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New translation, the Magna Carta
 child education zone - maths and reading explained     
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economics a lot of nonsense talked about digital currencies 18 December
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politics uk /  socialism and sociology  on the support of the poor 18 December

politics world

why is israel different? 16 December
behaviour and intelligence on the dimensional nature of a point of IQ score 11 December
Click for motorways and motorway aires in France. updated: current fuel prices in france 1 December
economics /  socialism and sociology  belloc on distributionism - sharing a nation's wealth equitably 28 November
politics uk /  socialism and sociology  slow recovery from labour's housing collapse 17 November
science and technology social messaging - medieval style 5 November
behaviour and intelligence why god became man - "I believe in order that I may understand" 4 November
healines for october 2017
Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. new!
stone in church and cathedral construction illustrated
15 October
politics uk theresa may - obviously competent but no high-flyer 7 October
headlines for September 2017
socialism and sociology /  politics how to handle a new caligula? 3 September
socialism and sociology /  politics usa  socialism is built on hate - but they do love chelsea! 2 September
headlines for August 2017
economics /  socialism and sociology  warren buffet: on socialists, and gold nutz 21 August
politics usa /  behaviour and intelligence  robert e. lee works poorly as the left's confederate villain 20 August
behaviour and intelligence political correctness is stunting free speech 19 August
behaviour and intelligence exploding snowflake heads 18 August
socialism and sociology new!
the problem of moderation beta release
15 August
socialism and sociology has socialism ever produced any good for the poor anywhere at any time? 9 August
headlines for July 2017
ethics /  politics uk  the gard child and ethics - who owns the child? attitude contrasts in uk and usa 31 July
economics /  alternative energies 

the energy economics of electric cars - no pressure

30 July
Click for motorways and motorway aires in France. another eussr attack on the motor car 29 July
Click for motorways and motorway aires in France. île de ré : braking the summer traffic jams from 2017 illustrated 15 July

ecoomics /  politics uk 

recovering from labour's economic disaster 14 July
Click for an introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. new!
lantern towers of Normandy and elsewhere illustrated graph
7 July
headlines for June 2017
Tour de France 2017 this year’s top ten seeded riders 29 June
Click for motorways and motorway aires in France. updated: current fuel prices in france 28 June
Tour de France 2017 cycling tactics and glossary - the hairpin mountain illustrated 28 June
book and other reviews
a flurry of h.g.wells books - he wrote more than sci-fi
The new Machiavelli by H.G. Wells, 1910
Ann Veronica by H.G. Wells, 1909
Mr Britling sees it through by H.G. Wells, 1916
Joan and Peter by H.G. Wells, 1918
27 June
socialism and sociology new!
co-operation and being nice - suckers, grudgers and cheats
22 June
Tour de France 2017 new!
the tour de france 2017, russian mountains on steroids! graph
18 June
politics uk /
 socialism and sociology 
comments on uk general election so far 9 June
world of fundamentalism /
 socialism and sociology 
to re-read: islamic authoritarianism
the myth of islamic tolerance in al-andalus
on conquest by infiltration - islam in the uk
4 June

Who is Barak Obama?


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