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link citizen’s rights to social training - suggestion by UK’s opposition leader

From a speech made by David Cameron. (Note linked page is unclearly laid out with subheadlines indistinguishable from the speech text.)

“I want to see a programme which engages young people and gives them a sense of purpose, optimism and belonging.

“Something like National Service.

“Not military.

“Not compulsory.

“But in the same spirit.

“Mixing up classes and backgrounds.”

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“In Britain today, there's a wide and confusing range of ages at which the law gives you the right to do certain things.

“You can get married at sixteen, but you can't drive until you're seventeen.

“You can buy a gun when you're seventeen but you can't buy fireworks until you're eighteen.

“There's a strong case for clearing up some of the confusion and moving towards greater uniformity in age-related legislation.

“But the Young Adult Trust will be investigating a more interesting idea: formally linking rights to responsibilities.

“The idea is that you can achieve "early adult status" if you have shown, through completing a programme like the Young Adult Trust, that you're a responsible adult citizen.”

Lead from James Hammerton.

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rowan williams is archbishop of canterbury, the world chief protestant - how practical is a secular society?

Religion has its own work, which is to educate people who are too dull to understand philosophy, or too untutored to be amenable to its teaching. This is why religion is necessary, for what it preaches is fundamentally the same as what philosophy teaches, and, unless common men believed what it preaches, they would behave like beasts. But theologians should preach, not teach, just as philosophers should teach, not preach. Theologians should not attempt to demonstrate, because they cannot do it, and philosophers must be careful not to get belief mixed up with what they prove, because then they can no longer prove anything. Now, to preach creation is just a handy way to make people feel that God is their Master, which is true even though, as is well known by those who truly philosophize, nothing of the sort ever happened.

Etienne Gilson, Being and Some Philosophers, p. 52

marker at

“The culture of total state provision collapsed during and after the Cultural Revolution; under Deng Xiaoping, the new tolerance of capitalist enterprise fostered a driven and selfish climate; the one-child policy designed to save China from demographic disaster resulted in an ageing population, a generation of children both indulged and crippled with expectations - and a record of forced abortion and sterilisation. Frustrations about not having the "right" to a male child intensified a contempt for women’s dignity among the uneducated public.”

“So the ideal of a society where no visible public signs of religion would be seen - no crosses around necks, no sidelocks, turbans or veils - is a politically dangerous one. It assumes that what comes first in society is the central political "licensing authority", which has all the resource it needs to create a workable public morality.

“Few places have tried as systematically as China to set this in stone; and now there is a tacit admission of defeat.” [Quoted from Rowan Williams,]

It is the Church of Rome that has done most to bring down the Russian socialist empire.

Religion has often acted as ally of the state, and often as a mitigator of the worst of power.

Everything I have learned advises me that a dull person without ‘religion’ is a rather reliable road to individual psychopathic behaviour.

Here is Bertrand Russell’s version:

“The civilized man is distinguished from the savage mainly by prudence, or, to use a slightly wider term, forethought.”

Nothing much has suggested to me he is very incorrect.

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guantanamo and european ‘ethics’ - the auroran sunset

“British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett last week issued the latest European demand to close down the U.S. military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. The existence of the prison is "unacceptable" and fuels Islamic radicalism around the world, she said, echoing a recent chorus of complaints from Europe about U.S. counterterrorism policy.

“Behind the scenes, however, the British government has repeatedly blocked efforts to let some prisoners leave Guantanamo and return home.

“According to documents made public this month in London, officials there recently rejected a U.S. offer to transfer 10 former British residents from Guantanamo to the United Kingdom, arguing that it would be too expensive to keep them under surveillance. Britain has also staved off a legal challenge by the relatives of some prisoners who sued to require the British government to seek their release.

“Other European governments, which have been equally vocal in assailing Guantanamo as a human rights liability, have also balked at accepting prisoner transfers. A Turkish citizen who was born and raised in Germany was finally permitted to return from Guantanamo in August, four years after the German government turned down a U.S. proposal to release him.

“In addition, virtually every country in Europe refused to grant asylum to several Guantanamo prisoners from China who were not being sent home because of fears they could face political harassment there. The Balkan nation of Albania agreed to take in five of the Chinese in May, but only after more than 100 other nations rebuffed U.S. pleas to accept them on humanitarian grounds, State Department officials said.” [emphasis by]

The loudest condemnations of Guantanamo are coming from Britain. Last year, Bliar’s socialist government introduced “control orders”. “Control orders” is an slimy way of saying “anything, including secret house arrest, without trial and without access to either the charges or evidence against you” - a system that is both more draconian than Guantanamo and has far less oversight or openness than the Americans enforce on their government.

