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politics of chameleons and the vermin club
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politics sarkozy on integration of immigrants and marriages of convenience - from an interview with le monde - xavier
politics steyn on iran & ‘useless’ diplomacy - the auroran sunset
response/continuation by abelard
politics sane discussion of the chocolate euro and italy’s growing political problems
politics ‘drug’ prohibition under attack by scots police
science and technology update: abelard.org test-drives photomatix Four GoldenYak (tm) award
science and technology too dark in here and too bright out there, impossible to photo - not now: high dynamic range pics
news-lite prosper and live long - the auroran sunset
news-lite pretty world from satellite
news-lite slow steady progress on laser weapons
news-lite city rankings: where do you want to live? - the auroran sunset
behaviour and intelligence “evolutionary illusion”
behaviour and intelligence modern society - anarchy, detachment and fame
behaviour and intelligence power- law and disastrous behaviour Three GoldenYak (tm) award
behaviour and intelligence on the arrogance of ignorance
behaviour and intelligence one might say that a moderately introspective pigeon should know that, but it is useful to have systematic confirmation - culture and learning
behaviour and intelligence it pays to be an optimist - the auroran sunset
behaviour and intelligence on the defeat of pessimism by pessimists - the open society Four GoldenYak (tm) award
behaviour and intelligence can market solutions be injected into a government producer cartel? - uk education
alternative energies first solar trough energy plant built for 17 years
alternative energies developing renewable energy certificate (australia) and carbon trading (europe)
alternative energies energy security and ‘russia’ - nuclear energy is vital for uk independence and security
alternative energies solar energy incentives in the usa
ecology bush on the environment - the beginning of the end of the fossil fuel oil age
ecology living above our environmental means? - xavier
world of fundamentalism michael totten goes to iraq & turkey - t.a.s.
[Totten’s blog: Three and a Half GoldenYak (tm) award]
world of fundamentalism steyn in more serious mode on the growing nuisance of the iranian theocrats
fun a society where tony bliar’s ‘aptitude’ would be valued - t.a.s.
fun miro à la google, for his birth date
fun rune and script alphabets
fun i’m not buying one - i’m not that adventurous/dumb!
fun on the efficacy of prayer - t.a.s.
book and other reviews charles murray promotes the citizen’s wage
civil liberties michael portillo on the ongoing destruction of uk democracy
health sticking it to fatso - consequences of being overweight
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