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on living with covid-19 - abstracts ad averages

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From a correspondent:

"Above all, the jab was our route out of lockdown. Ministers made an explicit contract with the public: get inoculated and your freedoms would return.
The planned and “irreversible” reopening of society before the summer was even postponed for a month in order, in part, to ensure that more people could be vaccinated.

"This week, they broke that contract. The Government’s decision to implement Plan B of the Covid winter plan – an incoherent and illogical mixture of measures – is not just a disproportionate response to the new variant. It is a breach of the promise made to the public: that if people did the right thing and had the vaccine, life could return to normal."

abelard replies:

Coronavirus is a common cold variant.

The Chinese plague variant is just another nuisance like unto 'flu', variants of coronavirus.
However, corona does have sports like MERS and SARS 1.

SARS 2 seems to be about 1% deadly for old people. Many of them have now copped it.

Your immune system dies just like the rest of you.

This is mass punishment for people,
it saves oil while cutting pollution,
and is a brilliant opportunity to expand socialist dictatorship.

It is clear that corona virus mutates in a similar way to flu. Both are of similar virulence and variability. Thus, new antibodies are required from time to time.
Every person has a different body and life experience, different diets and different ages. It may be convenient foe lazy minds to group a covid (disease) sufferer in types or treatments, but these abstracts may well get in the way of clear thinking.

In the real world there is no abstract or average.

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