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is a universal income a disincentive to work?

Recipients most don't work until they're about 20, and that number is edging upwards.
Most don't work after they're about 55, and that number is edging upwards.

Increasing numbers in between are economically of no use in the complexifying work place.
another group inherits enough to please themselves whether they work or not. Much of that group built culture and civilisation, the Darwins and Newtons and thousands more.

The hours worked by those who still work is about 35 a week. It was probably nearer 50 when starting out.
Watching 'Dragon's Den', there is a stream of people trying to invent ways of wasting time and/or money, making and doing things that have no serious use.

The onrush of the factory system means ever less work to produce any goods.
Most houses last more that a lifetime.
Food is produced by an ever shrinking number.

Going through a shopping mall the other day, beyond the main supershop, almost every shop was selling clothes, doubtless manufactured
by Chinese or Indians for 50p.The remaining 10% were a chemist, an electric fag seller, an oculist.

Work is shrinking and disappearing rapidly The machines are taking over. Work is becoming optional. Large numbers work because the work interests them, or because they dream of driving a Fferrari or of getting 'important'.

The world we were raised in is disappearing fast. Better to adjust to the new realities.

The provison of services is changing.
Like no dustbins and no dustbin collection: instead a series of collecting points, and great big lorries with machines picking up the large bins and emptying them with very little human interference. Soon enough the lorries won't even need drivers.

For road and mains repairs - well, I had a main fixed the other day Three or four machines rolled up It took the machine supervisors three or four hours to complete the job.

Those who are ill are treeated by someone who likes being rich and doing an interesting bit of butchery. Soon computer driven robots will do it better, more safely and more accurately.

Food is produced by massive machines. Some of them now are driven by weather forecasts and satellite positioning. Nearly 100 years ago, on the plains of Canada and the USA, crews with massive machines did the harvests. The crews worked steadily north as the crop ripened. And now It's much more heavily mechanised.

Soon we will be dependent on machines. We'd just better hope someone still knows what to do if they go wrong!

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fair and balanced response to deaths

Pakistan attacks terrorists, millions flee; socialist Syria kills another 2,000 - it's the joooz, it's the joooz...

The Israeli ceasefire initiative is holding.
2,000 more killed in one week in Syria.
Pakistan military set millions of refugees running.
40,000 stranded on a mountain in Iraq facing death there whether they stay or leave.

It's the joos says Baroness Warsi as she complains.
Ed Miliband complains.
Nick Clegg complains.
It's the joooz.

Shorty Putin threatens Ukraine.
Don't forget about the jooooz.

"I'm not an anti-semite, really I'm not."

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saving money from socialist 'new' one nation class warfare union party's corruption

I listened to the whole session involving Theresa May and Michael Gove the other day. May just cut the fascist Labour Party to pieces, starting with Missis Balls [Yvette Cooper], and working her way down to the basement.

Gove had a rather harder time, but still gave a creditable performance. Clearly there is plenty more to do tidying up the mess left by the Left in the blob, and he still doesn't have complete control of the octopus of special interests.

The most telling comment was from Theresa May, lost almost in passing, that socialist 'new' Labour continually harped on about how much money was being allocated to various objectives; whereas her concern was with the results being obtained. An obvious but often missed difference between the big parties.

Special measures!
"...There will certainly be calls to remove, entirely, any element of religion at all, in all schools...."
Oh how the atheistic Socialist religion will try to manoeuvre that one!

"It simply beggars belief that two of the five schools now placed by Ofsted in the category of "Special Measures" were, within the previous two years, categorised by that same inspection body, as "Outstanding". Ofsted has demonstrated, once again, that is it, too, needs to be put into "Special Measures". Assessed against standards internationally and in views of employers and of universities, it has presided silently over two decades of educational failure. It now seems to have failed again." [Quoted from]

Marker at

"New figures released by the Cabinet Office today reveal that the government has saved £14.3 billion this year from efficiency savings alone. That’s some £5 billion on procurement, £200 million on digital services and almost £5 billion on streamlining the civil service. Pushing ahead with the progress already made on reforms to taxpayer funded trade union employees in government departments is the next obvious step. Turns out when you start saving pennies from printer paper you get to £14 billion…" [Quoted from]

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the socialist dream of taking over britain, 1934

From a correspondent: "Had the government wished to manage Cadbury then they should have bought Cadbury."

That's what Socialists actually want.

