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making pretty pictures of web-page code - xavier

selection of webgraphs from Flickr (
selection of webgraphs from Flickr (
This image is part of one of several pages on this topic.

“Everyday, we look at dozens of websites. The structure of these websites is defined in HTML, the lingua franca for publishing information on the web. Your browser's job is to render the HTML according to the specs (most of the time, at least). You can look at the code behind any website by selecting the "View source" tab somewhere in your browser's menu.

“HTML consists of so-called tags, like the A tag for links, IMG tag for images and so on. Since tags are nested in other tags, they are arranged in a hierarchical manner, and that hierarchy can be represented as a graph. I've written a little app that visualizes such a graph, and here are some screenshots of websites that I often look at.”

We can see no discernible, technical use for this, but it sure is pretty.

If you wish to have a particular web page calculated, enter the page’s web address [URL] into this linked page and wait for the result to draw. [Note that you need to have Java installed on your computer.]

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the moonbat left, may 1945 as recalled by Victor Hanson

“May 1, 1945 - After the debacles of February and March at Iwo Jima, and now the ongoing quagmire on Okinawa, we are asked to accept recent losses that are reaching 20,000 dead brave American soldiers and yet another 50,000 wounded in these near criminally incompetent campaigns euphemistically dubbed "island hopping."

“Meanwhile, we are no closer to victory over Japan. Instead, we are hearing of secret plans of invasion of the Japanese mainland slated for 1946 or even 1947 that may well make Okinawa seem like a cake walk and cost us a million casualties and perhaps involve a half-century of occupation. The extent of the current Kamikaze threat, once written off as the work of a "bunch of dead-enders," was totally unforeseen, even though such suicidal zealots are in the process of inflicting the worst casualties on the U.S. Navy in its entire history.

“Worse still, our sources in the intelligence community speak of a billion-dollar boondoggle now underway in the American southwest. This improbable "super-weapon" (with the patently absurd name "Manhattan Project" - in the midst of a desert no less!) promises in one fell swoop to erase our mistakes and give us instant deliverance from our blunders - no concern, of course, for the thousands of innocents who would be vaporized if such a monstrous fantasy bomb were ever actually to work.”

Read on.... and on.... and on....

marker at

And now for the latest from Dingbat Drive, where it has long been claimed that the pictures from the Pentagon filling station, held back for the recent Moussaoui trial, had been censored or buried for deep and dark reasons.

“The latest pictures are the missing frames from a series taken from two cameras at a filling station.” [Quoted from]

Here is a copy of the critical frame from the security camera [first video on the link]. The alleged ’plane is a third of the way down on the right-hand side, just in frame. The nearest wing of the aeroplane can be distingushed.

Frame from security camera recording close to the Pentagon building, 9/11/2001
Notes - my reading of the frame:
• black - underside of aircraft
• white - topside of aircraft
• the ’plane is in front of the jagged dark hedge, behind which is a white object (a building?). These can be seen in other frames.
[This is a correction, and thanks to Diane BB, who pointed out a problem.]

Marked enlargement of aeroplane about to crash into the Pentagon on 9/11/2001.

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the greatest show on earth - first pre-warning

Map for the 2006 edition of the Tour de France
click on image for larger version

The greatest show in the world is steadily closing in. The full route details have just been released, expanding the approximate route shown on the map. Now it’s time to make sure you next trip to France is close enough to the route and coincides with the dates. You know it is the most important detail for planning your French holiday!

Meanwhile orientation starts with preparing for the Great Day

After a record seven Tour victories, the great Armstrong has retired - though I can hardly believe it. I keep expecting him to join on the start line. A Tour without Armstrong, next it’ll be a Tour without the bikes.

This year the race is open and looking for a new master of the drama.

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teddy bears - cruelty or adventure?

Pink teddy ready to be fired (at a Japanese wedding)

“The gun [...] actually fires small pink teddy bears into the air, which parachute down safely to the earth. What's it for, you say? Why, it's a nascent Japanese wedding tradition [...] ” [Quoted from]

explanation from the auroran sunset

Here’s an answer that will only make sense to the Japanese and probably not many of them at that. A commmentor claims that bears are thrown because

whythe Japanese fire teddies

This roughly translates to:
“‘Bear’ is short for ‘may they live happily ever after’.”

The Japanese sometimes do this sort of radical abbreviation, so the explanation is not entirely implausible. However, I have the feeling that the writer is not being entirely serious.

more teddy cruelty: super ball teddies [in Japanese]

Superball bouncying teddies from Japan

And from the USA, another sort of cruelty to teddies:

Mad about you teddy bear from the Vermont Bear Company

The Vermont chapter of the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill tried to get this one banned for being in a straight-jacket, even pursuading the Governor of the 'merits' of their case. Fortunately they did not succeed, so he can be yours for $80.

Mad-about-you bear from the Vermont teddy bear company


15" Birthday Suit Bear

The bare essentials , birthday suit bear

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in his spare time, bush is a standup comedian - the auroran sunset

For a few decades, the White House Correspondents’ Association has held an annual dinner. The sitting President is invited to that dinner and expected to give a short speech. Their speech is supposed to be amusing and without serious content, or at least without direct political comment on the events of the day.

Last year, Bush let his wife Laura take over. This year, he hired an impersonator to ‘translate’. Bush talked like Bush, although with some twists in the content, while the clone explained what George really wants to say. There was also mockery of Bush’s rhetorical and pronunciation problems.

A video of the full 15 minute routine is available for free download at CSPAN. Here are my favourite parts:

Bush: “And I've continued to spread our agenda globally and around the world, as well as internationally. ”

marker at

Clone: “Yes my fellow Americans, in the words of Sigmund Freud, ‘I have a dream.’”

Bush: And one of those dreams is to eliminate barriers and I saw a wonderful opportunity to do that when I was in China. Out on tour in the Chinese countryside with the Chinese premier, When-He-Elbow, I looked him straight in the eye and I said, ‘Mr.President, TEAR. DOWN. THIS. WALL.’”

related material
George and Laura in 2005

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