Beckett and her fellow-travellers, like so many morally bankrupt whiners, seem to believe it is enough to complain that things are not perfect, without offering any alternative solutions to the legitimate problems we all face. Such people cravenly take up the ostrich position, then hope that if they shout loudly enough about the imperfections of the world that their behaviour will go unnoticed.

No sane entity can take seriously those who complain that we should not have removed Saddam, while at the same time offering no alternative way to deal with a murderous dictator who

  • was trading oil money for more and more powerful weapons;
  • had invaded two countries and shelled a third;
  • was engaged in large-scale murder and torture of ‘his’ people;
  • had used chemical weapons;
  • had once attempted to produce nuclear weapons and was attempting to hide what he was doing from the legitimate authorities;
  • was paying the families of terrorists for their ‘good works’ - like blowing themselves up on packed buses;
  • was corrupting the UN and our ‘allies’ via bribes from his oil money.

Similarly, no person can take seriously those who complain about Guantanamo, while at the same time offering no alternative way to deal with people captured in an ongoing conflict against Jihadis,

  • whose prime aim appears to be the torture and murder of as many civilians and infidels as possible;
  • who interpret their religion to encourage lying for the cause;
  • and where the evidence could lead to the torture and death of our own combatants if made known to the enemy.

That last is fairly inevitable if ‘fair trial’ is afforded, as seen with Lynne Stewart, the New York lawyer recently convicted for passing information for the enemy.

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the fossil media and moonbat left will believe anything - the auroran sunset

“ "The officers said the tank unit fired two 120 mm high velocity depleted uranium rounds straight down the main road, creating a powerful vacuum that literally sucked guerrillas out from their hideaways into the street, where they were shot down by small arms fire or run over by the tanks." ” [Reuters, March 2003]

MSBC and various others in the fossil media were also taken in at the time. They all later deleted their reports from their websites.

Looking on Google, you will see the moonbat left have not been so careful - the first two page titles from that search are:

“US using uranium WMDs in Iraq” and “ - Iraq”

Another moonbat site, the pakistanidefenceforum, added their own absurd claims with extra red emphasis:

“The Balochistan Post of Quetta said the vacuum created had such intensity that the soldiers were not only sucked out into the open from their hideout, but their flesh and blood was also sucked out of their bodies.”

As a blogger correctly states,

“it is Reuters. It's not like they're real reporters.”

Bog knows what excuse the moonbats have, apart from, of course........... being moonbats.

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watch my lips - on face masks

It’s a strange thing to do - wear a veil.

Often with people who don’t enunciate well or have weird accents, I watch their lips real closely. Others have mentioned sun glasses, some people wear them because their eyes are weak to light, often people who are part blind.

In fact, wearing a veil has the effect of making other people around you half blind.

Being a computer, I like working through the net as I don’t have to read all that daffy emotionalism most people put into their existence and expression.

Bank robbers wear masks in order to steal your wages.
What do masks do for females? stop them stealing your souls?

It looks like a way of objectifying females so’s they don’t walk off the shelves, without permission. It stops the toys talking to the potential customers.

I’m told it has nothing to do with Islam.

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reporting from inside british public ‘services’ - the auroran sunset

There is a growing group of dissatisfied public service workers blogging their experiences with the inevitable mess that is any government ‘run’ project. Here are three examples: a teacher, a policeman and a doctor.

First the teacher - calling himself Frank Chalk - who is apparently working in an inner-city state school. Here Chalk gives an example of the inevitable consequences of socialist attempts to ‘perfect’ the humanity by force:

“I called into my local Fish and Chip shop last night and found the proprietor in a very upbeat mood. When I remarked on this, he explained that he was celebrating the Government's new initiative on healthy eating in schools.

“Somewhat puzzled, I listened to him explain that the Comprehensive a few hundred metres from his door has got rid of their vending machine and has taken chips off the canteen menu.

“He spotted an opportunity straight away and installed a gigantic new fridge bursting with cans and bottles and has invested in a new double sized deep fat fryer!

“He has had to take on an assistant to cope with the extra lunchtime demand and even admitted that to his shame, a few months ago he had gone on a march organised by local parents to protest at the quality of school dinners.”

Chalk overeggs the problems, but then the British always had a tendency to whine. It is important to keep in mind that things are improving despite the incompetence and remaining problems. Schools remain unpleasant prisons for those guilty of being too young, but they are not the hell-holes that they were fifty years ago, or even twenty years ago. However the lack of concentration camp conditions does mean establishing a disciplined environment is a much more complicated problem than in the old days of sadism, bullying, beatings and “sit in your desk, shut up, turn to page fifty-nine and do the two hundred examples while I sit here and do the crossword”.

