on ‘disproportionate response’ - give peace a chance!

It will be interesting to note how the mild-mannered British citizens respond when Islamic communities in England start sending rockets to London.

Or even suicide bombers.

Soon enough, the mis-understood Islamics in Iran will have rockets capable of hitting London, if the mild-mannered have their way.

I don’t see any reason why the citizens of one of the UK’s Islamic new towns should not be able to freely import rockets in order to express their ‘feelings’ and objectives.

Why shouldn’t those who ‘feel aggrieved’ kidnap a policemen or 6? Why shouldn’t they kill a few people in Holland if they are say things islamics don’t like.

Any person suggesting the police or army should go in and attack the down trodden, will immediately be met by acres of waffle in the fossil media giving their ‘point of view’ and showing those shot in police raids.

It is unreasonable for Israelis to shoot back after only a few years of attacks. They should give peace a chance as they have, with slight hiccups, over several decades. It is obvious Hezbollox will respond with peace and love.

Give peace a chance, and another chance, and another chance....

So what the rockets keep getting bigger and more numerous.

Firing back is illegal, or it should be, because I say so and I know better. I read the fossil media and even know how to switch on Bliar’s broadcasting cartel.

Just think of the children.
Sorry, the Islamic children. Jewish people don’t matter, nor do those in Bali or Madrid or London or New York.

The Jews are taking over the world, they really are. The soft-headed conspiracy theorists keep saying so, so it must be true.

Nearly a billion Islamics are oppressed by the Jooooozzzz. It’s obvious. Rupert Murdoch is a Jew. You can tell by his name.

All over the shop, Islamists are killing other Islamists. It’s obvious they are upset about sommat. It must be the fault of the West and the Jews.

I don’t see why the Neoconzionazis complain. The jihadi/socialist killers are obviously popular, at least according to the fossil media and that’s what matters.

They are popular with the discommoded Sunnis in Iraq who apparently say it’s OK to kill coalition troops - 88%.

OK to kill coalition troops - 47%
OK to kill Iraqi security forces - 7%
OK to kill civilians - 1%

Obviously, This is solvable this simply by giving Iraq back to the Sunnis and selling them rocket and nuclear technology. Or if they don’t want to pay, giving it to them for free.

A substantial percentage of the Islam community in the UK say killing the locals is OK.

It’s obvious they should be encouraged to build more mosques and given more subsidised houses and dole, and freely import ever more modern weapons.

Then, maybe, they’ll ‘feel’ less negative to their oppressive hosts.

A softly softly approach is bound to give peace a chance.

You don’t make peace by stopping idiots attacking you.

You don’t stop terrorists by killing them. You stop terrorists by being nice to them and doing what they tell you to do.

Bush and Bliar and Howard obviously should be shot. If the Jihadis want bombs, give them bombs. It is their perfect right.

Give peace a chance. We want a cease fire. How else can we move the rocket launchers around? How else can we get resupplied from peace-loving Iran and Syria? Answer me that if you can!

If a policeman is captured, play the game according to our reasonable rules. And let all the Jihadi criminals go free to their homes and families and rocket launchers.

You know it makes nonsense.

Al-Joe for PM; Abdul Jim for culture minister; Mohammed Henry for Chancellor of the Exchequer. Let’s get this country moving again. Introduce decent Sharia law and cover up your hussies.

Give peace a chance. Give idiocy its just priority. All you have to do for peace is do follow our instructions. What could possibly be easier?

After all, we all want peace! And all we want is peace. Think of the children.

And now from an article giving some Muslim attitudes in Britain:

“The hostile mentality they portray is especially alarming when one recalls that London's police commissioner, Sir Ian Blair, recently said that the threat of terrorism "is very grim" because there are, "as we speak, people in the UK planning further atrocities."

“The 7/7 attacks: About one in 20 British Muslims has voiced overt sympathy for the bombings a year ago. Separate polls find that between 2 and 6 percent endorse the attacks, 4 percent refuse to condemn them, 5 percent believe the Koran justifies them, and 6 percent say that the suicide bombers were acting in accord with the principles of Islam.

“Without endorsing the attacks, far larger numbers show an understanding for them: 13 percent say the 7/7 suicide bombers should be regarded as "martyrs," 16 percent say the attacks were wrong but the cause was right, while 20 percent feel sympathy for the "feelings and motives" of the attackers. A whopping 56 percent can see "why some people behave in that way."

“Violence acceptable? Before 7/7, 11 percent found it acceptable "for religious or political groups to use violence for political ends" but only 4 percent after the attacks, showing a rare improvement. Two polls turned up the identical figure of 7 percent of Muslims endorsing suicide attacks on civilians in the United Kingdom. (Among 18 to 24-year-olds, those most likely to carry out such an attack, the number jumps to 12 percent.)

“How about suicide attacks on the military in Britain? Positive answers came in at 16 and 21 percent (with 28 percent of 18 to 24-year-olds). Are the respondents themselves willing to embrace violence to bring an end to "decadent and immoral" Western society? One percent, or some 16,000 persons, answered in the affirmative.”

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