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New translation, the Magna Carta

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war 10,000 years ago? not possible say pc educationalists

That people fought millenia ago is not 'controversial' among objective people.

"As a result, "the origins of war are controversial," the researchers write. Were humans waging war as nomadic hunter-gatherers, or did communities only engage in warfare once they'd established agriculture and permanent settlements?"

The idea that human warfare did not start before agriculture is ludicrous self-delusion. Warfare is known in chimpanzee groups and nomadics such as the plains Indians of North America.

If humans do not understand their own natures, they will not take sane decisions to stop the damaging outcomes of those natures.

Other media 'reports' are suggesting only humans are altruistic. This is another piece of nonsense, as altruism is widely observed in other species.

The noble savage is at least as savage as he is noble. - abelard

The level of education in western countries is abysmal. History is taught selectively to support political ideologies and political correctness dogmas.
There is little psychology, economics, let alone philosophy, taught. Again, that which is taught is Bowdlerised to fit P.C. social engineering.

A substantial, serious and objective citizenship curriculum such as that linked below, would start correcting these significant lacks.

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Introduction - socialism & sociology

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bowie reported while cologne is not - the real face of the cult

"Feminist BBC would rather canonise Bowie than admit the ugly truth of Cologne"

"'Well, we don't know that migrants did it,' said a former Oxford graduate. I said we did know, and it hadn't been reported for five days. 'Well the greater good of the community is more important than the rights of the individual,' she said. I asked her to repeat that so we could really hear what she'd said and was it was OK then, for migrant men to attack women and get away with it? 'Yes, there was an argument for that,' she said quite seriously. Another neighbour, from Romania, opined that on no account should the ethnicity of criminals ever be mentioned because it might stigmatise a community. 'That is far too dangerous,' he said."

"Then came the [BBC] Woman's Hour weekly roundup. The programme aims to, 'give the female point of view.' It's a notoriously hard-left programme, often entering the realms of extreme silliness, but I was interested to hear what their take on Cologne would be. They didn't mention it. That silence of course spoke volumes. For them, migrants being 'victims,' can do no wrong. If they do, it cannot be mentioned.

"At 12 noon a news report described the attacks in Europe as, 'attacks on women by some migrants.'

"The main news report was on mosques in Germany where imams were inviting non-Muslims in to read the Koran, 'in the interest of cohesion.'

"Later in the day, BBC news reports were taken up by the C of E fighting about gay rights again, this time accusing itself of not being kind enough to gays and trannies in the past. We were into futile historic breast-beating. No mention of events in Germany. Obviously the rights of heterosexual woman are lower in the pecking-order than those with, 'gender issues,' at least for the Left.

"By the early hours a complete retrenchment seemed to have taken place as a BBC voice referred to, 'rare incidents such as the events on New Year's Eve.'

"I had breakfast on Sunday to the voice of Vince Cable saying: 'We don't know whether North African mobs were instigated by the extreme Right.'

"As the weekend passed so did the story, which is now largely dead. By Monday, the BBC was much happier dealing with the death and canonisation of pop singer David Bowie. A Today reporter told us that he was a 'genius' and 'master of countless innovations,' without naming one. "

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Introduction - socialism & sociology

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little people

Russian fighter shot down on Syrian-Turkish border, 24 November 2015
Russian fighter shot down on Syrian-Turkish border by Turkish or rebel weapons, 24 November 2015

All that concerns me is never to take a step that I might later have to retrace and never to take a step which could damage us in any way. You must understand that I always go as far as I dare and never further. It is vital to have a sixth sense which tells you broadly what you can and cannot do. (i.e., 'I do what ever I can get away with'.) Hitler, 1937

In Adolf Hitler, you have a pygmy suffering from a great sense of inferiority. Hitler was resentful at the defeat of World War 1.

Vladimir Putin is resentful at the fall of the mad socialist pink paradise.

The Islamists are losers with an inferiority complex.

Shallow people became dangerous and foolish when they lose their hoped for status. They fantasise about being great men adored by all.

The smaller they are, the more they posture.
The more they posture the more people laugh.
The more people laugh the more angry they become.

Now look at how many short people go into politics, are in parliament.

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