is responding to the will of the people and trying to reconcile to strongly unite the country.”

“Iraq’s fourth largest city; Basrah (population around 1 million, Baghdad 5-6.5 million, Mosul 1.13 million, Irbil 1.1 million) is the capital of Basrah Province. The Province is witnessing a decline in criminal and violent activity and a return of families who left the area.

“Remember that Saddam emptied Iraqi prisons from all prisoners when we entered Iraq. Hardened criminals, killers, rapists etc., along with political prisoners were all let go. The number of political groups signing on to the political process and endorsing the rule-of-law is a positive sign of recent developments in Iraq. These types of promises or honor pacts endorsing the rule-of-law and backing security and stability are being signed and pledged to in many cities and provinces in Iraq. This is a show of unity in the face of terrorists, criminals and sectarian division.”

“The Southern provinces have sponsored a bill in the Iraqi parliament to start setting up federal zones. Southern, Central and Kurdish federal zones are on the table. This type of federal zoning is allowed under the recently ratified constitution. The sooner Baghdad’s power over the rest of Iraq is reduced the better off Iraqis are. The peaceful provinces (15 out of 18) want to develop their infrastructure, improve commerce and social services etc... They can do this better and more efficiently through their provincial government.”

More available from this source.

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‘democracy’ in various dictatorships - the auroran sunset jointly with abelard

So rumours are that the Loon of Tehran is going to be a blogger. I wonder if he’ll be the only person in Iran allowed to post. Now the Iranian ‘security services’ have started smashing satellite dishes (pictures at the link). If Ahminastraightjacketorshouldbe keeps the web active, how will he stop change, however many satellite dishes his mates vandalise?

“Finally, the mullacracy is doing something to fight the staggering unemployment numbers.”

“"The use of satellite dishes is prohibited by law and we ask people not to use this equipment anymore," Morteze Talaie was quoted as saying in the press.”

The source says the are 3-4 million satellite dishes in Iran. That’s a lot of ‘work’!

The following poll data looks mildly contradictory.

“Less than one quarter of Iranians surveyed in an opinion poll for the pro-reformist Aftab News website said hardline president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and his government have performed strongly during his first year in office. Just 24.9 percent said Ahmadinejad had done a "very good job," while 46.5 percent rated the president's performance so far as "extremely negative."

“A total 13 percent of those polled said Ahmadinejad's record has been "negative," and 9.4 percent said they saw "no difference" between his presidency and that of his predecessor, the reformist Mohammad Khatami.”

I think what the report was trying to say is that 46.5% said “extremely negative”, 13% said “negative”, 9.4% said “no difference”, and 24.9% said “very good job” in reference to Ahmadinejad’s first year in the hot seat. Presumably the remaining 6.2% said his first year was “good”.

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Meanwhile in the socialist world, the Chinese government ratchets up the media intimidation:

“The Chinese government, which already severely curtails free expression, is about to pass a law forbidding media in China from reporting "sudden events" such as industrial accidents, natural disasters or public health emergencies in any way that displeases local or national authorities.”

The above linked article has a long and interesting description of the current state of Chinese media censorship.

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Also in the (recovering?) socialist world, the Russian government decides to create a fake opposition party:

“Political fixers at the Kremlin think they have found a solution to the failing fortunes of the party that was engineered to support President Vladimir Putin:

create another one that pretends to be an opponent.

“Mr Putin's aides are concerned that United Russia, the pro-Kremlin party that dominates parliament, is jaded and losing the support of the electorate. Vladislav Surkov, deputy head of the presidential administration, said Russia needed "a second major political party, which will need time to come to life, though we've become used to thinking that everything must be done at one go". He said it could eventually replace United Russia, which lacks ideology besides offering unwavering support for the president.”

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so much for the moonbats’ ‘victory’ over lieberman

“Ned Lamont, whose anti-war campaign rattled the political landscape with a victory over Sen. Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary, is gaining voter support - but Lieberman still leads the race by double digits, a poll released Thursday shows.

“The latest numbers also reveal some serious challenges that Lamont faces in trying to win over the unaffiliated voters he'll likely need to win the election in November.”

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managing the middle east and its western acolytes

  • Fewer Americans and Britons are being killed in Iraq than are killed by road accidents, let alone those killed by smoking. Yet much of the Western fossil media is panicking and emoting over the number of deaths.