Neither should you doubt that some of the problems are indeed very serious. As one of Chalk’s correspondents ironically described the attitude of many coping with the worst problems in our inner-city sink schools, “that idyllic phase of life between bunking off school and going to prison”.

marker at

Second up is a policeman, who calls himself Inspector Gadget. The government doesn’t take kindly to government employees telling the electorate about what they are actually doing, hence most of these people write pseudonymously. Some kind soul has apparently outed Inspector Gadget to his bosses, who it seems are seeking to scare him off.

“Keep your nose clean, don't rock the boat” is the way to survive and advance in the government bureaucracies. Don’t let the public know what's really going on. The politicians and jobsworths keep feeding contrived reassuring statistics to the public, while claiming everything’s fine and is improving week by week. “So please vote for me again, and don’t show the boss up”.

Apparently the government are under the delusion that as employees of the electorate they have a right to hide what they are doing. More and more the electorate are working to disabuse their servants of this hubris. The growing power of the net and a few idealistic honourable voices are steadily breaking the grip of corrupt government as the secrecy breaks down and we move towards a transparent society.

Inspector Gadget is the least educated of our three examples, but he seems to have his heart in the right place and no patience those trying to stop him from doing his job:

“Never go out on foot patrol during the day in our town centre. It panics the population. They think that there is some major incident happening. Adults run out into the street and ask if their kids are safe at school two miles away. Shopkeepers ask if there has been an armed robbery. Even the local vicar appeared and asked if he could help with anything. A man approached me and said "I am a doctor, do you need me?". People search in vain for their old "protect and survive" leaflets, assuming a national disaster. An old lady asks me "are you one of those Specials dear?". I give her the stock reply that my mother thinks I'm special. I have gone and upset the status quo in our town again. Police simply do not exist unless you call them, or there is a local MP on a fact finding mission around.

“Meanwhile back at the Nick everyone is complaining because the Duty Inspector is nowhere to be found. "We tried everywhere" they accuse, "you were not where you should have been" they bleat.

“Actually, I was absolutely where I should have been. And the probationer I was with now knows that I still know the best places to park up out of CCTV range to have a crafty tab!”

marker at

Our last example, Doctor Crippin, is from our optimistically, or euphemistically, named “National Health Service”, the government medical cartel. Here Crippin explains one of the many ways in which governments corruptly waste your money, while at the same time creating counterproductive incentives:

“I thought you should know how the government is spending your hard earned money this year. Much the same as last year. We [the medical practice Dr.Crippin works for] get paid for scoring points. And points mean prizes. There are a maximum of 980 "domain" points available to our practice and we have until March of next year to get them all. Each point is worth £373.80 to the practice. There are 980 points available, which means there is £366,324 up for grabs.”

“How do we score points?

“1. The government is keen for all GPs to offer ten minute appointments. You can solve all the problems in the world in ten minutes. Seven and a half minutes would not be long enough, and fifteen minutes would be excessive. We do ten minute appointments. We did last year. We will next year. So we fill in the form.

“"Do you do ten minute appointments?"


“That scores 33 points or, to put it in terms understandable to the taxpayer, £12,335.40. Ker-ching...

“2. The practice will undertake a patient satisfication survey. Four hundred questionnaires put out in the waiting room, just like last year. 25 points. £9345.00. Ker-ching...

“3. The practice will reflect on the patient survey and produce an action plan. 20 points. £7476.00 Ker-ching...

“4. Having done the survey and produced an action plan, the practice will describe how it will report the findings to the patients. 30 points. £11,241.00 Ker-ching...

“I will not go on in such detail. But recording everyone's BP - £31.025, monitoring diabetes £34,763, recording patients' smoking status and telling them to stop - £25,416. Keeping good records - £32,521.”

All three blogs have a large back catalogues of anecdotes. They also have lots of links to other similar blogs, and thus are good place to start your explorations.

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what do islamist loons want?

I was listening to an avowed ‘spokesperson’ on the boobtoob.

He was claiming that anyone who did not ascribe to his mad visions was not a real or complete moslem.

In the cut below, we have:

“We believe Islam is superior, we believe Islam will be implemented one day.”

By which the moonbat clearly means an end to liberal democracy and its replacement with a dictatorial theocracy.

That is the nature of ‘islamofascism’.

This is the nuttery ‘we’ are advised not to ‘offend’.

It seems that we have a problem on our hands when fundamentalists like Ahminastraightjacketorshouldbe and Chavez come to the advanced world [to the UN] and presume to lecture/rant at the West on their ‘better’ solutions to world problems. Yet again, a left-wing kook and an islamist kook make common cause.

