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Département of Les Landes Motorway aire: Mas d'Agenais, A62 Mardi gras! Carnival in Basque country motorway aire: Hastingues, A64 Roundabout art: resin pot at St-Geours-de-Maremne Dax and church iconography Roundabout art: chair at Hagetmau Country life in France: the poultry fair Roundabout art: man on stilts at Mont-de-Marsan Roundabout art: oil derrick at Parentis-en-Born Motorway aire: Buzet-sur-Baïse, A62 Motorway aire: Moirax, A62 Motorway aire: Dunes, A62 Motorway aire: Aire de Garonne, A62 Bastide towns: Monpazier, pearl of England Les Landes and its forests Biarritz Saint Jean de Luz Hendaye La Rhune and the Petit Train Espelette Bayonne Saint Jean Pied de Port Basque force at Souraide

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