  • The West is without doubt capable of squashing this group of primitives and lunatics in Lebanon and surrounding countries the moment it finds the slightest sense of will.

    The next obvious imperative is to make absolutely sure than the loons in Iran never get anywhere near nuclear weapons.

  • The Jihadis and the Left, the dhimmis and the cowards, as usual, are working overtime to undermine confidence in Western governments.

    Just as Adolf worked so hard to distract the German nation from his real objectives by blithering on about the Jews, so the Islamo-fascists and their Western apologists try the same game. It may have worked once long ago, but the serious world is now pretty well immune to this nonsense.

    Of all the people on the planet who understand the game, Israel is most focussed. There will be no appeasement this time. The disease of national socialism will be clinically extirpated. That process is already well underway.

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un or new world order (nwo): politicans posturing while problems grow

“After the Yom Kippur War and the Arab oil blackmail in 1973, the then-European Community (EC) created a structure of Cooperation and Dialogue with the Arab League. The Euro-Arab Dialogue (EAD) began as a French initiative composed of representatives from the EC and Arab League countries. From the outset the EAD was considered as a vast transaction: The EC agreed to support the Arab anti-Israeli policy in exchange for wide commercial agreements. The EAD had a supplementary function: the shifting of Europe into the Arab-Islamic sphere of influence, thus breaking the traditional trans-Atlantic solidarity. The EAD operated at the highest political level, with foreign ministers on both sides, and the presidents of the EC — later the European Union (EU) — with the secretary general of the Arab League. The central body of the Dialogue, the General Commission, was responsible for planning its objectives in the political, cultural, social, economic, and technological domains; it met in private, without summary records, a common practice for European meetings.

“Over the years, Euro-Arab collaboration developed at all levels: political, economic, religious and in the transfer of technologies, education, universities, radio, television, press, publishers, and writers unions. This structure became the channel for Arab immigration into Europe, of anti-Americanism, and of Judeophobia, which — linked with a general hatred of the West and its denigration — constituted a pseudo-culture imported from Arab countries. The interpenetration of European and Arab policies determined Europe's relentless anti-Israel policy and its anti-Americanism. This politico-economic edifice, with minute details, is rooted in a multiform European symbiosis with the Arab world.”

“Strategically, the Euro-Arab Cooperation was a political instrument for anti-Americanism in Europe, whose aim was to separate and weaken the two continents by an incitement to hostility and the permanent denigration of American policy in the Middle East . The cultural infrastructure of the EAD allowed the traditional cultural baggage of Arab societies, with its anti-Christian and anti-Jewish prejudices and its hostility against Israel and the West, to be imported into Europe.” [Quoted from]

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“At 18:00, Siniora and the Shiite parliament speaker Nabih Berri hold a meeting with Nasrallah's representatives, hoping to hear his answer to the proposal of an expanded UNIFIL that would pave the way to a halt in the fighting. But they are disappointed. The representatives say their chief has not authorized them to discuss the matter.

“At 19:00, The Lebanese prime minister goes back to Welch to report that his efforts failed and the Israelis cannot be stopped from moving further north.

“At 19:20, while they were talking, Al Manar interrupts its broadcasts to announce that Nasrallah will address the Lebanese people shortly. This was his eighth speech since the war began. They hoped the Hizballah chief would clear up the uncertainty surrounding his intentions.

“Olmert reacted to Al Manar's announcement by calling chief of staff Lt.-Gen Dan Halutz and asking him if the army was ready to move. The reply was that the units were ready to start rolling within minutes of receiving the order and would link up with the contingents already deep inside Lebanon.

“Gen. Halutz then phoned Gen. Gantz to confirm that everything was ready.

“At 20:20, the speech Nasrallah had recorded at the Iranian embassy went on air. Twenty minutes into his harangue, he delivered his reply: Under no circumstances would he accept a multinational force in South Lebanon. He warned the Lebanese prime minister not to give an inch on this issue. Siniora had no choice but to obey. [Quoted from]

In other words, Hezbollox is running Lebanon, not the puppet Lebanese parliament.

It seems that the Cedar ‘revolution’ was window dressing orchestrated by Iran and Syria, not genuine democracy.

