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trump, hillary and the 'bereaved' parent

Hillary and other Left/Liberal politicians are using emotional leverage a weapon against their Republican opponents such as Donald Trump. This is morally reprehensible.

At the Democrat National Convention, Hillary paraded the Pakistani father of a American soldier killed in the line of duty. This parent Donald Trump had made no sacrifices, as he had with his now dead son.

The Pakistani put himself out as a tool of Hillary, playing the victim. This is the fall-back position of Leftists, and he used that pose to demean Trump.
In the later interview, I saw no problem with Trump diverting to his 'sacrifices'.

The (unintended) sacrifice of the son was the son's decision and the son's sacrifice. The father tried to trade on that in support of Hillary.
That is, he and Hillary tried to parade the emotions as a method of aggression for political purposes. Neither Hillary nor the soldier's father had made or chosen to make that sacrifice. Thus they tried to exploit the act of another for their advantages.

I see nothing meritorious in any of that. Donald Trump is making his own 'sacrifices' on his own choices.

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