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on the psychology of donald trump

The more I watch Donald Trump, the more he looks like an intelligent innocent abroad, prepared to truth tell despite the manipulators in the fossil media.

like so many people, he seems to believe that running the country is just like running a building firm, while in reality it is far more complicated. Most people seem to very much under-estimate the complexity of politics.

Increasingly, Donald Trump looks to me like a naive and honest child. He just says what simple logic suggests to him, while he is trying to swim in shark-infested waters where most do not give a fig for facts, but only how to advance themselves.

Serious politicians realise the world is full of immature 'adults' who have votes. Trump seems to believe all he has to do is be straight and honest, to play by the rules of his rather simplistic business chessboard. It is fascinating to watch.

And on the other side, we have Bernie Sanders who believes that all he needs do is look up 'the answers' in his Marxist bible!

Over-grown children playing in a nursery with other people's lives!

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