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Introduction to cathedrals and stained glass in France. noyon cathedral, picardy 31 March
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behaviour and intelligence religion makes you fat
27 March
behaviour and intelligence fossil media in panic mode over japanese earthquake
14 March
behaviour and intelligence / politics  the presidential candidate and the maths lesson
2 March
alternative energies futaba/fukushima - earthquake 10 times design parameters, allegedly 
25 March
alternative energies safety weaknesses at futaba/fukushima
20 March
alternative energies updated: hysteria over futaba/fukushima nuclear power unit continues to look well overdone
18 March
alternative energies containment and safety standards at fukushima/futaba
16 March
science and technology the sky is falling - iodine-131 in water
24 March
news-lite are low levels of radiation positive?
22 March
politics uk natwest bank has 14 targets for ‘helpful banking’ - just like fascist ‘new’ labour
21 March
politics the innocent faux shock of western ‘reporters’
20 March
politics usa on president wilson, 1919
7 March
ecology dog rays more dangerous than nuclear rays
21 March
ecology cosmo filthy fossil fuel fire still not extinguished - but don’t worry
14 March
economics the price of energy will rise - all the whining in the world won’t stop that 
18 March
economics / france frédéric bastiat—free markets
12 March
economics what is ‘quantitative easing’? 
3 March
economics consumption and capital
1 March
business and markets possible impacts to business from current japanese nuclear problem
17 March
oil the real price of subsidised filthy oil in the west

5 March

world of fundamentalism jooooz everywhere - madmen in iran claim olympics logo is a jewish plot
1 March

Who is Barak Obama?

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