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all i do is dream of you

2:25 mins

From The Affairs of Dobie Gillis shown the year before the jazzed up (ruined?) version in Singing in the rain!

There is also a reasonable version by Glenn miller with Dinah Shore as the vocalist.

2:14 mins

The song, All I do is dream of you, is by Nacio Herb Brown [1896-1964], my favourite Tin Pan Alley composer, and writer of most of the music in Singing in the rain.

1:42 mins

The Brown catalog holds some of the greatest standards from his era. Accompanying the already mentioned “Singin’ in the Rain”, Brown also wrote “Temptation”, “The Wedding of the Painted Doll”, “Eadie Was a Lady”, “Pagan Love Song”, “All I Do is Dream of You”, “You Are My Lucky Star”, “I’ve Got A Feelin’ You’re Foolin’”, “Broadway Melody”, “Our Big Love Scene”, “A New Moon Is Over My Shoulder”, “You Stepped Out of a Dream”, “Love Is Where You Find It” and “Make ’Em Laugh”.
[Quoted from]

The Affairs of Dobie Gillis

$14.50 [] {advert}


Singing in the rain
Singing in the rain

$8.69 [] {advert}
ASIN: B00004RF98


£4.50 [] {advert}
ASIN: B000057H8P

Singing in the rain

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what is the point?

In the last few years we have lost Johnny Cash, Steve Jobs, Bob Hope, and recently Jimmy Savile.

So where are we?

No Cash, no Jobs, no Hope - and now no one to fix it.

Note: Jimmy Savile was buried in a gold-sprayed steel coffin, encased in concrete in the grave. Don’t they think you can keep a good man down?

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inebriated australians

After a moose drunk on fermented apples, reports have appeared of lorikeets being drunk in charge of wings in the Northern Territory, Australia.

lorikeets - trichoglossus rubritorquis.
lorikeets - trichoglossus rubritorquis.

However, unlike the moose, these birds actually have a mysterious disease that causes them to behave as if drunk.

0:45 mins

Meanwhile in Sydney, New South Wales:

“Here in Sydney, we get drunk Flying Foxes.

“For the unenlightened - Flying Fox = Fruit Bat. These aren't cute little critters; they are 1m wingspan evil-smelling loudly screeching bastards. That are also somehow 'protected endangered species' despite there being about 250,000 of them in Sydney alone.

“Flying Foxes LOVE Mulberries, especially mulberries that have fermented on the tree. A drunken, screeching ball of sharp-clawed ferocious anger smacking into your face at speed is one of a Sydney summer's prime experiences.”
[Quoted from El Reg comments]


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nz throwing out asylum seeker - would they do this to a jihadi?

Worse, they intend to send him to one of the most inhospitable places on earth. No interest in his rights then.

Secrecy attempted.

“After several operations, fish milkshakes and daily doses of salmon, the confused and sick juvenile penguin has become strong and stroppy.

“His departure from Wellington Zoo was low key with just a couple-of-dozen bystanders trying to catch a glimpse.”


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yuksome - a highly nutritious meal coated in sugar

Butter on a stick. image:“The latest addition to the list is butter on a stick; deep fried of course, for $4.

“The crowd watching the 60 gram slab of butter dipped into cinnamon batter than stuck in the deep fryer appeared to be both awed and horrified.

“ There are 59 foods on a stick and a variety of deep fried versions, including deep fried Twinkies, Snickers and Oreos.”



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october 1939 - the phony war is under way, and cigarettes are 3.75 new pence for 20

“New cigarette prices are changing smokers’ habits.”

De Reszke cigarettes - 9d for 20, 4½d for10. No discount for volume!

These ads are mostly from 1939.

Advertised by Bobby Howes (musical comedy actor), who lived to 77 Advertised by Evelyn Laye (actress), who lived to 75
Advertised by Bobby Howes (musical comedy actor),
who lived to 77
10 for 4d, 15 for 6d, 20 for 8d [21 January 1939]
Advertised by Frances Day (actress), who lived to 75
Advertised by Evelyn Laye (actress), who lived to 95 Advertised by Peggy Woods (actress), who lived to 86
Advertised by Evelyn Laye (actress), who lived to 95
10 for 4 ½d, 20 for 9d
Advertised by Peggy Woods (actress), who lived to 86
10 for 5d, 20 for 10d [14 October 1939]
Note that by October, the advert reader was expected to recognise the slogan and recall the previously included
“... offered you a cigarette, it would be a De Reszke - of course”.

As the war loomed near, note the large price hikes: 25% increase.
Well, cigarettes didn’t do them much harm - did they actually smoke them, or were they merely paid for advertising, or did they just get lucky?

December 2014: I am told that one cigarette now costs about 50p, or 120d (50p is the equivalent of 10 shillings or 120 pence).

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“smoking [on its own] is estimated to have caused 21 percent of deaths from cancer worldwide”
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