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the poisonous party is now in session at brighton...

Watching the Labour shills,

  • they try to claim credit for anything that was going right - because it was due to their actions a few years back;
  • whereas everything going wrong had nothing to do with their actions a few years back;
  • making out that long-term actions by the present government were wrong because of short-term effects of those changes.

Socialists are either dishonest to the core, or cannot think independently and clearly.

Most ideologies have some concern for the longer term, usually wrapped up by promises of an after-life.
Socialism has no such redeeming core beliefs. Socialism fails exactly
because it is foolish.

As put by Bertrand Russell, one of the few ‘intellectuals’ not fooled by Soviet and general socialist propaganda:

“The civilized man is distinguished from the savage mainly by prudence, or, to use a slightly wider term, forethought.”

Socialism is an offer of short-term sweets for long-term destruction.

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socialism and appeasement - so few stood firm against the socialist dictatorships of Stalin and Hitler
For Socialism and Peace - the Labour Party's Programme of Action

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who is red ed miliband? damning summary

“Ed Miliband said that if he was to back the Government, David Cameron would have to publish the legal advice upon which the case for war rested. David Cameron agreed, and did so.

“Ed Miliband then said a solid case needed to be presented demonstrating the Assad regime’s culpability for the chemical attacks. David Cameron agreed, and published the JIC analysis which concluded “there are no plausible alternative scenarios to regime responsibility”.

“Ed Miliband then said the Government would have to exhaust the UN route before any recourse to military action. David Cameron agreed, and confirmed he would be submitting a motion to the P5 to that effect.

“Ed Miliband said he would need to await the UN weapons inspectors report. David Cameron agreed.

“Finally, and crucially, Ed Miliband said there would have to be not one, but two House of Commons votes before military action could be authorised. Once again David Cameron agreed.

“And then, having sought – and received – all these assurances from the Prime Minister, Ed Miliband went ahead and voted against the Government anyway.”

“As for the children of Syria, they didn’t even get a look in. This week I’ve seen the true face of Ed Miliband. And I suspect that the country has too.”

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on debt and politics

“In short, the moral rights and wrongs of the matter turned out to be more complicated than they appeared at first glance. Conflicts over debt did not really lend themselves to clear-cut ethical resolution. Certainly the borrowers could not make a compelling argument for global leniency on grounds of equity alone. The best-informed specialists preferred to steer around that aspect of the problem and to examine the capacity of each debtor to pay on a case-by-case basis. But public opinion in the advanced industrial countries suffered from a troubled conscience.a climate developed, especially in the united states, in which the creditor banks faced heavy pressure to show patience and flexibility. Several forces that had militated against vigorous debt collection in the 1930s surfaced again. Manufacturers fretted about slumping exports if debtors abruptly had to balance their current accounts. The foreign-policy establishment worried lest a tough line undermine political stability in strategically located lands. (Had not the failure to make timely concessions to bruning, so went the analogy among the historically minded, led to the advent of Hitler the last time around?) and the articulate liberals waxed indignant at the prospect that debt servicing might require a slowdown, however temporary, in the growth of third-world living standards.”

Schuker, 1988, p. 139.

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david cameron in big trouble, and no wonder

“This Government – and PM – has
reduced the deficit,
made the tax system more competitive,
reformed the welfare state,
cut net migration,
reduced crime,
made the NHS more efficient and compassionate,
secured progress on the EU budget,
repatriated European powers,
freed millions from dictatorship,
created a million new private sector jobs,
presided over the largest number of business start-ups in a 12-month period in recorded history,
restored rigour to GCSEs and A-levels,
created 2,000 academy schools
ensured that no one on benefits earns more than the average wage.”

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sane humans live in a dynamic world, not a world of simplistic rules

Some ideas are so stupid that only an intellectual could believe them.
[Attributed to George Orwell]

Linked is an excellent but politicised article on the Brown economic meltdown.

This should be seen as a state of play more than a history lesson, as the Conservatives gradually gain control of Labour’s ghastly economic mess.

Keep in mind, the correct actions this week are not the correct actions last week or next week. Sane humans live in a dynamic world, not a world of simplistic rules.

“For the banks, there is good reason to believe this saga really is now over. Mr. King, their chief tormentor, retires in five weeks. His successor, Bank of Canada Governor Mark Carney, is thought likely to take a more pragmatic approach. More importantly, the FPC [Financial Policy Committee] has had its wings comprehensively clipped. In March, Mr. Osborne removed the three external members considered closest to Mr. King, replacing them with senior City figures thought more likely challenge BOE orthodoxy. And in an astonishingly blunt letter to Mr. King last month, Mr. Osborne set out a new remit for the FPC, making clear its obligation to take account of the impact of its decisions on the economic recovery, reduce uncertainty, deliver “clear, focused and consistent” messages both in its official pronouncements and the speeches of its members, and stick to E.U. rules on capital requirements rather than freelancing with rules of its own. It was a remarkable slapdown that betrayed five years of Treasury frustration.”

[Lead from Guido Fawkes]

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is there one democrat in fascist ‘new’ labour?

Or are they merely statists and opportunists?

"...A new group - Labour for a Referendum - will be launched today with the aim of forcing Miliband to commit to holding an in/out vote on EU membership after the next election..."

"Its parliamentary supporters are a mixture of the Labour left, who regard the EU as a capitalist club, and the Labour right, who lament its erosion of national sovereignty...."

"...the group warns that Labour "must not let the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats steal a march on this issue..." [Quoted from]

Marker at

From the last Labour Party manifesto [1983] where a socialist was dim enough to tell the truth. It became known as “the longest suicide note in history”.

“The next Labour government, committed to radical, socialist policies for reviving the British economy, is bound to find continued membership a most serious obstacle to the fulfilment of those policies. In particular the rules of the Treaty of Rome are bound to conflict with our strategy for economic growth and full employment, our proposals on industrial policy and for increasing trade, and our need to restore exchange controls and to regulate direct overseas investment. Moreover, by preventing us from buying food from the best sources of world supply, they would run counter to our plans to control prices and inflation.

“For all these reasons, British withdrawal from the Community is the right policy for Britain - to be completed well within the lifetime of the parliament...” [Quoted from]

To understand the socialist cult, you only need know that the cult comes before nation and before common sense.

“We have absolutely abandoned any idea of nationalist loyalty. We are deliberately putting a world order before our loyalty to our own country.” [Clement Attlee, Labour Party Conference, 2 october 1934]

Fascist ‘New’ Labour is not interested in the EU, it is interested in forwarding the aims of the socialist/communist cult. Thus, any decision regarding Europe, as with any Labour decision, is not founded in the good of the country and the people. It is founded in whether it serves the daft project and failed Marxist theories.

If ‘New’ Labour believe they can bring about socialism via the unelected EUSSR, they will back the unelected EUSSR. If they believe they can bring it about in the UK, they’ll oppose the unelected in Brussels. Nothing matters but the cult.

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