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“don’t use that word” chamberlain, june 1939

“...the Prime Minister himself wishes to use as little as possible in political speeches the word "appeasement" which is now open to considerable misconstruction.

“Rational calculation would stop Germany going to war at all. Chamberlain explained in July 1939 'what Winston and Co. never seem to realise...” [pp. 292-293, Chamberlain and appeasement]

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“Labour said ‘Yes’ to armaments for ‘collective security’, ‘No’ to armed forces for national defence”. [p.312]

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“Anyone can see what the position is. The Government simply cannot make up their mind, or they cannot get the Prime Minister to make up his mind, so they go on in strange paradox, decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all-powerful to be impotent.” [Winston Churchill, p.321]

Chamberlain and Appeasement: British Policy and the Coming of the Second World War (Making of the Twentieth Century)
by R.A.C. Parker

Palgrave Macmillan, reprint, 1993, pbk
ISBN-10: 0333417135
ISBN-13: 978-0333417133

Bedford/St Martins, 1993, pbk
ISBN-10: 031209969X
ISBN-13: 978-0312099695

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on jobs and skills

“Tony explains that Maddie has a job for two reasons. First, when it comes to making fuel injectors, the company saves money and minimizes product damage by having both the precision and non-precision work done in the same place. Even if Mexican or Chinese workers could do Maddie’s job more cheaply, shipping fragile, half-finished parts to another country for processing would make no sense. Second, Maddie is cheaper than a machine. It would be easy to buy a robotic arm that could take injector bodies and caps from a tray and place them precisely in a laser welder.[...] For Tony, it’s simple: Maddie makes less in two years than the machine would cost, so her job is safe—for now. If the robotic machines become a little cheaper, or if demand for fuel injectors goes up and Standard starts running three shifts, then investing in those robots might make sense. ”

“It’s hard to imagine what set of circumstances would reverse recent trends and bring large numbers of jobs for unskilled laborers back to the U.S. Our efforts might be more fruitfully focused on getting Maddie the education she needs for a better shot at a decent living in the years to come. Subsidized job-training programs tend to be fairly popular among Democrats and Republicans, and certainly benefit some people. But these programs suffer from all the ills in our education system; opportunities go, disproportionately, to those who already have initiative, intelligence, and—not least—family support.

“I never heard Maddie blame others for her situation; she talked, often, about the bad choices she made as a teenager and how those have limited her future. I came to realize, though, that Maddie represents a large population: people who, for whatever reason, are not going to be able to leave the workforce long enough to get the skills they need. Luke doesn’t have children, and his parents could afford to support him while he was in school. Those with the right ability and circumstances will, most likely, make the right adjustments, get the right skills, and eventually thrive. But I fear that those who are challenged now will only fall further behind. To solve all the problems that keep people from acquiring skills would require tackling the toughest issues our country faces: a broken educational system, teen pregnancy, drug use, racial discrimination, a fractured political culture.”

[Lead from DVH.]

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Citizenship curriculum
Franchise by examination, education and intelligence

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gove: wiki approach to curriculums - is it genuine?

Or will it be just another P.R. job with predetermined outcomes?

“A "wiki" approach to designing the curriculum that would allow teachers and experts to collaborate in tailoring lessons for schools is being proposed by the education secretary, Michael Gove.”

“The wiki approach would be extended to other subjects after being piloted in the government's new programme of study for computer science, Gove said.”

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on the succession for girls

Highly recommended and amusing read.

“[...] At this point, any self-respecting Member of Parliament would be entitled to say: “Wait a minute! You are trying to change the rules by which our head of state is chosen and controlled. Is this good for her and her heirs? Is it good for our country? I am going to ask some difficult questions.”

“Here, for example, is one. Suppose the heir to the throne does marry a Catholic, which, under the new rules, he/she will be permitted to do. Suppose that they have a child. Suppose the child, as the Catholic Church requires, is brought up a Catholic. Under the law, even as reformed, that child cannot become Monarch. “Are you asking me,” the doubting MP might inquire, “to vote for a reform which could precipitate a constitutional-cum-religious crisis?” ”

“The change in the sex rules is not easy either. Nowadays, most people broadly think that men and women should have equal rights. But how well do such notions fit in a hereditary system? Why should the oldest (of either sex) take all? How can you defend any hereditary system once you get really modern?”

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looney left protesting capitalism

“Jet set multimillionaire Polly Toynbee, who owns properties in both London and Italy, addressed the crowd, while fellow 1%er and millionaire Billy Bragg provided the tunes…

“But panic not, Anthony Neil Wedgwood Benn has taken a stroll down from his two million pound Holland Park mansion to give us a dose of reality…

“UPDATE: Rage Against the Machine’s guitarist Tom Morello was spotted at the occupiers camp today. He’s worth $60m.”

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