As discussed recently in the difference between a peace-making and a peace-keeping force, a central struggle is going on at the UN between those who hope to return to the status quo ante, where Jihadis can rain down missiles upon Israel at little or no cost to themselves, supported by those attempting to sell appeasement in the West; and those, including the Israeli government and the Coalition of the Willing, who insist that a force with teeth is placed in southern Lebanon to disarm the Shiite proxy Hezbollox.

France made one of the worse diplomatic blunders of the past hundred years when it stood against the removal of the Baath Socialist Sunni dictatorship in Iraq. It was essential that the job was done; despite which, France threatened a veto at the UN. Either a serious peace-making force will now go into southern Lebanon, or the UN will finally go the way of the League of Nations and become an irrelevancy.

If the latter is the outcome at the UN, it is clear that Israel will re-occupy southern Lebanon and, effectively, pacify the area. Should trouble continue north of the Litani river, it is obvious that Israel will be forced to take further action.

Illustrating the location of the Litani river
image credit: CIA

Iraq was ruled by a small Sunni/National Socialist minority. Syria is in a similar situation, with a small Shia/National Socialist minority. Hezbollox’s base is in the Shiite Muslim faction in south Lebanon. As usual, with Muslim populations, these Shiite Muslims tend to live in relative poverty. Perhaps they could develop a more peaceful life in Syria. However, neither Syria nor Jordan have shown any great sympathy for refugees, fearing among other matters the trouble-making potential among the radicals.

In the Middle East, among the left-wing dominated fossil media, and even in what Rumsfeld disparagingly referred to as “Old Europe”, unrealism is a way of life. In Old Europe, there are still dreams, with long roots, of once more becoming a serious power in the world. Despite America (and Russia) bailing out France from German attacks twice in a century, France has dreamed of using socialism and an alliance with Germany to reclaim a position that has been slipping away from them for two hundred years.

“Asked if he [Napoleon] would sell a port in Louisiana, he [...] replied, No. He would sell all Louisiana, or nothing.

“This reply staggered Talleyrand. It reversed Napoleon’s whole world-policy. Asked why, Napoleon said simply, ‘I need the money.’ He added that, since he could not get Louisiana, he would make the Americans strong enough to keep England from ever getting it. ‘Perhaps it would also be objected to me that the Americans may be found too powerful for Europe in two or three centuries, but my foresight does not embrace such remote affairs. Besides we may expect rivalries between members of the Union. The Confederations that are called perpetual only last until one of the confederating parties finds it to its interest to break them.’ ” [Quoted from Louis Houck, History of Missouri, Vol. 2 p.349, publ. R.R. Donnelly and Son Co.,1908]

The Oil Age is slowly grinding to an end. The whole of modern Western civilisation (and beyond) is critically dependent on oil. The oil world has been developed primarily by America and Britain. Both World Wars had heavy strategic elements of the struggle for oil. A great deal of the oil supplies came from the U.S.A. Just about every agreement reached on oil has been reneged upon by the countries making those agreements. Steadily, remaining reserves are being concentrated in the Middle East.

Foolish Old European politicians have hoped to use the old ‘great game’ politics - setting off the Gulf State satraps against one another, while bribing and arming them. This is no longer a rational option now that American power bestrides the planet. Only a few countries in the world have immense natural riches comparable to those of Russia and the U.S.A. Only America now has the power to enforce peace, police the squabbles, and generate and organise the technology to ensure a reasonable future for all.

Meanwhile, Middle Eastern wannabes are doing their damnedest to play their own games of divide-and-rule against the big powers. Unfortunately, Old European fools have seemed only too willing to walk into the trap (see link to Bat Yeor article in the National Review).

There is awful panic among the Left in the U.S.A., let alone in Old Europe. Many millions of Muslims have become voters and lobbyists in the West, and a substantial minority among them have dreams of a new Caliphate. In the Middle East and in Europe, and even in America with the Twin Towers, these people can cause considerable nuisance and panic among the advanced nations, often too fat and too comfortable.

But despite the unreasoning panic in the dovecote, even the few hundred deaths they cause each year is utterly trivial relative to population sizes and to other risks to life, such as death on the road, let alone tobacco smoking.

The overwhelming military power of the West can crush at any time the upstart dictators of the Middle East. And so it will remain, at a level of almost trivial nuisance unless the West is foolish enough to allow long-range nuclear warhead-mounted rocketry into the hands of the mediaevalist primitives of Iran or their proxy agents. To take seriously the tirades of Nasrollox or his sponsors as excuses for appeasement would be to play into the hands of the death cults, and suggest that the West has actually lost its will and its way.