I am reading a 500-plus page semi-Socialist manifesto from 1934, The first workers' government or new times for Henry Dubb. It's explaining how the Socialist government will steadily take over everything - companies, land, the lot - and how much better off everyone will be once it's run by caring Socialists.

This book has an introduction by Stafford Cripps, an eventual Attlee cabinet minister. Churchill saidof Cripps, "there but for the grace of God, goes God", while Hitler gloated thus:-
“Between Churchill and Cripps I have no hesitation choosing. I prefer a hundred times the undisciplined swine who is drunk eight hours of every twenty-four to the puritan. A man who spends extravagantly, an elderly man who drinks and smokes without moderation, is obviously less to be feared than the drawing-room Bolshevist who leads the life of an ascetic.”

The first workers' government is said to have strongly influenced Attlee and several others of the high dark forces.

In this brave new world, everything is going to be run by Socialist politicians who clearly know much better how to run businesses. The profits of business will go to running the state!

Their first act will be an enabling act. This book written about 18 months after Hitler's Socialist government had taken over Germany.

The PM is going to be a Scotch miner (dubiously named McCosh!) who:-
"...had made a deep impression on the Scottish movement by the simple and vigorous sincerity he had shown both in speech and in action. He was little known in England. His tact and firmness at the conference brought the older members of the party to agree..." [p.33]

Everything is going to be decided by technicians, a bit like Greece and Italy and quangos, I s'pose. The technicians will be promoted from the workers and trained at special socialist universities. All the 'capitalists' are going to be put out to grass - what do they know.

The shallow arrogance is quite instructive...from Ed Miliband a href="" target="_blank" class="extlnk">last week:
"What’s interesting is that of the two leaders in this who could be Prime Minister, between myself and David Cameron, I feel I am the one with much more intellectual self-confidence, actually.”

The lack of insight is saddening. The Labour Party has learned nothing in the intervening 80 years.

The first workers' government or new times for Henry Dubb by G.R. Mitchison

Flashboys by Michael Lewis

Victor Gollancz Ltd., hbk, 1934


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ban the milipede!

Marxist Ed Miliband dreams of a return to full blooded socialism. After all, Prohibition, and not just of alcohol, is the way to encourage the economy.

"There is a problem with high energy prices. Ban them.
"There is a problem with high rent prices. Ban them.
"There is a problem with people getting drunk on cheap beer and wine. Ban them.
"There is a problem with children eating too many sweets. Ban them.

"Labour is setting a dividing line for the next election: a choice between freedom or socialism, state control and a mentality that believes prohibition solves things."

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capital, wages and a basic citizen's income

It is hard for me to realise how great is the confusion among the Left between capital and wages.

Capital is about control (power) and production.
Wages is about distribution of production.

Taxing production/capital means less production.
Taxing goods and services means taxing consumption.

Buying a machine for production, or a car to get to work, is not equivalent to buying a meal at a restaurant, or buying a car to tour the countryside, or what is left of it.


Redistribution is about keeping beggars off the streets and allowing the population to eat or to entertain themselves. Without distribution, what point is there in production?

Redistribution is a matter of ethics and or charity. It is matter of adjusting to the ever increasing productivity of the machines and the factory system. You cannot sell your cars or your restaurant meals if no-one can purchase them.

Factories are able to produce ever more with ever less people. Without redistribution, they may as well shut down.

managing redistribution

The question is how is the redistribution to be managed, n not whether there is to be redistribution or not. Socialists want to control the public by controlling the redistribution. That is, they wish to enslave the population in pursuit of their selfish whims. Only a citizen's wage solves both problems—the selfishness of socialism, and the need to redistribute.

There must be a financial level of redistribution necessary and possible to an advanced society. That is the natural level for a citizen's wage.

I hear there are about 600,000 are not presently working in the UK. That is about 1% of the population (assuming that even babies and pensioners are available for 'work').

Say a very small percentage of the population are not really seeking work. In a less politically correct time, approximately 2% of the population would be classified as mentally defective, and many more are fairly marginal in terms of economic viability in a modern complex economy. Sanity suggest such people will need some assistance, much of which can be managed by that same citizen's wage.

I wish people would learn greater analytical skills, and desist from empty rhetoric and the socialist class warfare!
What is daft is the capital taxation nostrums promoted by the likes of the 'New' Labour Party, and redistribution via consumption taxation, or even by open money printing to pay a citizen's wage.

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