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cannabis kills

"Research found that teens who use marijuana heavily were 40 per cent more likely to die by age 60 than those who never used the drug.

"Experts say cannabis use is linked to poor mental and physical health.

"Another study found heavy use of drug has long term affects on the brain.

"Users are also more likely to be lower paid and have relationship issues."

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eat my faeces and grow healthy; or keep away from the nhs and vote tory

“The idea is relatively simple: Use the feces of a healthy person to restore the normal mix of bacteria to a gut that has been ravaged by C. difficile.” [Quoted from]

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“As CDIs [C. difficile infections] are usually caused by antibiotics, the majority of cases happen in a healthcare environment, such as a hospital or care home.”

“In recent years, the number of CDIs has fallen rapidly. There were 17,414 reported cases in England during 2011 compared to 52,988 in 2007.” [Quoted from]

David Cameron became Prime Minister on 11th May 2010.

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