This is a critical time for the UN. Either Old Europe cooperates in imposing a Chapter Seven on southern Lebanon, or by steps the UN will be replaced by the Coalition of the Willing, with or without NATO cooperation. Those seeking some ridiculous attempt at a balance of power between Old Europe socialism and the long-term, ever-growing power of the United States merely dissipate Western energies. This in a time of ever-growing world problems among a burgeoning world population and ever-depleting, filthy and dangerous fossil fuels.

It must be the objective of America and its sane allies to raise the standards of living among the world’s poor, as a major antidote to high population growth. Foolish machismic posturing at the UN will neither change the facts of reality, nor solve our current difficulties.

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on lebanon: shebaa (chebaa, sheba and other spellings) farms maps and hezbollox lies

How to generate an argument from nothing.

Lebanon and surrounding areas -
arrow points to approximate location of the Shebaa Farms

The area is approximately 14 km in length and 2 km in width, an area of roughly 25 square km / 10 square miles; at altitudes of 400 to 2,000 meters.

This area was taken as part of the assault on the Golan, the high ground from which Syria was regularly shelling into Israel.

“Israel first captured the Golan Heights during the 1967 war but Syria and Egypt launched an attack in October 1973 to retake them. They made some gains before being pushed back by Israeli troops.”

Shebaa Farms area, larger scale map -
image credit: Service Geographique de l'Armee du Liban [Lebanese Army Mapping Service] 1966

Map shows Shebaa [Chebaä] Farms clearly on Syrian side of the border

“In the negotiations leading to the Israeli withdrawal from southern Lebanon in 2000, Lebanon for the first time raised its claim to the farms, but based on all previous historical documents and maps, the UN sided with the Israeli version, i.e. that this was Syrian territory and subject to future Israeli-Syrian negotiations. The Lebanese claim was used by Hizbullah to continue its resistance. Nobody, however, believes that even if the farms were handed over to Lebanon, Hizbullah would stop its armed activities which are, after all, aimed at the destruction of the "Zionist entity in occupied Palestine."

“So far this seems straightforward - until Syria enters the picture.

“At the time of the 2000 Israeli withdrawal the UN asked Syria about its position on the issue. Damascus was in a quandary: On the one hand, this was obviously Syrian territory; on the other, if Syria conceded that the farms belong to Lebanon, there might be a chance of getting one more sliver of Arab territory out of Israeli hands.

“Syria thus responded that whatever its former claims to the Shaba Farms, it now agreed to cede them to Lebanon.

“But when the UN asked Damascus for a formal document stating that the area had indeed been legally transferred to Lebanon, Syria balked - and it has still not supplied such a document.

“Why? At the root of the issue is the simple fact that up to this very day Syria has not accepted the legitimacy of the existence of a separate, sovereign Lebanese state.”

“The Syrian refusal to supply a document confirming the ceding of the Shaba Farms to Lebanon is not a mere formality: Were Syria to issue such a document - clearly stating that the farms are part of Lebanon and not of Syria - this would mean Syria recognizes Lebanon as a separate, independent, sovereign state.” [Quoted from the Jerusalem Post, 30/07/2006 via

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on lebanon: nasrallox and his ambitions

“Sheik Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Hezbollah, has said several times that he knows Israel's weak point: its belief in preserving human life. Israel has a nuclear weapon and the region's strongest air force, he says, but "in truth, it is weaker than a spider web." He believes reverence for life, combined with a hedonistic society, make it incapable of sustained war. He has large ambitions. Muhammad Al-Huni, an eminent Libyan intellectual who lives in Italy, recently wrote that Nasrallah now assumes that he "enjoys the stature of the holy men and prophets.”[Quoted from]

marker at

“But Hezbollah wants an Islamic world and believes such a world to be worth killing and dying for. Recently, that way of organizing society has crept into another corner of the globe. After a 29-year separatist struggle, the Indonesian province of Aceh won the right to adopt Shariah criminal law, becoming the first region of that country (a theoretically secular state) with that privilege. The radicals have beaten the moderates, and now the moderates face a dreadful future.

“In Aceh, roaming Taliban-like squads of vice police in brown uniforms now tour the streets, looking for men drinking alcohol or women consorting with men other than their husbands. These people are then caned outside mosques, watched by crowds and TV cameras [...]. ”[Quoted from]

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the difference between a peace-keeping and a peace-making force

Proposed headings for a United Nations resolution on the current Lebanon situation.