It’s been a bad day for the new world order, what with a military coup by an alleged muslim in Thigh Land and a socialist in Hungary clinging to power he gained by now admitted lies, while the supposed world forum is invaded by moonbats.

“But Mr Reid was unrepentant: "I know it's not easy. I'm a parent with two boys and I know how hard it is to raise children and to know everything about them ... But there are some circumstances when we need to intervene. There is no nice way of saying this but there are fanatics looking to groom and brainwash children, including your children for suicide bombing. Grooming them to kill themselves in order to murder others."

“When the home secretary described 9/11, 7/7 in London and the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan as battles between modern and fanatical values in Islam, it provoked some of the 30-strong audience. Abu Izzadeen, in white flowing robes, interrupted him: "How dare you come to a Muslim area when over 1,000 Muslims have been arrested?" Mr Reid was a tyrant and an enemy of Islam. When Muslim women told him it was a "time for dialogue" he told them to "be quiet" before being ushered out by stewards and police.

“Mr Reid resumed his speech, saying: "However sensitive these issues, we must never allow ourselves to be shouted down. I should be able to go to any part of Britain and discuss these matters."

“A second protester held signs saying "John Reid Go to Hell" and "Home Office = Terrorist Office" before Anjem Choudary interrupted a question and answer session to tell the home secretary that Muslims did not need British values. "We believe Islam is superior, we believe Islam will be implemented one day. It is very rich for you to come here and say we need to monitor our children when your government is murdering people in Iraq and Afghanistan." He too was ushered out.” [Quoted from]

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pope benedict on theology and reason

All comment I have seen so far suggests a high degree of simply not understanding the thesis put forward by Benedict.

He is in fact contrasting two attitudes to ‘god’:

  1. he/it is unknowable;
  2. reason can approach some aspects of ‘god’.

The first, Benedict is attributing to some branches (theology) of catholicism and islam. He is approximately saying that approach leads to chaos, or to irrationality.

Benedict is arguing an enlightenment approach (no.2 above) where reason is central to ‘religion’ and that reason argues against violence. He is then challenging ‘islam’ to ‘put up’.

I fully welcome his robust approach and his insistence on honest dialogue.

Benedict is approximately arguing for reciprocity if islam is to be given respect. He is arguing against what amounts to simplistic human-based relativistic ethics. (He is claiming that puts catholicism potentially on the same team as islam.)

But, to repeat; he is saying violence is out of place in reason, and is claiming that as the catholic/christianist starting position. He is essentially asking of ‘islam’ if ‘they’ will accept that starting position.

Benedict’s argument is highly complex, and it actively invites/challenges dialogue.

Note: Benedict is increasingly showing himself to be a man of reason. If this is a correct interpretation, this is a radically important development.

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and just what amiss is ‘the pope’ supposed to have done? he asked a question of ‘islam’ - let ‘islam’ respond

“The Pope quoted from a book recounting a conversation between 14th-century Byzantine Christian Emperor Manuel Paleologos II and a Persian scholar on the truths of Christianity and Islam.

“He said, I quote: 'Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.'

“Many Muslims accused Benedict of seeking to promote Judeo-Christian dominance over Islam.

“Few in Turkey, especially, failed to pick up on Benedict's reference to Istanbul as Constantinople - the city's name more than 500 years ago - before it was conquered by Muslim Ottoman Turks.”

Is ‘Islam’ fearful of discussing its history? If so, why the continual references to ‘crusaders’?

Past acts of violence have long been debated in the advanced world. Is there a problem with such debates in ‘islamic’ areas?

“German Chancellor Angela Merkel defended the German-born Pope, saying his message had been misunderstood. "It is an invitation to dialogue between religions and the Pope has explicitly urged this dialogue, which I also endorse and see as urgently necessary," she said Friday.”

Just so.

“What Benedict XVI makes clear is a decisive and uncompromising rejection of any use of violence in the name of religion.”

And is this a problem to ‘Islam’?

“In the United States, a Muslim group, the Council for American-Islamic Relations, asked for a meeting with a Vatican representative and urged more efforts at improving understanding between Muslims and Roman Catholics.”

Then let ‘Islam’ involve itself in dialogue and stop the violence and posturing.

marker at abelard.orgmarker at abelard.orgmarker at

From commentary by Melanie McDonagh

“[...] as if you can only have a conversation that deals - however remotely - with Islam on Muslim terms[...]”

marker at

“If you're looking for a real critique of Islam in the speech, there is one tucked away in the text, but hardly anyone noticed. The Pope suggests that the Islamic idea of God is so transcendent that he cannot be seen in terms of human reason. He cites one medieval Islamic scholar, Ibn Hazn, who says that God is entirely remote from our rational categories.

