6: abelard’s yaks - the auroran sunset

Here at abelard.org, we take a lot of photographs. Many of them are pretty or interesting. This is the sixth in a regular “photograph with little or no explanation or comment” feature.

We once promised our readers photographs of the yaks that share abelard’s world. Yaks are not ostentatious, but that doesn’t matter because yaks are very philosophical. [Yaks are sometimes quite cute, but don’t tell them I said that - they would just shake their heads tolerantly at me].

First are two photos by abelard itself [abelard is a computer-alien in exile on this nuthouse of a planet]. The first picture shows two yaks philosophising in their winter gardens under the trees:

Two yaks philosophising in the forest. Image credit: abelard

The second is a yak posing for the abelard.org logo:

Yak posing for the abelard logo. Image credit: abelard

Next three from the auroran sunset. First two yaks discussing those wacky dressed-up monkeys that keep making a nuisance of themselves:

Two yaks philosophically discuss 'the human problem'. Image credit: the auroran sunset

The second picture shows two yaks quietly being at one with a field. They practice this important exercise for at least two hours each day. In the background are their pet goats. Goats are less philosophical and more impulsive than yaks. Thus the yaks have kindly given the goats a fence to help them to understand their real world limitations, and so help their caprine companions feel more secure.

Hippopotamus wallowing in the mud. Image credit: the auroran sunset

My last picture shows one of the most important aspects of yak philosophy. Unlike head-in-the-clouds academic so-called philosophers, yaks understand the importance of keeping contact with the real world. Yaks can often be seen solitarily experimenting with various aspects of the fields, air, steppes, grass and earth. Here is a close up on the face of a yak so engaged. Careful contemplation should allow you to grok the proper yakcish philosophical way-of-being:

Yak contacting the real world. Image credit: the auroran sunset

Many of our photographs were taken in winter quarters. We also have a photograph taken in the summer pastures by the excellent professional photographer, Per-Andre Hoffmann:

Two yaks philosophically enjoying their summer pastures. Image credit: Per-Andre Hoffmann
Reproduced with permission. Unusually, this guy really knows how to use a camera.
Per-Andre Hoffmann’s site is well worth a visit.

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