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New translation, the Magna Carta

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cameron proposes new policy to control immigration

Research has established that the prime reason for inward migration is the Conservative economy with its record employment..

Prime Minister David Cameron has suggested we have a referendum to stop immigration with a simple on/off referendum question.

If you want to stop immigration, vote for Jeremy Corbyn an the 'New', added lunacy, Labour Party, and destroy the economy again.

This will not only stop immigration, but it will also get rid of all those nasty entrepreneurs who are getting rich by employing people. It will make those entrepreneurs go abroad where they can waste time making money.

This will also encourage people who want to work following them abroad, so's such stupid people can earn money instead of taking 'benefits'.

Now that will leave plenty of benefits for all the self-respecting people who have the sense not to demean themselves by working, and who really appreciate the better Bbritain that socialism will inevitably produce.

This will all allow us to have even higher dole payments in an advanced country, this would make Britain a international leader and the best country in the world

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mandarin, tangerine, clementine, satsuma - are they different?

These fruits are cultivated varieties (cultivars) of Citrus reticulata, a member of the Rutaceae family. In some varieties, particularly some tangerines and satsumas, the peel is loose and can easily be removed by hand. Other varieties of mandarin are are dancy and tangor.

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Mandarins are so named because Chinese high government officials - the mandarins - used to cultivate these trees commercially.

“The mandarin orange is considered a native of south-eastern Asia and the Philippines. It is most abundantly grown in Japan, southern China, India, and the East Indies, and is esteemed for home consumption in Australia. It gravitated to the western world by small steps taken by individuals interested in certain cultivars. Therefore, the history of its spread can be roughly traced in the chronology of separate introductions.” [quoted from Fruits of Warm climates by J. Morton]

Mandarin cultivars fall into several classes:

Class I, Mandarin

Class II, Tangerine: includes the clementine and the dancy.


In France, there is no such animal as a satsuma. There are clementines (difficult to peel and with pips) all year round, and mandarins at Christmas time (even more difficult to peel, but with skinnier pips).

at the beginning of the twentieth century, in an orphanage in Misserghin, near Oran in Algeria, the clementine was discovered by brother Clément (hence the fruit's namename!). He found a different tree from his usual specimens, and he would feed segments to his orphaned children. Clementines resulted from the natural hybridisation between a tangerine and a sweet orange. Thus, the mandarin flowers were 'pollinated' by an orange," says Franck Curk, research engineer at INRA (Institute Nationale des Récherches Agricoles). Sweet and not too acid, these fruits matured before their neighbours.

The first clémentiniers [clementine trees] were planted in Corsica in 1925 by Don Philip Semidei to Figaretto on the eastern plains of the island.

clementines de Corse

Cléméntines de Corse are notable by being the only citrus fruit sold with leaves atill attached. Leaves are normally removed before packing and sending to market to prevent the spread of disease. However, being grown in isolation on an island, Corsican clementine trees have been kept free of disease, so this exception is allowed. Being only harvested by hand enables the characteristic sprig of leaves to remain undisturbed. The fruit, when ripe, will still have some green areas. This is because the climate on the eastern side of Corsica, particularly in the valleys that shelter the fruit orchards, is very mild. Low temperatures will transform chlorophyll in the citrus fruit's skin into yellow or red pigments. Thus, green clementines may be perfectly ripe. These citrus fruit are only matured naturally, unlike Spanish fruit.

By 2007, the clémentine de Corse had won the IGP mark - Indication géographique protégée, or indication of geographic protection, so only fruit produced in Corsica can be called by the name, clémentine de Corse. Unfortunately, although this protection applies to the fruit, the leaves are not included, so now one can find supposed Clementines de Corse that come from Spain. Check carefully the crate labelling.

The fruit's sweet yet slightly acid flavour results from multiple criteria related to the expertise and orchards in which it is grown. "In Spain, farmers use a cold room for 'degreening' the fruit as well as post-harvest treatments, such as vegetable waxes or fungicides - this explains a longer shelf product", explains Franck Curk. The Clémentine de Corse IGP prohibits such practices.