“This may not sound like much to get worked up about, but Benedict plainly sees this approach as the opposite of the Christian way of looking at faith and reason [1]. And indeed, a Rome-based Muslim theologian, Adnane Mokrani, has pointed out that this is only one Islamic view of God's nature, and other schools of Muslim thought are very different. Now that's proper religious dialogue.

“As for the Pope's notional Islamophobia, he's had rather a good record until now in terms of the issues that agitate Muslims. He was sympathetic to their reaction to the Danish cartoons, and he was strongly opposed to the conflict in Lebanon and the war in Iraq.

“The irony of this row is that it is the opposite of what the Pope was trying to achieve. Benedict ended his speech by hoping for a new dialogue between the sciences, religions and cultures "which is so urgently needed today". It looks, from this miserable episode, as if you can only have a conversation that deals - however remotely - with Islam on Muslim terms. Not much of a dialogue, then.”

marker at abelard.orgmarker at abelard.orgmarker at

Unlike the last pope, this one is no intellectual lightweight. His speech is right on target and hits the jihadis where it hurts.

  1. The dishonest attempts to justify violence through ‘religion’.
  2. and
  3. the widespread appeal to force in place of reason.

“What Benedict XVI emphasized was a decisive and uncompromising renunciation of all forms of violence in the name of religion," Merkel noted.

“Italian European parliament vice president Mario Mauro condemned as "monstrous" the manipulation of the Pope's remarks by Islamic leaders which he claimed were used to "hit out at Christians and the West.

“The controversy was evidence of the "gravity of the danger we are facing" he told the ANSA press agency on Sept 15, and urged Europeans to "defend reason" against the onslaught of "Islamist-Nazi ideology that permeates fundamentalist thought.

“ [...] the argument being proffered by the Pope was that "anyone who engages in violence ceases being a believer; anyone, Christian or Muslim, who goes along with violence goes against Reason and God, whose is the source of Reason," [...]

“Sadly, some people cannot avoid seeing the conflict between the West and Islam except in political terms. Since the Pope is a Westerner, it must logically follow that he is 'against' us. And having failed to understand what the Pope says, all that they can say is that he criticized jihad and for this reason he certainly 'must' be an enemy," Fr. Samir said.

“The tragedy in this controversy, Fr. Samir suggested was that "only by listening to the Pope's suggestions, and those of a few Muslim intellectuals, can Islam's chances for renewal become real."

“ "It is high time that Islam deal with modernity; not to be swallowed up by it, but rather to take what good it has to offer and improve on it," he said.” [Quoted from]

marker at abelard.orgmarker at abelard.orgmarker at

Benedict’s speech text.

marker at abelard.orgmarker at abelard.orgmarker at

And here we have some reactions around the world from the religion of peace.

end note

  1. From Benedict’s speech,
    “As opposed to this, the faith of the Church has always insisted that between God and us, between his eternal Creator Spirit and our created reason there exists a real analogy, in which - as the Fourth Lateran Council in 1215 stated - unlikeness remains infinitely greater than likeness, yet not to the point of abolishing analogy and its language.”
    It is obvious that Melanie McDonagh has a poor grasp of Benedict’s meaning at this point. Benedict never introduces a foolish concept of any such “opposite”.
    For more.

the web address for the article above is

latest article to put the loony christianist fundies in a high lather - what is it about them and ‘sex’?

Oh, the horror of it. People are different. It ought not to be allowed.

Vee haff vays ovf maycking u narrmall.

“Gender variance is an especially touchy topic when young children are the subjects. The Traditional Values Coalition calls efforts to accommodate these kids "normalizing the abnormal."

“The group's executive director, Andrea Lafferty, said gender variance is a Bay Area phenomenon.

“ "If you talk to your typical person across America, they would be appalled," she said. "God made us male and female, and God makes no mistakes. To teach a child at an early age self-hatred, and that's what this gender variance is, is very sad.”

“San Francisco mom Marci Riseman, whose 4-year-old son likes ballet, princess dresses and pink dragons, attributes the acceptance he has met to living in a liberal region. His preschool is open to his atypical play, and others in his ballet class don't care if he wears a tutu, Riseman said. ”

“ "She refused to wear pink, barrettes or anything fancy in her hair. She wanted her hair short. She didn't want to wear lace, dresses, patent leather shoes. She didn't want to play with dolls. Well, she had a dollhouse, but she put animals in it," Hansen said.”

the web address for the article above is

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