“Strict respect for the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Israel and Lebanon.

“Release of the two captured Israeli soldiers that sparked the fighting.

“Disarmament of all militias in Lebanon and the deployment of the Lebanese army throughout southern Lebanon, which is now controlled by Hezbollah.

“Marking the international borders of Lebanon, including the disputed Chebaa farms area, which Israel seized in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

“Establishing a buffer zone from the border to Lebanon's Litani River. Only Lebanese security forces and U.N.-mandated international forces would be allowed in the buffer zone.

“Settlement of "the issue of the Lebanese prisoners detained in Israel".”

The real debate will be over how this will be managed on the ground, whether by the usual do-nothing UN-type force, or by an active enforcement like that demonstrated in Iraq and Afghanistan.

“France, which could lead the proposed peacekeeping force, has insisted fighting be halted first to pave the way for a wider peace, a stand with wide international support.”

The question is, who will push it in which direction?

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2 4 6 8, what are we fighting for, the left don’t give a damn, next stop is the taliban [1]

“Since 2001 the region has been turned into an ideological battleground between two rival camps with global ambitions. One camp, led by the United States, claims to represent the modern global system of open markets, free elections, religious freedoms and sexual equality. The other camp is represented by radical Islam, which regards the Western model as not only decadent but dangerous for the future of mankind. It hopes to unite the world under the banner of Islam, which it holds to be "The Only True Faith".

“In the Lebanese conflict, Israel and Hezbollah are the junior proxies for the rival camps. Israel is not fighting to hold or win more land; nor is Hezbollah. But both realise that they cannot live in security and prosper as long as the other is in a position to threaten their existence. A Middle East dominated by Islamism could, in time, spell the death of Israel as a nation-state. A westernised, democratic Lebanon, on the other hand, could become the graveyard of Hezbollah and its messianic ideology. And if the US succeeds in fulfilling George W. Bush’s promise of a "new Middle East" there will be no place for regimes such as the Islamic Republic in Iran and Syria’s Baathist dictatorship.”

Meanwhile, behind the postures, they’re trying to step on your power supply:

“Iran’s "supreme guide", Ali Khamenei, expressed a similar view this week during an audience he granted in Tehran to Hugo Chavez, the Venezuelan President. "What we see in Lebanon today represents the revolt of Muslim nations against America," he said. "Hezbollah is backed (by Iran and others) because it is fighting America." President Chávez endorsed that analysis by calling on Muslims and non-Muslim revolutionaries to unite to "save the human race by finishing the US Empire" [...].”

Meanwhile, our friends in Russia and China!

“A measure originally drafted by Britain and France and supported by the U.S. would have made the sanctions threat immediate should Iran not meet the deadline. But it ran into opposition from veto-wielding Russia and China, and was revised. Now, if Iran does not stop uranium enrichment by August 31, the council will meet again to consider sanctions.

“Russia and China have both consistently opposed sanctions against Iran, a country with which they enjoy strong political and economic ties.”

And old Europe fearfully keeps its collective head down on the sidelines. For them, it’s a matter of useless talk and serious enforcement action. For all the posturing, everyone knows that is the real issue behind their waltzing.

the real divide between old europe and the coalition of the willing

The real difference is between peace-making and peace-keeping forces.

“The EU ministers came down on the side of the French in demanding an immediate cessation of the violence to be followed by political dialogue and then a stabilisation force.

“The British had placed greater emphasis on getting troops into the war zone.”

“The French are expected to lead an international force that will patrol the Lebanese borders with both Israel and Syria, including a 50km buffer zone, but not before there is a ceasefire.”

“German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said the EU agreement did not mean an immediate ceasefire.

“ "Cessation of hostilities is not the same as a ceasefire," he said. "A ceasefire can perhaps be achieved later. ... we can now only ask the UN Security Council and put pressure on it and not to waste any more time. ”

end note

  1. Title thieved from a lefty who tried to get us to dhimitude a while back.
    And it's one, two, three,
    What are we fighting for?
    Don't ask me, I don't give a damn,
    Next stop is Vietnam;
    And it's five, six, seven,
    Open up the pearly gates,
    Well there ain't no time to wonder why
    Whoopee! we're all gonna die.

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