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brown the clown is very angry about the accusations that he gets, errm, very angry

Guido having more fun with the prime mentalist.

“From January to June 2007 HM Treasury staff took an average of 166 days off per month due to stress-related illnesses. From July to December 2007 HM Treasury staff took an average of 106 days off per month due to stress-related illnesses. The stress levels dropped off dramatically from the moment when Gordon went from the Treasury to No. 10.”

 Marker at

Brown the Clown is of an unstable nature.

He has broken every window in the road, and burgled the savings of the occupants.

His accolytes are desperate to ‘discuss’ whether the Clown did, in fact, smash one particular pantry window at no 17, while trying to distract from his ever lengthening rap sheet.

Increasingly, Number Ten will tell so many lies about their culture of bullying that the whole edifice will collapse. Socialist ‘New’ Labour lives on lies. In these unusual circumstance, it is vital that people with information speak out.

Lies about referenda;
lies about the economy;
lies about expenses.

Public interest far trumps claims of confidentiality and alleged motives of the whistleblowers.

Brown’s behaviour is far too important to the public interest.


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a political quiz

Who are these English politicans?

An English politican An English politican An English politican


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head teacher driven out ... for educating pupils

“But the programme caused uproar when the school council, made up of seven to 11-year-olds, voted 13 to one in favour of sending Marcus to be slaughtered, rather than keeping him.

“Raffle tickets were to be sold in local shops with cuts of meat offered as the prize. The money raised would be used to buy pigs - from which sausages would later be made.”


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school violence - half new teachers say they are not properly prepared

“Nearly half of new teachers do not feel properly equipped to deal with violence in the classroom, a survey suggests.

“Figures released to BBC Breakfast suggest two-thirds of newly qualified teachers have received no clear guidance on restraining violent pupils.”

And the other half do not admit to the problems, because it would amount to admitting inadequacy in the dire environment in government ‘schools’.

Meanwhile, some socialist ‘New’ Labour berk is trotting out that teachers have sufficient resources.

“Guidance by the Department for Children, Schools and Families lists the types of force teachers can use on children.

“This can include passive physical contact such as blocking a pupil's path and active contact such as leading a pupil by the hand or arm.

“In more extreme circumstances, "appropriate restrictive holds, which may require specific expertise or training", may be used, it says.

“Schools minister Vernon Coaker said the government backed the proportionate use of force.”

“C’mon dear, put that knife away. You know you don’t want to stab me.”

Put this idiot in the classroom for a week and then let him talk, after hes been given PTSD counselling. So easy for fools to barrack from the bleachers.

And here is another one who, doubtless, never works in classrooms.

“But National Association of Head Teachers general secretary Mick Brookes said there was no need for compulsory training in schools because many never saw a violent incident.”

Where has he been the last 50 years?

One of my friends even had to deal with a ‘student’ waving a gun in class!


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why isn’t gordon brown being charged?

“Mr Devine, MP for Livingston, is facing prosecution on two charges.

  • The first charge alleges that between July 2008 and April 2009, Mr Devine dishonestly claimed £3,240 for cleaning services using false invoices.
  • The second charge alleges that in March 2009, he dishonestly claimed £5,505 for stationery using false invoices.”

Brown the Clown claimed £12,415.10 mostly for cleaning, much of it paid to his brother, which he has had to pay back.

He also claimed twice for a £1,400 painting and decorating job.

It is also claimed that Brown the Clown has a £50,000 undeclared personal slush fund.

When is Gordo going to be charged?


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more on socialist ‘new’ labour law and disorder

Just to remind old hands and to inform the new.

Inspector Gadget tells you how it really is on the front line.

“How many Ruralshire police officers does it take to change a tyre on a police car?

“None. Because they have taken the jack and wheel brace out of the vehicles so we don’t hurt our backs and sue the Chief Constable.”

“ Meanwhile, they are quite happy to send us single crewed to a fight between three men, each with an iron bar, armed with nothing more than an aluminium stick and a tin of pepper. Can the simple act of changing a blasted tyre really be more dangerous to my health than three alcohol crazed maniacs covered in blood and screaming with rage?”


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just how bad is state ‘education’ in the uk? adverts for ‘teachers’

I see four advertisments attempting to recruit teachers in the UK.

In one, a child is being mocked by the class and ‘teacher’ at an attempt to show streamlining.

In another, a yobby, lounging ‘teacher’ is trying to be ‘one of the lads’.

In another, a ‘teacher’ is shown being patronising and pretentious over a cell phone and the follow-up interaction.

In another, the least awful of the four, children are shown being planets. This is an activity that would quickly deteriorate into boredom.

Is it any wonder that UK state ‘teaching’ is in such a parlous state, when such crude ‘teacher’ behaviour is put before the public for emulation. I would allow none of these behaviours in the classroom to go unchallenged. I would employ none of those caricatures as teachers. Only the last one would even be worth training.


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obama lies about deficit spending

“So what was the real deficit Obama inherited? The $600 billion deficit Bush was running plus the $200 billion of TARP money that probably won’t be repaid (mainly AIG and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac). That totals $800 billion. That was the real deficit Obama inherited.

“Then…he added $300 billion in his stimulus package, bringing the deficit to $1.1 trillion. And falling revenues and other increased welfare spending pushed it up to $1.4 trillion.”

Dick Morris blog
Morris is one of the planet's most informed political analysts.

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that mckinsey review of advanced world nations’ debt

94-page .pdf with copious charts, packed with more data that you can swallow without magnesia.

debt growth globally

Note the rise of the British debt since socialist New Labour took over. Spain is also suffering under a socialist government.


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now even amber lee doesn’t love poor old obama any more

It has only taken a year for most of the USA to catch on to the fact they have been conned by Obama’s teleprompter

“Amber Lee Ettinger, whose racy YouTube video boosted Mr. Obama's campaign popularity, says she's disappointed with his broken promises. Comparing the president to a lying lover, the famous "Obama Girl" warns that when a boyfriend lies, "You kick him to the curb." ”

As warned by those few who didn’t get tingling knees, Obama has proved to be an incompetent Marxist liar.

3:19 mins

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