    Some numbers
  • 130 producers
  • 1,200 hectares
  • 500,000 clementine trees
  • Annual production of 17 to 20,000 tonnes (approx.)
  • 0% of the productionis under the IGP label
  • Plantations essentially of a small size, about 10 hectares and run by families.

• The dancy was first found in the grove of Col. G.L. Dancy at Buena Vista, Florida.

Class III: Satsuma
The satsuma orange [a mikan in Japanese.] is believed to have originated in Japan about 350 years ago as a seedling of a cultivar. Satsuma was a feudal principality in south/west Japan, that now roughly corresponds to Kagoshima Principality.

Most canned mandarin oranges are satsumas.

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All citrus trees are classified within one genus, Citrus. They are mostly interbreedable: that is to say there is only one “superspecies”. This superspecies includes lemons and limes, as well as oranges.

Oranges are said to have originated in India (or even Vietnam) and were called na rangi in Sanskrit. Their Latin labels are Citrus sinensis and Citrus aurantium.

The original orange is bitter compared to modern varieties and is called the sour orange, or bitter, bigarade or Seville orange.

The navel orange is the result of a single mutation found in an orchard of sweet oranges belonging to a Brazilian monastery in 1820.

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The grapefruit, Citrus paradis. “About 1948, citrus specialists began to suggest that the grapefruit was not a sport of the pummelo but an accidental hybrid between the pummelo and the orange”. Variations include

  • Pummelo/Pomelo/Shaddock: the principal ancestor of the grapefruit;
  • Minneola: a tangarine/grapefruit cross that can be recognized by "the little nose".
  • Sweeties: a pummelo/grapefruit cross. Looks like a green grapefruit and tastes sweeter.

Tangelos: a tangerine/grapefruit/orange cross. The ugli is a particular variety.

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among the teeming legions of conspiracy fruitcakes are a group who believe shakespeare is bacon - which is this one?

That is, Francis Bacon.

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Here is a note written by a very famous fellow. The note does not appear to be on the net, so maybe you can guess without hope of cheating.

"Have you ever considered how utterly impossible it is that Shaw of Dublin could have written his wonderful plays. Is it not clear that they were really written by Sidney Webb, L.L.B. Shaw was an utterly ignorant man. His father was an unsuccessful business man always on the verge of bankruptcy, just like old Shakespear or John Dickens. Shaw had a very narrow escape from the police for setting fire to a common. He was a disgrace to his school, where he acquired little Latin and less Greek. He got no secondary education and came to London an unknown and obscure provincial. And this is the man to whom people attribute his omniscience, the knowledge of public affairs, of law, of medicine, of navigation &c. &c. &c. which informs the plays and prefaces of G.B.S. Absurd! Webb, the L.L.B., the man who carried all before him in examinations in his boyhood, the upper division civil servant of the Foreign & Colonial Office, the author of Industrial Democracy &c, was clearly the man."

Highlight box below to reveal the answer.

George Bernard Shaw,
Fabian Society member and playwright

Quoted on p.283 of A woman of Passion by Julia Briggs,
Hutchinson, 1987

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humans against government by puritans

3:48 mins

"Those walkways generally attract little notice, but that changed last week, when a retired forestry engineer decided to paint the Findikli stairs in the central district of Beyoglu in all the colors of the rainbow — an act of guerrilla beautification that unintentionally triggered a fresh ripple of anti-government protests."

sept 2013
"The next day, as calls to repaint the Findikli stairs in bright colors spread on Twitter and Facebook, the Beyoglu municipality first denied, then admitted, that it was their workers who had painted the stairs gray. Before the municipality joined the effort to bring back the rainbow look, people across Turkey had already taken up brushes in solidarity and painted public stairs in their cities in similar colors."

ps. I know the pony express is slow to get to Outer Mongolia.

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amazon deliveries by drone - the result?

And here is a possible Amazon drone delivery note.

Possible Amazon drone delivery note?
Image credit: imgur

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